Thursday, May 23, 2013


last year around november i decided to have a cat.
so, i got one.
i named it Chloe.
she was so small back then,so cute. 

but then she grew up and become not so cute cat as i thought. hehe

i love cat since i was little, i always spoil each of my cats.
when i went to work, Chloe was left alone in the house.
i pity her so, around january, just after christmas, i manage to get her a boyfriend. 

introducing you, alejandro.
my aunt gave me this one.
my friend oyen named him ALEJANDRO.
ever since then, they've been living together like brother and sister.. or husband and wife.

sleeping together

playing together

sleeping together again.

and yeah, they love to sleep. 

watching me dancing together!

everytime i came home, they'll be wainting for me at the door.

"ngiau-ngiau !!(give us food!!!)"

but this morning(22 mei) at 7.15 am i went home from night duty and it's only alejandro waiting for me at the door.
at first i thought chloe must be sleeping.
but i can't find chloe all over the house.
my housemate said, they saw chloe in the apartment before 7.00 am this morning. 
i begun to search outside the apartment.
i was thinking if chloe was outside the house then,she can't be that far.
i went to each floor of the apartment but i can't find her.
that's where i began to worry.
someone said chloe was a smart cat so, she'll find a way home.
so, i waited and searching.

but she's not home until now.
i just hope whoever found her, or kidnap her i hope they'll be good to her. 
if i could just make a police report about her then i will but then the police probably will said,
"excuse me miss, there are other people who lost their kids"
yeah, true. 
she's just a cat.
now, i hope chloe will come home today.
i already made a missing notis about her and i'll put it all over our apartment this morning.
hopefully, this will help. 

if i can't find chloe,i decide not to adapt pet anymore.
i know it's just a cat. plus it's an ugly cat not even cute.
but when you love something it's really hard to lose it. 
please pray for chloe. 
i miss her already. 

i found alejandro playing alone today and i sure he miss chloe as much as i did too. 

l i l i e j o h n.


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