Monday, December 16, 2013


Many people can still live in this world because of this word.
And among the many,i'm one of them.

I betray myself so many time.
I sometimes curse my own family for being so hard on me.(which i shouldn't!)
I do love my job but sometimes i feel like it's just not my passion. and i hate myself for not even know what my passion are.
I curse the politician for all their drama and promises just to get their vote.
And i don't even know what the future holds for me but i always have HOPE.
Hope for a better living and world ahead.
hope for a brighter future ahead.
hope for more happiness.
so many hope that i let myself get hurt believing that every pain i endure will pay off later.
and yes, i still choose to keep on hoping.

cause hope give me so much reason to hold on out of nothing.

l i l i e

Friday, November 15, 2013

love counselor

Recently as my friend was in a relationship crisis with her boyfriend and i unofficially become a love counselor.

she asked me a lot about what she should do, should she ask for breakup or not, how should she handle breakup, how should she reply her bf texts and some sort of things that often left me think back about my past.

when she ask me
"should i leave him?"
i stopped for a while.
honestly i hesitate to answer her question.

if your man hurt you badly, leave him.
real man won't hurt his girl but protect her!
that should be the good advise.
but flashing back my relationship before, i hurt a lot too and still sticking with the same boyfriend also bah.
it's not easy for myself to just leave someone that i'm in love with, so how can i expect other?
i mean,when you advise people, you should walk the talk bah kan.


'forget him and move on'

are not as easy as you say it!
it's killing us!
especially the girls.
but thank God i been through so many heart broken and still living my life happily now.

often when i'm in a heartbroken mode, i keep telling myself this;
'keep falling in love'
i met with wrong guy, stupidly fall in love, got hurt (because i'm trying my best to keep the relationship yang konon-kononnya sangat sejati, chiss), still end up with breakup, heartbroken for few months, and then met with mr.wrong/right again, easily fall in love again,
and it's goes on and on until you finally meet your mr.right.
i believe i that.
macam lagu si pink,
you gotta get up and try try try.

you never know the power of falling in love again.
heal you faster!
not only falling in love with person, you could fall in love with one of your hobbies or your job maybe.
up to you.
but never stop loving.

obviously,i didn't tell my friend to leave her boyfriend and move on.
what i did tell her is that the hardest part of forgiving is to trust her boyfriend again and to make sure he wouldn't hurt her again.

1 week after that she told me that she's giving her bf another chance.
and she's ready to accept whatever the consequences after this.
so, really, the choice is yours.
plus everyone deserve a second chance, aye?. :)


Now, i'm in love with someone that i think is the right guy, but then you know when you are in love everything feels right. 
so,nothing that i can really confirm for now.
the only thing that i can confirm is that i am in it, and i am trying my best to keep it. 
so, whatever happen in the end if you did your best, there should't be any regret.
chayok lilie!

another p/s.

one of the mr.wrong guy text me recently.
he actually already text me a few times before i decided to reply him.
and little did i know that i actually miss him being my friend.
gosh,relationship has really ruin our friendship!
glad to have him back as a friend.

 l i l i e j o h n

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

plastic surgery

i was watching running man latest episode(korean famous tv show if u don't know), and there's this male singer group came to the show as a guest.

korean male group rising star EXO.

i was so confuse while watching the show.
i mean, they all look the same. 
i can't differentiate them.
round face,same lip, same eyes. 
maybe not all la but seriously, they look almost the same!

i acknowledge that plastic surgery are widely promoted in korea. 
eye surgery was just like using makeup for them.

here are some photo i found on the web about korean plastic surgery.

i use to think that korean woman has this typical look;
oval face, round eyes, small nose.
korean= beautiiiiiiiiifuuuuul.
gosh, i was so jealous of korean people back then.

but after i saw this picture,
i was actually thinking, korean people are also normal people.
most of them have square face, big nose just like malaysian people.
but plastic surgery make them look more gorgeous!
i mean, super gorgeous!
and handsome.

