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Thursday, August 27, 2015

braces clinic kota kinabalu

never in my life have i ever think of having braces.
i love my smile.
eventho, i do aware that my teeth are not in line especially my lower teeth. 
they are everywhere! 
and my front teeth is a little bit protruding dan tidak teratur gigi.
but since it doesn't effect my smile, so i don't really think that i should get a braces.
this was taken a day before the procedur.
ya ya.. i know i know, i have a beautiful smile. you dont have to keep telling me that.
but to be honest that was the camera trick., even with camera trick you can still see the protruding there kan.

and during the BHF recently, my MUAH a.k.a my friend do mention about my jongangness too. 
T.T how sad.
opppsss. haha

i remember when i first met si bugir pun, he did mention about my protruding.
dan memang saya sedar juga tapi mcm orang cakap 

"if you love yourself then why bother about what other people think?'

until one day, before the competition begin, ada orang whatsapp saya

"bah, buat betul-betul masa bertanding"

"bah, i'll do my best, tapi kalau saya menang ko sponsor saya braces. hehehe"

"bah yala. kalau mau braces buat betul-betul"

actually tidak lah saya menaruh harapan tinggi betul because all of the contestant are very commited.
then dipendekkan cerita maka saya menang lah!
saya sendiri tidak rasa saya perlu sangat buat braces la actually, tapi since ada orang mau sponsor then why not??????????
this is also as my 26th birthday gift kenen bilang si bugir. so, jangan tolak rezeki!

ala-ala gigi taylor swift giteww. ahhaha

 so, then begin my journey of searching for the orthodontic clinic in Kota Kinabalu area.
ada baaaaaanyakk clinic ahh..
you can refer here.
for me all dentist are good so, i need to find the cheapest one.
walaupun sponsored, but the last thing i wanna do it to waste other's money (nanti lain kali tidak kena sponsor lagi oo. lol)
and i also believe that a good dentist will offer a good and affordable price.
so, i call every dental clinic in KK just to ask their rates and regulation.
i also read some local review about dental clinic in KK.
and rata-rata harga is 5k and above la.
 i found Klinik Dr.Faiz, Putatan area via FB.
you can just type 'sabah braces' on the fb search box then it will appear on screen.
they offer a really good price.
some clinic offer 8k for the modern braces but dr.faiz only offer 6k!
so, i did some research about dr.Faiz clinic.
and i am so so soooo sorry right now.
since i am running out of time, i'll post about Dr.Faiz clinic on my next post.
mau balik kampung bah. hehehe
clinic dr.faiz.

 thats all for now.

new update on the clinic
braces clinic part 2
l i l i e j o h n

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

what you should know if you want to join BORNEO HORNBILL FESTIVAL.

i actually started doing this post since last month but i never really finish it because Sophie was sick and i think this post can wait.
(Sophie's still sick, weaker than ever actually)

ok, now, BHF for 2015 just ended last month. 
being one of the contestant really really challenge me physically and mentally.
i thought that i was more than ready but i was wrong.
there's so much things that i am not prepare for. that's why i decided to write a blog for it just in case you guys are going for it next time.

 there are 5 category for girls and 2 category for boys.

Sabah have 2 category for girls

Sarawak have 3 Catogery for girls

and for the gentlement there are 2 category

you will not competing toward each other until the Grand final round.
so, choose you category wisely.

for kota kinabalu's audition only there are around 30 girls came.
but they only want 10 person in each category meaning only 20 girls from sabah and 30girls from sarawak.
so, yes. you need to do very well during the audition or you might not even be able to go for the next round.
study about the theme. 
they always give you an information before the audition so study well about it.
do some preparation. 
to be honest i didn't do my research because i was rushing. i come to the audition from my friends wedding. so there's not much i can do about the preparation.
but thank God i was chosen anyway.

