Tuesday, December 22, 2015

trip to Bohey Dulang Island and Sibuan Island

i wanted to update about my recent trip before i pretend to get busy with my final exam preparation starting this 28th Dec.
(not so fun Christmas this year)
straight to the point.
Bohey Duland and Sibuan island is located in our beloved Semporna.
of course in Sabah leeee...

4 days before the trip!

this is actually a very last minute plan. 
like we plan this on 3rd December and then we just go on 7th December.
and sometimes the best trip is the one that you don't plan!
sebab kalau plan awal-awal selalu tidak jadi!
even though the place is just in Sabah but i never been to semporna before. Tawau, LD, Sandakan semua saya tidak pernah pigi sebelum ni. sedih...
so,i do a lot of googling and contacted a few agent to get the best price.
always-always contact all agent to get best price!

7th December. 

we decided to drive ourself to Semporna.
initially, i planned to take midnight bus from KK so that we can arrived in Semporna in the morning. 
but then ada orang tu rajin mau drive so, okay lah.
and actually if you going there more than 2 person, it's more cheaper if you drive. 
if you go by Bus it will cost you RM90/person (return trip).
but our fuel cost is around RM200(return trip KK-Semporn-KK,Myvi 1.5,auto).
so, kalau ada 3 person maybe cost around RM66/person, return trip. 
kalau guna manual lagi murah kali ahh. hehe

it's just that if you decided to drive, then you have to wake up really early. 
since our trip is on weekdays so we decided to take off from KK at 5.00 am to avoid traffic jam.
i woke up at 4.00am just to make sure everything's okay. 
and went to 7E to buy a lot of junk food ad water supply at 4.30 am before we take off.
the good thing about bringing your own car is that you can bring as many things as you want.

it took approximately 10 hours driving from KK to Semporna (plus 2 stop for breakfast and lunch)
nasib bawa kereta auto boleh la tukar-tukar drive. 
we stopped at Ranau to have breakfast at 7.15am and arrived at Lahad Dato at 1,30pm to have our lunch. 
first time sampai Lahad Dato, ada Secret Recipe pula sana ahh.. wahh, noobnya i.
then we arrive at Semporna around 4.20pm. sesat jalan lagi ya. hampir tempus ke Tawau.
Waze punya pasal.
singgah pump tayar before leaving.

it's still dark and i am actually driving!

we decided to check in at Mutiara In Hotel since our guide recommend it. 
Rm50/night only for single bed room and the hotel condition is just okay la. 
suite the price. hehe
But the owner is very very very friendly and reliable. 

Mutiara Inn Hotel

there's a lot of hotel around Semporna's jetty so i think you don't have to worry so much about place to sleep.
Also,semporna got Watson, Guardian, Giant, Maybank, Petrol Station, KFC, and so on.
so no need to bring many stuff. can get there all. hehe

malam kami round-round the place, went to buy sunscreen and some beach pants.
mau minta puji juga la masa di pantai kenen.
oh ya.. make sure round semua kedai sana before buying stuff like pearl and beach wear because some of the shop offer cheaper price than the other. 

DAY 2. 8th December 2015

i woke up around 7 am because i am so excited!
mandi then pakai sunblock then tunggu guide.
the boat usually leave at 9.
lambat siiikit guide kami datang tapi ok juga la.
here is the timetable givin by our guide

The package included breakfast and lunch so you don't have to worry about breakfast or lunch in the middle of the beach. hehe

view just a few step from our hotel

it took around 20 to 30 minute to arrived at Bohey Dulang jetty. and it very very very pretty from afar. you can see the blue sea from afar you know. awww

jetty Bohey Dulang
you see the peak there? yess, thats where we are going!
we need to climb to the peak if we want to see the nice view.
its 300m high from sea level but then you need to climb 600m before you reach the peak.
alaaaa, kalau kamu biasa naik Gunung Kinabalu macam kacang saja baitu.
make sure before you climb, you have taken your breakfast, but don't eat too much junkfood or you'll throw up on the way up. macam tu satu urang tu. ohohoho


jalan otw naik. ada tangga, ada bukan tangga juga.
sempat selfie otw
 dan after climbing for 25minutes akhirnya kami sampai.
the view you can see from above


tq to our guide for capturing this beautiful view. 