no wonder la so many celebrity went under the knife. the result are just so amazing!
*not only korean celebrity arr.. even yang international celebrity pun ada banyak yang buat.

nowadays you can choose which face you want.
you don't have to feel down about your face anymore and you can just walk outside confidently.

when i was in highschool my teacher told me there are at least 7 people in this world who look the same.  can you imagine what will happen if everyone in this world choose the same look and everyone look the same?

one of the most successful plastic surgery in korea is KIM YUMI.
beauty from head to toe.
she's the miss korea 2013 and she's smartly defended her crown by saying
"i never said i was born beauty"
here are the photo before her surgery,

source:google make her look so amazing and different.
and as a bonus she win the title of miss korea 2013!
worth doing the surgery!

but after all, all of the contestant are actually look all the same,
miss korea contestant 2013. 

not all of them look the same la, some probably because of the makeup but yeah, most of them look almost the same and from what i read on the internet beauty peagent clone  a lot of korean citizen also complaining about the contestant face that look the same. 
kalaulah semua buat plastic surgery kan, haruskah dorang tukar nama miss korea ke miss surgery?
hehe. joke.

actually i notice some of the korean artist also look almost the same.
their cheek and smile. 
do you?

even my favourite male actor!

LEE MIN HO nose job
JANG GEUN SUK nose job
these two are my favourite korean actor.
and as you can see in the pictures above, they did plastic surgery obviously.
even though i am not so sure why jang geun suk did it, because he already look cute as he is but i guess he want to look manly, so, he decide to add some fat to his nose.
i love both of them before i knew they had plastic surgery,
and now that i know they had plastic surgery, it never stop me from liking them.
i am still a fan!
i still wanna watch their drama and still listen to their song.
i mean, they are talented and 'cute'.
about their surgery,let them deal with their God. 
none of my business. 

chao bella!

you can choose to like them or to hate them but in the end, there's only one Judge in this world. 

l i l i  e j o h n

Saturday, November 9, 2013

are you the apple of my eyes??


have you watch this movie?
the title of the movie>>
i always want to watch this movie since college time but just now i have the chance to watch it after i downloaded it myself. 
the movie really make me miss highschool!!!

the story are about a guy who fall in love with the famous girl in school.
*so famous that every guy in the school are chasing her.
they both are actually like each other for a very long time.
but they never really confess up until they went to university.

i am a little bit sad watching the last part of the movie. 
i mean, their love story was just so wonderful that it gave me a huge heart break when they didn't end up together!!
yeah. it's a sad ending kind of movie.
but no worries cause it won't make you cry.
it's a simple movie with a lot of funny stupid things that it will make you laugh all the time even at the saddest part.

i still can't believe the movie just come to an end without the hero trying to stop the heroin from getting marry to another guy!
*kalau movie hindi confirm gitu tu ending dia kan.. haha
but i bet in reality no one dare to stop a marriage ceremony!
in reality we always try to be real.
and real mean we need to accept what we are meant to be.
we can fight of course, but make sure you are fighting for the right person and on the right time!
bukan masa wedding ceremony baru mau terhegeh-hegeh mau fight.

it's sad but he's right. :)

being in love doesn't always mean you guys need to be together.
sometimes, it's simply mean you need to be happy for them.

and being happy doesn't always mean you need to be in the picture.

the hero in this movie always want to be the first guy to hold the heroin's hands.
but he doesn't even get to hold it until the end of the movie.
and i am still pissed! 

l i l i e j o h n.

