Wednesday, October 2, 2013

an experience for lifetime

hello again.
i am finally moving to our new rented house.
still rented. =.='
forget about that.

now, i wanted to share about my experience last week as a part timer promoter.
honestly, after SPM i want to work at KFC while waiting for my SPM result but my bigbos a.k.a bapa never allowed me.
he said my job is to study not to make money. at least not yet.
so last week is my first ever experience working as a part timer at The Bodyshop!
 i am sure a lot of you know this brand bah kan.
they are having promotion for 2 days on 28th and 29th last september, that's why they need a parttimer.
apart from helping my financial i also want to be someone else actually.
lama suda mau try working other job.
i want to feel how other people are doing their routine.
put myself in their shoes.
the other lilie yang bukan kerja di hospital.
yang bukan bangun pagi, pigi jogging dan beli sayur sama buah lepas tu buat yoga.
lilie yang bukan obsess mau kasi kurus badan.
mau jadi lilie yang bangun-bangun ja terus p kerja jam 8, makeup and then smile dan layan customer ja sepanjang hari. balik jam 10.30 malam.
mandi dan tidur.
that's why i submit my resume.

ok, honestly before this i never used TBS punya product. that's why when the interviewer ask me to sell their product infront of her, i go blank.
luckily, i manage to silik-silik the prescription on the bottle of the product a little bit and the rest saya goreng.

ok, dipendekkan cerita, first day working.
the staff are friendly.
the manager are nice,even belanja kami starbuck dan nasi lemak for breakfast!
even ada some of them talking behind each other back tapi biasalah kalau adat berkerja.
dari saya student up until now, semua jabatan yang saya pernah posting tu mesti ada yang akan cakap belakang.
kalau ada tempat yang tiada begitu, kasitau saya!
i want to go there as well! hihi
they (TBS staffs) teach me how to make my pimples dissappear with makeup!
so, 4 days working with them (2 hari training with salary juga. yeay!), my face feel so heavy with primer, foundation, concealer, compact powder, eyeshadow and many more la.
good thing is that now i have a little bit confident in my makeup skills!
can show off to my mom next time. haha

before start working, TBS give us course for 2 hours about how to interact with the customer.
how to sell things and answer question that you don't know the exact answer.

i think my best moment is meeting up with a lot of people!!
there's a lot of people with different attitude.
but i am so amaze on how people can spend a lot of money for beauty.
they are willing to spend almost 1K for their skin!
i also met people who afraid of the wrinkle below the eyes just like me!
but then thediscount 25% off really are tempting even for me yang tidak pernah guna TBS!
women + promotion. what do you expect? hee

i remember attending this indian customer and she's looking around TBS skincare product and ask me if TBS has product that will make her lighter.
and then i suggest her to use one of our whitening product but then she's said.

" i've used this product before and it's good, but do you have something like a cream or whatever that i can apply to my face and then my skin will go lighter...(she pause for a while)..........................someday(roll her eyes)?"

and then we both laugh. lol.
she really remind me of the Fair and Lovely advertisement!
i wanted to suggest her that actually but since i am TBS parttimer i couldn't. hoho
but in the end, she buy the product that i am suggesting.

there's this one lady, and she purchase rm170++ so i suggest her to buy another 30 ringgit because if she purchase rm199 ringgit the next item will be 50% off!

"mam, if you add another 30 ringgit kan, you'll get 1 shower ger 250ml for free and next item will be 50% off!"

but she reply nicely.

"no no darling, i think it's enough. i wanted to but my husband is waiting outside. he's going to kill me if i spend another minute here. haha"

then i look at her husband's boring face outside our shop.
kind of funny.
well, that happened a lot during the promotion,
husband will wait for the wife outside.
some of the wife even hold their husband hand entering the shop.

"i have to hold his hand otherwise no one will pay my bill!" 

says the wife. and then the husband was like.

"oklah, i'll pay but make it quick! we are never going to reach the restaurant if you spend 2 hours for each store on the way and i am hungry!"

another lol.
see, husband doesn't really care about their money but they don't like waiting!
so, girls out there, shopping tu tingu-tingu la masa k. hihi

there's also a lot of gentlemen customer for TBS.
usually they came to TBS looking for perfume.
there's this gentlemen customer looking for perfume.

"ya encik, boleh saya bantu?"

"ya, i am looking for a perfume for my wife's coming birthday, ada apa-apa cadangan?  want something soft, tidak mau yang terlampau keras"

so, i give him the chance to smell each woman's perfume that TBS have.
but he still haven't found a good smell for her wife.
finally i suggest him TBS bestseller product.

"encik actually kan, our bestselller is the Japanese Cherry Blossom. most women like it. maybe wife encik suka."

"the problem is, saya yang tidak suka tu perfume. too sweet bah hidung saya tidak tahan bau yang terlampau sweet."

"oowh, tapi mungkin wife encik suka.."

" i know, wife saya bukan jenis yang memilih perfume juga bah actually. but the problem is, yang duduk dan peluk dia hari-hari tu saya. so, i want something yang bukan my wife saja yang suka tapi something yang i can tolerate. how's that? (senyum sambil angkat-angkat kening)"

and i was like awwwwwwwwwwww so sweet la this husband!
i want this kind of husband la.
wifey out there, kalau mau beli perfume, make sure the smell, your husband suka juga because he's the one yang duduk and peluk kamu everyday!

do you know 80% of the regular TBS customer come from the tourist??
yeah, really!
most of them from china and hongkong!
tourist seems to like TBS so much.
that's why all the worker in TBS shop must be fluent in english or chinese!
ada pekerja TBS yang fluent in chinese sebab kerja terlampau lama di TBS.
amazing kan!
there's so many funny/annoying customer come in but i don't think i can share it all to you guys here.
will share it from time to time la.

and there still so many experience i get from working as a promoter.
even my legs hurt so bad!
of course it's hurt when you have to stand 12 hours straight and only be given 30 minit of rest!
the salary is just nice la, not too much la but the experience is so valuable that you can't buy anywhere!
and what more important is i actually make some new friends.


TBS worker and parttimer.

-berkawan biar seribu.
-enjoy your life in whatever situation.

l i l i e