trip-trip orang korea

saya ja ni.
on weekdays and still many people. can you imagine going on weekends?
i feel like i want to hangout here for the rest of the day but the guide said we have to go down since we still need to go snorkeling. terpaksa la turun.

oh ya, you need and must wear sneaker to go upstair or else the guide wont be responsible for any injury

 we have our lunch at Bohey Dulang island and then proceed to the second island, Sibuan Island.
Sibuan Island located just a few miles from Bohey Dulang Island. around 15 minutes rides?
not sure. tapi kijap ja sampai.

pulau botak. 

view you can see otw to Sibuan Island

yess, thats it! that's Sibuan Island you can see.. 

view fromSibuan Island! That's Bohey Dulang Island if i'm not mistaken. hoho

daftar dulu baru boleh bergembira

how clear the sea issssshhhh!

trip-trip phototgrapher kijap

harus selfie la kan.

me trying to beat Agnes Monica. haha

huishhh. ada selipar semua. panas beiii..
 snorkeling time!
i didn't take many picture of snorkeling since i don't have Gopro! hishhhh. menyesal x beli Gopro!

ni ja la saya mampu gambar. before i jump into the sea enjoying God's creature. 

that's our day 2.
going back around 4.30pm. 
thank God our guides are very sporting!
they bring us to wherever we want. 
they are enjoying their job as well.

day 3
preparing to go back to KK as early as 6 am.
arrive at kk around 5 pm.

okay, that's all.

do you plan to go visit Semporna Island?
here i provide you the agent and hotel contact that might help you.

the rate is RM120/person if more than 8 people. 
RM300/person if VVIP. 2 person only on the boat.
price including boat transfer,breakfast and lunch.
*but the agent inform me that the price is probably going up next year. not really sure how much.
you can always contact the agent.

Mutiara In hotel
contact number-089781610
you can also ask the hotel owner to arrange the boat to island for you.
i am not really sure about his rate la. hehe

this is the hotel rates he send me.
but you can always find other hotel if you want to. there's plenty of hotel in Semporna. 

 is it Safe there?

Everytime i tell my friend that i am going to Semporna the question i got the most is,
We all know about last year incident happened in Semporna, and a lot of people are terrified with the incident.
i am a little bit scared to but then after i contacted my friend who works in Semporna Clinic, she said it quite safe in Semporna now but she didn't recommend me to spend the night in the island.
and i cannot guarantee your safety (sebab nenek saya bilang ajal ada di mana-mana) but i can at least tell you this, during our visit on the island i can see policeman and soldier everywhere.
they are guarding the islands.both island Sibuan and Bohey Dulang.
we went on weekdays and there are so many visitor especially foreigner.
and our guide said, they are not taking any booking for Christmas anymore sebab full book already!
boat pun fully booking.
so, for my own opinion, if it is not safe why do people keep coming to this island??
honestly i feel safe during my visit to these place. :)
that's all i can say.

nampak? hihi
oklah, that's all.

kudasang. jerebu sebab sejuk
Lahad Datu jerebu sebab habuk
hahah. actually LD sedang dalam pembaikan jalan. hopefully next year jalan sana cantik suda. amin.


l i l i e j o h n

Monday, October 12, 2015

Stress vs Doodle

so, recently i fall in love with doodling.
i accidentally bought a book in Kaison last month during my Braces review at Putatan. 
i enter the shop because si Bugir ask me to buy something for him and i end up buying the drawing book.