Friday, November 1, 2013

the amateur yogini.

play me. 

amazing kan?
 mr.cerewet show me this video early in august this year. 
amaze with the video, i secretly downloaded it from youtube and watch it repeatedly a few times.

i was born with negative flexibility.
i can't even touch my finger to my toes!
my finger are like 10cm away from my toes no matter how hard i try pushing my body to reach it.
i remember my family (mother,father and my sisters) are trying to push my back to make me touch my toes when i am in form 3 because they just can't believe how stiff i am!!!!!! 
back in form 3, the PJK teacher asked us to do some flexibility test and i got negative marks! 
but with the help of my classmate (can you imagine the whole class trying to push my back?) i manage to get - 2! 

that's why i never think of involving myself into any activity that require flexibility. 
apa lagi yoga.
i didn't even know what is the different between YOGA and GYMNASTIC! 
worst, i never know that YOGA originally from INDIA! 
*all this time i thought it was from china! haha

but, after a deep thought and some encouragement from the video above, i decided to give it a try. 
i did think about getting a yoga class but then i am working and i know i will never have to time to go yoga class and i am also trying to save some money.
plus, everything on google sudah bah sekarang kan, so, i finally decided to learn yoga by myself.
i began to google about yoga, watch more yoga video and download many apps about yoga in my phone. 
*i love using the DAILYYOGA apps. 
really good for beginner and it's free!

i actually started to go jogging a month before i started my yoga practise to reduce body weight.
so, after jog, i'll do yoga at home.

nothing comes easy at first.
it was difficult.
i have bodyache for 3 days after my first practise.
and i didn't feel any changes in my body.

this is the first time i practise yoga.
as you can see the picture above, that's the nearest i can reach when i first started yoga!
what i didn't realize is that my flexibility was actually improving as i practise!
there was one time, i was sitting with mr.CEREWET and he's teasing me as usual.

"macam tiada perubahan jak tu yoga ko tu"

"manada, ada bah!!"

"bah, jadi mana? kasi tingu!"


i try touching my toes and accidently touched it!
at that time, saya sendiri pun actually really surprised tapi sebab i don't want to show that it's actually my first time touching my toes infront of mr.cerewet so, saya buat selamba ja konon. 
after that, i was so excited to do yoga practice everyday!
yoga surprise me many times.
it really taught me not to underestimate my body and love my body.

my friend kieko gave me a yogamat as a present for my 24th birthday(tua!).
it's like a sign that i should do yoga! haha
thank bud!

still not perfect.

first time doing headstand off the bed.
i was lucky because even if i didn't born flexible but i think i'm good in balancing (thanks God for that).
i learn headstand 2 weeks after i practice yoga daily continuously.
and it took me 3 days to get off the wall. 

also joining the yoga with sabahan group

 yoga is more fun if you join other yogini!
there re many yoga activity you can participate on IG!
local one is #yogawithsabahan group. they did a yoga pose competition sometimes too!
plus you'll get to know more yogini and they'll give you the tips of practising yoga and also how to improve yoga!

first time headstand off the wall.
 i manage to get off the wall for the first time for like only 3 second! 

and more coming headstand, tripod, handstand pose.
And the next headstand and practise.
the first time doing the crane pose. 

and of course i fell. like sooo many times!

i got bruises all over my leg and thigh too.
but no pain no gain right? 
if i don't fall then i'll never learn!

fun pose

however safety first. do prepare blanket or cushion beside you if you are not confident enough to do it alone and make sure to do it near the wall! 
and do not go beyond your limit. 
don't push yourself. 
if you're body are super duper stiff like mine, then you have to be patience.
listen to your body and it'll follow your order!

one of the reason why i love yoga is that my lifestyle also change!
 usually if i am working AM shift, i'll sleep in the afternoon from 3 pm until 6 pm and then stay up until 3 in the morning and if PM shift i'll wake up at 11 am.
but since i need to go jogging and practise yoga, so, i 'll have to wake up early at 7 am. go jogging and at 8 pm until 9.15 am i'll practise yoga. and then i still need to cook vege (healthy eating also help me losing my weight!). 
done eating maybe at 11am. rest for 1 hour and then take my bath go to work at 1.30 pm. 
and tired with my busy schedule i'll automatically sleep at 12 am or before! no more late night wake up! 
(that explained why i didn't update my blog much these day. hehe)

there's still so many yoga pose that i can't do.
i am just an amateur. 
and i hope i'll be able to do it soon! 