unlike every pageant, beauty is their priority probably 80% of the marks correct me if i'm wrong.
But in BHF beauty is just a bonus.
you need to prepare very well in your presentation.
80% of the marks will goes to your indoor judging (your knowledge about the costume you are wearing) and only 20% goes to stage presentation (the way you present yourself on stage)
that's mean even if you score full marks on stage presentation, you can still lose if your indoor judging is low.
so study whatever ethnic your present.
bring whatever prove you can to impress the judges.

here are some of the tips to impress the judges is,
1. wear something they never see before.
like a costume that never presented in any pageant before.
like my friend she wear MURUT BOUKAN costume, no one has ever wear it before

carol wearing Murut Boukan costume
she got the judges attention because no one has ever saw her costume presented before and she is the 2nd runner up for Miss Sabah Open Catogery

2. wear something original/old if you can.
Olliva wearing Sinipak the Dusun Tindal Costume.
contestant Miss Oliva above wearing the Dusun Tindal costume known as Sinipak from year 1930!!!!!
it's really old that i am afraid to even touch them. takut koyakkkk.. antik bah.
and she manage to be the first runner for KADAZANDUSUN Catogery and qualified for the grand final round.

3. be knowledgeable!
let the judges know that you know whatever things you wearing.
even if you are not a MURUT but when you wear Murut costume, make sure you know everything about Murut.
and by that i mean EVERYTHING inclusing their traditional food, dances and culture.
WOW the judges!!!
if you have talent like dancing the traditional dance, or singing the old traditional song or playing the traditional music instrument then do not afraid to show them!
tapi kalau main gong mau consider juga la sebab basar baitu ko mo angkat pigi KL.
our queen B is actually playing Sarawak nose flute on her indoor judging! 
4. be confident and bring your proof.

whatever your presentation is, fact or auta, just be confident.
because you need to convince the judgesabout your research and they won't be convinced if you are not confidence enough.

5.Let the judges know your effort.

i represent Murut Tahol but i dont know how to speak Murut and i am not familiar with their traditional dance too.
and i am being very honest to the judges that i never watch the Lansaran dance and i dont know how to speak Murut but i did some research and i know a little Murut and i watch the Lansaran dance on youtube so i can still explain it well to the judges.

see. that's an effort.
some of the contestant even bring Tiger's teeth!
original accesories of Murut people!
some of the male contestant bring their long traditional weapon to the indoor judging!
that's an effort too!

as much as you want to win the competition, dont forget to make some friend.
i must admit i have big problem in making friend because i am not the talkative type if i am with the person i just met. so it took me quite a long time to get use to the other contestant.
i do regret i didn't make friend as much as possible because after the competition its all about friendship!
i actually do make a few friend but yes not so many la. haha

this competition held in Kuala Lumpur to expose borneo culture to our peninsularian friend and apart from that unlike other competition, you have to find your own place to stay during the competition and you also need to find your costume, gala-night dress (i advise you to wear whatever you have in your closet if you want to save some money or find sponsor).
And if u have relative lives in KL, it would be a benefits for u.
bear in your mind that you come to this competition to promote your culture. Dont think so much about winning
If you think that way, you wont regret spending money for this competition.
And if you win its like a bonus for your hard work! ;)

Yes. This isnthe most important things is. To enjoy yourself,get to know more people and doing your best.
I am happy that i join the competition eventho i didnt get to know as many people as the other but i think i've found some quality friend. :)
enjoy the moment and keep the friendship.

now, i actually won the Miss Sabah Open Catogery but only manage to get 3rd runner for the grand-final.
so, i get to go to Krabi with the other winner and i also got my prize money 1.5 K saja. hoho.
here are some of the photo duirng BHF.
my favourite BHF face!!

during my indoor judging with my MURUT TAHOOL COSTUME. will also blog about Murut Tahol after this. harap2 ada masa.

winner from all catogery.

during the gala night.

winner for Kadazandusun Catogery. SHERLYN MADAWAL

Also my favourite face!

and my face. hahahah


Winner for S

And our Queen B!