it's very thick for a normal drawing book. and the pastel is just so nice that i didn't think twice to put it in my basket and i also found the colorful pen which is also end up in my basket. hehe
that's the book. and just recently i bought the Faber Castel coloring pencil. 

so, it's really help reducing my stress actually.
so,  these are some of my doodling.

my first doodling

and then this one

i am so bad at coloring! especially water color. that's why i decided to buy the Faber Castell coloring pencil. i regret coloring this one. huhu.
but even with the coloring pencil i am still bad at it. that's why i only coloured half of it. hoho

this one is tribute to my dear cats, LOUIE and SOPHIE. I miss them badly. T.T

and this one during my boring lecture yesterday. hoho

this is the new one. i haven't finish it. stress sekejap tadi but then lukis ini saja pun hilang sudah stress. so nanti saya stress balik baru sambung, hihi
and yes yes yes.
it relieved stress so much.
bagus lagi doodling kalau stress daripada meluah sama orang.
at least no one will try to find your mistake.
because honestly, the only person who understand your stress is yourself.

STRESS? go find a paper and start doodling.
it's easy and it doesn't have to be perfect.
you can start by drawing different size of circle.
then start coloring them.
trust me. 
it's super easy!!!!!
so,if you really can't draw there's a lot of adult coloring book out there you can get.
the famous one is the SECRET GARDEN ADULT COLOURING BOOK by Johanna Basford.

that's all for now.

l i l i e j o h n

Monday, September 28, 2015

SALT TRAIL sept 2015

actually banyak video yang saya ambil during the expedition but then handphone kena format sebelum saya sempat save tu video. so setelah puas menangis akhirnya baru saya buat ni post.
nasib la gambar semua tersave dalam google backup.

DATE: 15 TO 18 SEPTEMBER 2015 (3 night 3 days)
GUIDE: 2 FOR 11 PEOPLE(originally 12 but 1 cancelled it last minute due to some personal problem)

the trail that is originally a route followed by villagers looooong time ago to go to market (tamu) to sell things. or hasil-hasil tanaman durang. zaman-zaman kurang kereta la ni.
so when they come back using the same trail, they'll bring some salt and other goods to their villlage.
bilang c Nel moyang dia berniaga jual garam, jadi memang guna tu trail untuk ambil garam. 
so, that's why now we called it LALUAN GARAM/SALT TRAIL. 
usually, tourist will stay 4 station.
1.Kg.Tikolod(starting point,first night)
2. Kg.Kionop(second night)
3.Kg.Buayan(third night)
4.kg.Terian.(fourth night)

but since we are running out of time.
ada yang ada aktiviti hari sabtu(saya la tu. hihi)

so we skip 1 night.
1.Kg.Tikolod(starting point. first night)
2.Kg.Kionop(second night)
3.kg.terian (Third night, we cut kg Buayan. singgah makan saja sana tengah hari then terus jalan ke kg.terian ptg)
3. Kg.Inobong(end of journey, balik KK!)
jadi kami 3 malam saja la. hehe


we take off from KK around 7Pm.
actually janji mau jalan jam 5.30pm but due to some traffic jam so dalam jam 7 baru semua sampai di HQE II.
nampak ka si chris d belakang? hihi

singgah makan di gunung ALAB
we arrived at Malungung Control Post around 10pm.
our starting point. 
excited kunun awal-awal.
arrived around 10.30pm at 0KM. hehe
kawasan tempat tidur

memasak nasi untuk lunch pack besok

tips: kalau mau bawa lunch pack yang ringan dan tidak mudah bangas-nasi himpit is the best choice. senang mau masak juga ni. hihi

vaping. semat x? haha

lepak-lepak dulu.
wajib bawa sleeping bag!
16 September 2015
we all wake up as early as 5am!
yah. awal sebab mau masak-masak lunch pack.
untuk breakfast, masing-masing kasi sedia. so, kami masak lunch pack saja.

orang kuat kami ni dua orang. JENIFER. tanpa dia kompom inda temasak lunch pack kami. terima kasih miss jenifer! hehe

ayam untuk digoreng sebagai lunch pack
since semalam kami sampai malam tidak nampak apa-apa sudah, so awal pagi baru dapat ambil-ambil gambar kawasan Malungung ni. hihi
alaaa..kabur pula.

ok, ini adalah peta perjalanan kami dari pos kawalan melugung ke sub stesen Inobong. 

sungai tepi tempat tinggal.


kawasan masuk ke Malungung.