just because it doesn't happen today doesn't mean it will never happen!

i update everything about my yoga progression on my IG. 'sherylilie'.
you may come visit it. 
tiba-tiba promo. 
now i need my beauty sleep. 
siodop sudah. 
*kalau sempat mau p menyibuk dulu di blog kamurang. hihi

 l i l i e j o h n.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

an experience for lifetime

hello again.
i am finally moving to our new rented house.
still rented. =.='
forget about that.

now, i wanted to share about my experience last week as a part timer promoter.
honestly, after SPM i want to work at KFC while waiting for my SPM result but my bigbos a.k.a bapa never allowed me.
he said my job is to study not to make money. at least not yet.
so last week is my first ever experience working as a part timer at The Bodyshop!
 i am sure a lot of you know this brand bah kan.
they are having promotion for 2 days on 28th and 29th last september, that's why they need a parttimer.
apart from helping my financial i also want to be someone else actually.
lama suda mau try working other job.
i want to feel how other people are doing their routine.
put myself in their shoes.
the other lilie yang bukan kerja di hospital.
yang bukan bangun pagi, pigi jogging dan beli sayur sama buah lepas tu buat yoga.
lilie yang bukan obsess mau kasi kurus badan.
mau jadi lilie yang bangun-bangun ja terus p kerja jam 8, makeup and then smile dan layan customer ja sepanjang hari. balik jam 10.30 malam.
mandi dan tidur.
that's why i submit my resume.

ok, honestly before this i never used TBS punya product. that's why when the interviewer ask me to sell their product infront of her, i go blank.
luckily, i manage to silik-silik the prescription on the bottle of the product a little bit and the rest saya goreng.

ok, dipendekkan cerita, first day working.
the staff are friendly.
the manager are nice,even belanja kami starbuck dan nasi lemak for breakfast!
even ada some of them talking behind each other back tapi biasalah kalau adat berkerja.
dari saya student up until now, semua jabatan yang saya pernah posting tu mesti ada yang akan cakap belakang.
kalau ada tempat yang tiada begitu, kasitau saya!
i want to go there as well! hihi
they (TBS staffs) teach me how to make my pimples dissappear with makeup!
so, 4 days working with them (2 hari training with salary juga. yeay!), my face feel so heavy with primer, foundation, concealer, compact powder, eyeshadow and many more la.
good thing is that now i have a little bit confident in my makeup skills!
can show off to my mom next time. haha

before start working, TBS give us course for 2 hours about how to interact with the customer.
how to sell things and answer question that you don't know the exact answer.

i think my best moment is meeting up with a lot of people!!
there's a lot of people with different attitude.
but i am so amaze on how people can spend a lot of money for beauty.
they are willing to spend almost 1K for their skin!
i also met people who afraid of the wrinkle below the eyes just like me!
but then thediscount 25% off really are tempting even for me yang tidak pernah guna TBS!
women + promotion. what do you expect? hee

i remember attending this indian customer and she's looking around TBS skincare product and ask me if TBS has product that will make her lighter.
and then i suggest her to use one of our whitening product but then she's said.

" i've used this product before and it's good, but do you have something like a cream or whatever that i can apply to my face and then my skin will go lighter...(she pause for a while)..........................someday(roll her eyes)?"

and then we both laugh. lol.
she really remind me of the Fair and Lovely advertisement!
i wanted to suggest her that actually but since i am TBS parttimer i couldn't. hoho
but in the end, she buy the product that i am suggesting.

there's this one lady, and she purchase rm170++ so i suggest her to buy another 30 ringgit because if she purchase rm199 ringgit the next item will be 50% off!

"mam, if you add another 30 ringgit kan, you'll get 1 shower ger 250ml for free and next item will be 50% off!"

but she reply nicely.