Winner for Orang ULU Catogery also winner for the grandfinal!

winner for IBAN catogery!

sweet Natasha. Winner for Bidayuh Catogery!

we are on news kenen.
what do i do with the money??
well, i brought my family to Steamboat as an appreciation.

i am happy, they are also all happy.

and the rest of the money?
i get myself a braces!!!!
cukup kah 1k untuk buat braces?
mesti lah bah tidak cukup.
but i'll blog about this later.
actually kan, banyak ni saya mau blog about tapi teda masa.
i hope i can make it today!!

now the sad news is,
on 19th of August i lose Sophie. T,T
she's been so week for the past few days before she died and i am still thankful that she didn't suffer so long.
bye Sophie.
our short moment together will be remembered.

that's all for now,

  l i l i e t h e c a t l o v e r.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Bugir told me that the reason why he doesn't allowed me to have pet is that i will get too attached to them. 
and being so closed to something will hurt me eventually. 



Sophie's voice woke me up this morning. I grab my phone and its 6.15am.
'Malasnyaaaaa mau bangunnnnnn!!!'


Sophie's voice louder this time.
'Ehhhh.. mcm tau2 ja c sophie ni saya malas bangun'


"Aduiii..bah yala2..mari p makan".

I grab Sophie to the kitchen and Whiskes following us behind. Memang menunggu kena bagi makan. 

Most of the time Sophie or Louie yang kasi bangun saya minta makan. Whiskes jaaarang. Boleh tau jg kalau adik atau kazen sy belum bagi dorang makan, kompom dorang kasi bangun saya. 

But this morning as Sophie woke me up i notice her voice has change. Macam serak-serak suda tidak macam dulu nyaring. Huhuhu.

She went on top of me a while ago while i was sleeping, meowing. Ya, dia mau minta dibelai-belai dan dimanja manja tu sambil tidur. As i hold her, i notice that he backbones are getting too obvious. She's getting thinner than yesterday. T.T

I also change their food 2 days ago since Sophie refuse to eat their usual food. Mungkin agak keras ba tu whiskers tu. So i change to Royale. Her favourite. Sebab Royale ni mahal rm4.50 per can so i only feed them Royale as a reward once a month. But since Sophie refuse to eat usual food and she's having trouble swallowing dry food(macam c Louie juga before he die,susah mau telan makanan) so i change to Royale. Royale ni dia soft sikit dan sedap kali. Bau pun sedap bikin lapar. Haha. (Yaaa..duit melayanggg.. sbb selalunya makanan yang sy beli untuk dorang rm1.35 satu pek. Now with royale rm4.50 each. Naa. Terpaksa p mengorek simpanan juga tadi.. gaji lama lagi. T.T)

Dulu masa Louie macam saya rasa saya kurung dia for nothing sebab akhirnya kucing saya yang lain kena jangkit juga. So with Sophie i dont want to limit her movement macam Louie. Biarlah.

Sophie makin kurus. Photo taken just now.
Whiskes pun ada tanda-tanda muntah buih sama diarrhea tapi dia masih aktif. So i am less worried about Whiskes for now. But now Whiskes can only play by herself since Sophie is just too weak to play along.
Sophie either baring atau duduk saja lately. Huhu..

I started the Transfer Factor to them but maybe the effect will take some time. Hopefully. Sabar saja lah.

Tomorrow i am leaving to Kemabong for medical camp. Risau juga mau jalan sebab Louie died while i was in Keningau.
Now whiskes lg join the club p atas badan. 
Naaaahhh. The photo above taken just now while i am typing this post. This is what happen every night. They are my bed partner. Awwwwww.. now tell me how am i supposed  to not miss them when they are not around??? T.T
This is exactly how i sleep every night. Taken just now too.
Dulu ada Louie lagi ni d tengah. Huhu.. How am i supposed to nto get too attached to them? T.T

That's all..luahan hati seorang ibu kucing.

l i l i e i b u k u c i n g