0KM! start point sini laini. there are 34KM to go! muka baru bangun

hurm. muka baru bangun ni.

sungai kicil. tuuuuna tempat kami tidur. yang inda nampak dari sini. hehe
so, after penat ambil gambar posing sana sini kami pun bersiap la.
pasang stokin, topi, ready semua alat berperang sama pacat. 
since they told us that the place is THE LEECH KINGDOM!
we gather at 7am and start our journey at 7.30am. 
ya.. 15 minit untuk berselfie segala, 15 minit lagi untuk guide bagi briefing about today's trial.
for DAY 1 we'll have to walk for 12.7KM!
yahh. dakat saja kalau marathon. 2 jam buli sampai 
tapi jalan naik turun bukit,seberang sungai, tambah lagi masa mau buka tu leech, so memang amat mencabar juga lah. jadi petang juga la kami sam

GUIDE number 1 kami. en.YOSOF.
begini lah lebih kurang pakaian mau berperang pacat. hihi
sungai first. so, awal-awal sudah basah stokin yang lain ahhh. hihi
so, day 1 was like a warm up la.
masih semangat semua lagi. masih banyak tenaga, belum ada yang sakit-sakit kaki.
group kami terbahagi kepada 2 bahagian secara tidak sengaja.
group depan dan group belakang.
kalau yang cepat sikit bejalan tu di depan la ia.
kalau yang lambat sikit bejalan tu,maka di belakang la ia. haha
Dyann and Azim.

ini adalah antara sungai yang kami limpas.

airnya bersih sekali ya. boleh topup-topup air gitewww. cuma jangan lupa letak Aqua Tabs la. 
wajib bawa Aqua Tabs ahh..sebab kalau jumpa sungai terus ambil air sungai topup air. tapi air sungai belum tentu bersih. so letak Aqua Tabs supaya air kembali bersih, ehhehehe
orang kuat leech tu di sebelah saya. main pigang barehand saja. 

bukit dia sangat tinggi macam 80 degree oo. tambah lagi pacat memang bikin panas.

nampak ja saya kasi keluar kamera mesti cpt-cpt senyum walaupun kepenatan. ahahhaha


i like all the big tree we found along the journey. 

jumpa ja pokok besar mesti mau ambil gambar.

berehat sebentar.

asal rehat mesti mau selfie. hihi
nampak? 80 darjah! haha

jangan risau ada tempat berehat juga di sepanjang jalan.

baru 3.5 km tapi rasa macam lamaaa sudah bejalan. 

chiayok team!

paling happy nampak sign 4km day 1. thats mean we have another 8.7km to go to the Kionop stesen!

continuing the journey sambil-sambil buka leech.

otw turun bukit sudah. 



big tree!

semangat mau turun sebab dengar bunyi sungai dari jauh. hoho

one of my favourite view. tp agak jerebu yer. kbai.

amboi. pandai berlakon nampak. tu topi penuh bedak tu, gara-gara takut leech, ahhaha

naaa. ada liposu dalam hutan.