"no no darling, i think it's enough. i wanted to but my husband is waiting outside. he's going to kill me if i spend another minute here. haha"

then i look at her husband's boring face outside our shop.
kind of funny.
well, that happened a lot during the promotion,
husband will wait for the wife outside.
some of the wife even hold their husband hand entering the shop.

"i have to hold his hand otherwise no one will pay my bill!" 

says the wife. and then the husband was like.

"oklah, i'll pay but make it quick! we are never going to reach the restaurant if you spend 2 hours for each store on the way and i am hungry!"

another lol.
see, husband doesn't really care about their money but they don't like waiting!
so, girls out there, shopping tu tingu-tingu la masa k. hihi

there's also a lot of gentlemen customer for TBS.
usually they came to TBS looking for perfume.
there's this gentlemen customer looking for perfume.

"ya encik, boleh saya bantu?"

"ya, i am looking for a perfume for my wife's coming birthday, ada apa-apa cadangan?  want something soft, tidak mau yang terlampau keras"

so, i give him the chance to smell each woman's perfume that TBS have.
but he still haven't found a good smell for her wife.
finally i suggest him TBS bestseller product.

"encik actually kan, our bestselller is the Japanese Cherry Blossom. most women like it. maybe wife encik suka."

"the problem is, saya yang tidak suka tu perfume. too sweet bah hidung saya tidak tahan bau yang terlampau sweet."

"oowh, tapi mungkin wife encik suka.."

" i know, wife saya bukan jenis yang memilih perfume juga bah actually. but the problem is, yang duduk dan peluk dia hari-hari tu saya. so, i want something yang bukan my wife saja yang suka tapi something yang i can tolerate. how's that? (senyum sambil angkat-angkat kening)"

and i was like awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet la this husband!
i want this kind of husband la.
wifey out there, kalau mau beli perfume, make sure the smell, your husband suka juga because he's the one yang duduk and peluk kamu everyday!

do you know 80% of the regular TBS customer come from the tourist??
yeah, really!
most of them from china and hongkong!
tourist seems to like TBS so much.
that's why all the worker in TBS shop must be fluent in english or chinese!
ada pekerja TBS yang fluent in chinese sebab kerja terlampau lama di TBS.
amazing kan!
there's so many funny/annoying customer come in but i don't think i can share it all to you guys here.
will share it from time to time la.

and there still so many experience i get from working as a promoter.
even my legs hurt so bad!
of course it's hurt when you have to stand 12 hours straight and only be given 30 minit of rest!
the salary is just nice la, not too much la but the experience is so valuable that you can't buy anywhere!
and what more important is i actually make some new friends.


TBS worker and parttimer.

-berkawan biar seribu.
-enjoy your life in whatever situation.

l i l i e

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

losing 2 kg in a week!

i just choose the title that i think will attract most people to read my blog. haha.
i actually just wanted to tell you guys how i was doing last week! hehe

but it's actually true!
i lose my weight from 55kg to 52kg in not exactly in 1 week la, 1 and half week i guess.

i decided to go for an exercise looong ago but i guess the determination isn't strong enough until recently i can't wear my jeans due to my belly fat!
sekarang baru ada keinsafan dan kesungguhan berdiet kenen.
basic thing you need when you start dieting is your DETERMINATION! 
so i go to exercise every morning.
not a heavy exercise actually. 
just a so-so punya exercise. hihi
at first i decided to devote myself for yoga since i don't have to go outside for exercise and yoga has become a trend lately i guess (many of my friend on FB keep uploading the yoga pose. hehe)
but then i read that yoga didn't burn much calorie as jogging.
so, i decided to go jogging in the morning and do the yoga after that.
i notice that my yoga pose improve fast if i do it after jog! wow!
starting last week i also count every single calorie that i take even the vegetable.
i didn't let myself starve but i eat a lot of vegetables. 
and i also eat raw tomato even moreee! 
awww, i love raw tomato since college time. the bigger the tomato the better!
i could say most of my time last week i spend it with exercising and cooking!
i cook my own meal to make sure less calorie kenen.
i eat mostly vegetable and rice last week. 
(ni mulut orang kampung ni tidak tahan kalau tidak makan nasi. hehe)
but i couldn't help to eat the rendang chicken masa beraya at my uncle's open house. hehe
it's so hard for me to keep my diet without eating a meat since i am a chicken lover. 
but it was worth it!
yesterday as i weight myself, tadaaaaa... i lose 2 kg! i am so happy that i feel like i want to run to the nearest KFC restaurant!
but then i remember that tomorrow i have an appointment with friends to go eat steamboat! 
what steamboat!!!!?????
surely i'll eat like crazy tomorrow so, i have to eat lesser today. 
huuuu, i aim to lose 8kg within October but i am not sure if i can do it since the trial are just so unbearable, so if i lose 5 kg also fine la.

itu ja la, sy mau share how i lose my weight kenen..
short happy entry kan..
oh yah, i better share the happy texts i got this morning.

i'm sorry i couldn't go visit you by September.

owh, nevermind la. ko extend di unimas?

tidaklah. i got a job already here in kuching start bulan 9. so mungkin tidak dapat balik sabah lah ni until christmas. :)

waaah, really? congrate! so, bila mau belanja kepsi?hehe

saya tumpang gembira untuk bestfriend saya ni.
terharu juga la because he struggle so much during U time and now, segala kesusahan berbaloi for him!
akhirnya jadi juga ko engineer arr geng! 

now, focus on diet, i also can do it!
chayok lilie!

berat saya berkurang tapi buruyut sama juga.
last night kawan saya yang kuat bergym cakap bellyfat is the most difficult to remove! 
k fine. kurus tapi masih ada buruyut besar. 
tidak jadi la p pantai pakai bikin ni kalau gini. hehe

l i l i e

Friday, July 12, 2013

i hope you die first.

"i hope you will die first"

said the husband to his wife one day.
the wife was a little bit shock hearing the words coming out from her husband's mouth.
that day was actually their 50th years marriage anniversary.

"what's wrong honey? why did you say that out of sudden?"

and then the husband hold his wife hands and said.

"if i die first, you'll be alone in this world and i knew it's going to hurt you. 
i wanted to stay by your side until your last breath. 
we're getting old and i am too old to protect you now. 
that's the only way i can protect you. 
so, i hope you will die first and let me finish the rest of the life cherishing our moment together"

the wife then smile. 
for she always knew she have found her true soul-mate 50 years ago. 


i wanted to live the rest of my life with a man like the uncle from the story above.
i believe all girls want too.
good-luck to those who still looking for their soul-mate and congrats to those who have found theirs. 

sekian entry pendek dari saya.

tok janggut jangan pikir mau mati ja k. 
ingatlah orang yang tersayang. ;-p

l i l i e s. j o h n

Friday, July 5, 2013

what happened to CHLOE?

damn it's night duty again!
this is my second night at ward. thanks God tomorrow saya cuti sampai sabtu! yeay!!!
i supposed to update my blog last night but since i receive a call from someone who stresses me.
i didn't even have a mood to open my laptop!
i cried and then i slept.
GTH with the duty! hahaha
yeah, it's my best way to relieve stress.
cry and then sleep.
it's a family matters. i can't really elaborate what happened here but i got new lesson from it.
" it's really hard to say NO to someone you call family "

gosh!, why am i bluffing about my stressful night?
waste my time.

ok,back to chloe.
as in my earlier post chloe's missing!
I've been searching all over the building and even put a poster on every wall of my apartment.
well, some resident are concern and text me while i am struggling at gunung kinabalu saying they've seen a cat like Chloe.
i called my housemate to get chloe but she's said she can't find chloe.
so, after 2 weeks i still can't fine chloe so i gave up.
i even sent alejandro to kampung because having Alejandro without chloe around just gonna make me feel more sad. 
but then on the third weeks of Chloe's MIA. i suddenly saw her on the street running and meowing at me.
i almost can't recognize her since she became skinnier (sudahlah memang skinny sedia.. :-( ) and dirty!
she look scared when i approached her.
i took her home, bathed her and feed her.
and then i realize some of her back skin has been peeled of and wounded.
maybe someone has pour a hot water to her back before.