sampai juga di KM9 lebih kurang jam 1ptg. time to eat!!!
saaana tu tempat makan kami. cantik sungai dia ni. saya macam mau mandi tapi ada 3km lagi mau jalan so, x jadi mandi. hoho
fact about Leech.
walaupun saya ni orang kampung, tapi penakut juga leech.
tidak lah sampai tahap penakut macam si Stacy tapi mmg agak penakut juga la.
and the first hour we walk, you can hear screaming everywhere.
almaklumlah kami ada 8 orang perempuan, lelaki ada 5 saja (termasuk 2 orang guide).
so, adalah suara-suara high pitch sepanjang jalan.
ala-ala Pitch Perfect yang sumbang. haha


rumor has it!
memang this place is the KINGDOM OF LEECH!
tidak sampai 5 minit 5 sudah leech malakat di stokin saya.
grrrr..lama-lama bikin gerigitan
so, yes yes yes yes yes!
stokin amat penting kalau kamu takut pacat.
tapi kalau kamu RAMBO , boleh redah ja hutan dengan seluar pindik kamu. no problem. hihi
tips untuk buka pacat.
1.sigup (kasi basah air then sapu ja di stokin atau tuang sama tu pacat. memang terus keluar)

2. bedak. SNAKE BRAND. berkesan juga. letak ja bedak ni pada pacat. tebuka sendiri.
untuk Pacat ini bedak memang terbukit berkesan menanggalkan kotoran. eh pacat. hehe
but then after a few hours fighting with Leech, kami pun penat sudah, tiada tenaga sudah mau berteriak.
plus, kami boring suda nampak muka tu pacat!
like seriously!!!
balik-balik muka dorang saja bah minta dukung. hishhh..
so, saya kasi biar ja la dorang di stokin.
biar durang menumpang.
yang lain pun terer sudah pegang pacat.
kalau saya main lumpakis, durang main pigang ja tarik trus buang dengan lemah lebut lagi letak di tanah.
by tengah hari trust me, memang kamu berani suda pegang tu leech. macam si Mimie ni, gagaga

after lunch and getting ready for the 3.7km more to go!

3.7km tu lebih lurus jalan dia actually, tapi kaki saya cramp 2 kali sepanjang perjalan so jalan pun slow-slow sudah sikit. huhu
tips, kalau kaki krem, rehat sekejap saja. jangan rehat banyak. jalan slow-slow. 
jangan terlampau ikut tu kaki krem. sebab kalau ikut memang dia akan jadi tambah krem. 
lama-lama biasa sudah jalan dengan kaki yang sakit. hihi
singgah berehat sebentar.


sambung jalan lagi,.
the thing about resting too long is that it will make you feel lazy to continue the journey. so jangan rehat lama betul, nanti tu kaki jadi malas. cukup la rehat 15minute then sambung jalan. hihi
tinggal 1.7km lagi!!

antara jalan
sampai ke Gereja Lama Kg.Kionop.
we arrive at Kg. Kionop around 4.30pm. yang group depan la. group belakang sampai around 5.30pm.


kg. Kionop ni actually sebuah kampung yang ada banyak penduduk namun most of the resident sudah berpindah kerana kg ni terletak di dalam hutan simpan negeri sabah. so, macam dorang digalakkan pindah la. lagipun tidak dibenarkan membuat sebarang development juga kan dalam hutan simpan.
sumber elektrik tidak dapat buat juga.
so, kebanyakkan memang sudah berpindah lah.
but according to our guide,  ada 4 keluarga lagi yang decide to stay sana la..
eldery yang tidak mau pindah.
mungkin sayang mau pindah.
banyak kenangan. hihi.
tempat yang kami stay ni adalah sebuah gereja bertingkat. actually di atas dia bekas gereja dan di bawah dia (tempat kami tidur) balai raya.
preparing Dinner
gotong royong sama guide putung-putung sayur
pemanasan kaki kijap
jeng jeng

sampai sini tu pacat ikut. spotted 2 leech curi naik selipar pinjam saya!

kemas kemas before going to bed.
 17 September 2015
as usual we (or more like Jennifer alone)woke up early to prepare the lunch pack and breakfast because we have to start walking by 7.30am.

honestly, the second day is more like a FUN journey.
there's a lot of river and bridge along the way.
sungai pun cantik-cantik.
so kurang penat. hihi
mungkin sebab limpas banyak kampung yang cantik-cantik.
for DAY 2, kami akan berjalan lebih kurang 11KM.
5.5km ke kg.Buayan then 5.5km lagi ke kg.Terian.