this is after i clean the wound and put some antibiotic cream on it.
of course her behavior change.
chloe's become insecure and passive for like 1 weeks after i found her.
tidur ja kerja dia. makan pun sikit ja. hukhuk
but then it only last for a week and then now she's back to her old behavior. 
nakal dan pengacau!

now alejandro also back with me since he created so many problem at kampung.
my father said he became a gangster kampung fighting with other cat.
kacau bini kucing jantan.
dasar gatal punya Jandro! 

 i am happy that chloe's return home safe.
still i it's a good experience for chloe. 
at least next time kalau dia hilang lagi i know she'll survive out there..
mau bawa chloe sama jandro jalan-jalan kawasan rumah la lain kali supaya chloe's tidak sesat lagi. 

a week after i found chloe, i receive a phone call from another resident saying that she have a cute kitten to give me if i still haven't found my cat.
i think if i still haven't found Chloe i might keep the kitten.
thank you to the kind unknown caller for her concern, but i've found my skinny chloe's now!! 

l i l i e s. j o h n.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

jom recycle! -how to make plastic bag

to many plastic you used everyday?
don't throw it away yet!
you can use it back!

i throw a lot of rubbish everyday and i think it was such a waste to throw them.
so, i decided to keep some of them to make a bag!

it's not hard actually if you have sewing machine at home. 
all you need is,
- any plastic but make sure it is a high quality plastic. i mean yang tebal la.. contonhya bekas plastic milo, susu, bekas mask also can. but in my case i used whiskay punya plastic since i have many of them. 

gambar terbalik, siou

 first, clean the plastic before keeping it.
especially, kalau tu plastic adalah bekas wet food.
macam saya, makanan kucing so, if you just keep it without cleaning it first, it's gonna produce unwanted smell.

usually plastic ada extra plastic lagi d bawah kan, 
(macam whiskas punya plastic ni, di bawah dia ada lagi plastic, so di bawah jadi tebal compare to the upper side dia la..)
 so you might wanted to get rid of the plastic to make it easier for sewing process.

decide how big you want you bag to be. 
mengikut jumlah plastic yang berjaya anda kumpul la..
after decide, kasi sambung-sambung saja tu plastic la.. guna sewing mechine.
guna tangan pun boleh juga tapi susah sikit la sebab tebal kan ni plastic.. 

kakiku besar

arr, sambung mengikut saiz yang ko mau.. macam d gambar ni, saya sambung the plastic by part supaya senang mau jahit.
boleh juga tambah plastic transparent untuk kasi cantik la. 
kalau tiada pun, jangan risau,still look nice juga.

chloe macam biasa menyibuk! will blog about how i found chloe later. :)
 and then, sambung saja tu plastic yang by part tadi kasi jadi bag.
sorry, i was doing all of this alone, so i didn't manage to take picture during the sewing process.

and jeng-jeng!

siap akhirnya!!
yeah,ada beg baru pigi kerja nanti besok!!!
for the corner, boleh la jahit reben kain d tepi untuk kasi kemas lagi. 
untuk yang tangkai tu, ambil tu reben, tocang-tocang sampai tebal.
saya amateur, so saya buat nampak cincai.
but if you do it yourself, memang puas hati!

for this bag, tidak semestinya mau plastic yang sama color.
boleh juga buat warna-warni..
kasi gambung plastic milo+susu+ lain-lain lagi lah.
still look cute!


best kan dapat beg free.
tapi kalau dapat beg buatan sendiri lagi best!
free juga ni. save money and save the earth!!

l i l i e j o h n!