1 of the abandoned house in kg. Kionop. 

emm..masi ada bukit-bukit juga la di awal perjalanan. tapi tidak seteruk day1 punya bukit,



rehat-rehat. sempat lagi si neal kasi kering seluar pindik dia tuuuna mirah. hahahaha

rehat-rehat tunggu group belakang. ehehe

makkk..ayunyaaa kami dalam hutan. kekekeke

serius juga si dyann. 

sambung jalan

sini si mimie berani sudah buka stokin. PACAT? tidak kenal dia bilang. hahahahah

dumo orang

kawasan kampung suda ni sini,.


ni orang sempat lagi minta gambar. ehhe

cantik. macam di kampung. hihi

selfie! sayang tu video saya. T.T

jambatan lagi. budak sekolah kampung Buayan baru balik dari sikul.

excited juga ni. hehe
SORRY. memang DAY 2 ni banyak jambatan. so gambar di jambatannnn saja, hihi

jambatan lagi.

singgah di Buayan cultural village sekejap. tidak pernah nampak tagung ka mie? hahahah
buayan cultural village.

 so, yang group depan sampai di Kg.Buayan around 11am.
awal kannnn. makan-makan sekejap then terjun sungai! haha

singgah makan di hentian Kg.Buayan
ada dugong berenang saana. hihi

jam 1pm baru kami start jalan balik. macam tidak mau jalan sebab di kg.Buayan ni best!
so, next time kalau mau p Salt trail jangan skip bermalam di Kg.Buayan!
so, dalam jam 1 kami start balik berjalan ke kampung terian!
uisehhh. warrior dusun terakhir ni. pandai masak pizza guna non-stick double frying fan! sadap pizza dia! ahhaha

rehat-rehat sebelum jalan di pondok tiku!

then pada 2pm, hujan pun turun
nasib semua ada bawa baju hujan juga la.
so, raincoat is very important k.
bukan untuk melindungi diri dari basah sebab kalau hujan pakai raincoat kompom basah juga sebab berpeluh di dalam raincoat.
 tapi untuk melindungi beg anda-anda semua agar tidak basah dan menjadi berkali ganda beratttt. hihi
uiseh org belakang saya, hihi

puncak bukit begini la keadaan dia masa hujan, cantikkk kan. berawan gitu, sejuk lagi ni


sampai ke kg.Terian. ni org paling semangat ni. siap lompat-lompat lagi, hahahah
cobaan melompat tidak jadi. hahahha
sorry camera tidak terang. hujan ba masa ni.malas lagi saya mau edit. hehe

so di kg.terian ni kami tinggal homestay. rumah orang. so senang sikit la. Day 3 tidak payah masak for dinner and lunch pack sebab ada orang tolong masak sudah, hihi.
tidak banyak gambar saya ambil di kampung Terian. semua video yang kini hanya tinggal kenangan. huhu'

 18 September 2015
so, this time kami lambat sikit jalan.
ada 11 km begitu la lebih kurang perjalanan kami.
kami start jalan around 8.30am.
sebab panjang betul cerita masa breakfast. jadinya lambat jalan, hihi
saya rasa last day ni ada mencabar sikit juga la.
semua naik bukit so tidak jumpa sungai.
jadi kalau tidak jumpa sungai tiada lah air.
so, tu coach suru kami kasi penuh air siap-siap.
saya bawa 1 botol mineral water besar sama 1 botol air saya yang kecil, geng inda cukup geng!
saya nasihatkan sila jangan bawa air manis pada hari ketiga ni,
sebab air manis akan menyebabkan anda lebih haussss. hehe

sini la tu tempat kami menginap. hihi

ready to go!
so ready kunun!

tadika kg.terian.


puncak. rihat-rihat dulu kijap. hihi


27KM! another 7km more to go!

puncak bukit!

actually kami ingat puncak tapi ada lagi mo naik after this. sandi. 

walaupun bekalan air berkurang, namun selfie tu harus,


group depan tinggal kami 4 orang lagi. tiap kali berehat mesti ambil selfie. hihi

among the memorable trail!


rehat sekejap

lepas naik bukit ja terus rehat sekejap. 

berehat lagi. sini sempat lagi si azim bercerita kisah mimpi-mimpi dia. hahahahahahah
berehat amat penting. lepas naik bukit ja kompom kami rehat. sebab penattt..tambah-tambah lagi kalau tidak cukup air. nahhhhh, sana la yang terseksa.
33km sudah! 2.7 more kg to go!!!

ini pun cantik juga jalan dia.

cuma ni jalan banyak tiang-tiang tu rosak sudah. huhu

so, ceritanya kami 4 orang ni sudah kehabisan air. 
you know when you are exhausted and thirsty, you started to have an illusion.
antara cerita yang amat lawak during the journey,

cerita 1,
at KM 34.5
sedang kami duduk-duduk sebab kepenatan dan kehausan di KM34.5
tiba-tiba datang seekor lalat mengacau.

mimie: eiiii..ada lalat!!kalau ada lalat maksudnya ada taik! kalau ada taik maksudnya tandas!!!kalau ada tandas maksudnya ada paip!!!!!

terus kami happy. 
the imagination seems logic at that moment!
air paip tandas pun hantam saja. hauss bei.
desperate sebab haus! 

cerita 2,
pada KM ke 35.
this time memang kami rasa tertipu sebab dalam nametag kami kena tulis 34KM saja!
tapi kami suda limpas KM34.5 and belum ada any sign of kampung atau penghabisan jalan. tambah lagi dengan keadaan yang amat haus.
memang kami ada mengumpat juga tu guide sekejap. hahahahha
tu guide bilang "sekejappppp sudah mau sampai" tapi dari 2 jam yang lalu tu guide kami cakap begitu! 
then bila si Dyann, Mimie sama Azim terjumpa batang besar yang berwarna putih terus berteriak
sampai saya yang kaki kimpo-kimpo@tempang pun berlari laju sebab betul-betul mau minum.
terimagine paip yang berlimpahan airnya.
sekali tengok rupanya pokok warna putih yang tumbang pula. hampehhhh..
dari jauh memang nampak macam pokok juga tapi kalau sudah haus, pokok pun nampak macam paip. HAHAHAHAHHA
actually saya ada ambil video tu pokok. haizzz..
nahhh..sekarang KM35.5 suda tapi masi belum sampai. memang kami rasa tertipu! hahahah
but then 200m saja dari tu KM35.5 macam ada tanda-tanda perumahan!

semua berlarian macam budak-budak.
sampai di stesen INOBONG!
 saya rasa di Dyann menangis time sampai. terharu sangat kali. andui bahhh..

so, group depan (DYANN,MIMIE,AZIM,SHERY) sampai di stesen Inobong around 3.18pm.
yeyyy!!! sementara tunggu dorang kami sempat mandi dan rehat-rehat.
minum 2 botol besar!

group tengah-tengah (STACY dan LELE) sampai around 5.20pm.
dan group belakang sampai 5.30 begitu la. kalau tidak silap.

semua berjaya sampai.semua pun muka enjoy. walaupun ada yang trauma sama BUKIT. 
kepada sesiapa yang berminat,
sila sediakan diri dari segi mental dan fizikal,
sebab orang kampung yang macam saya ni pun hampir-hampir tidak dapat sampai kunun.
dan kalau stamina cukup memang akan lebih enjoy la along the journey.

itu sahaja la ni kali,

next trip will be Trus Madi!
tunggu cuti sikulah dulu lah.

 l i l i e j o h n