Tuesday, June 23, 2015

review - My Kitchen Restaurant.

last sunday, just before i went to celebrate Father's Day with the family, i was actually spending time with Mr. Bugir.
He said he want to buy a printer so we went around penampang looking for one.
well i guess he doesn't really want to buy printer because he doesn't even interested looking at the printer in the electronic shop.
i figured that he just want to spend more time with me.
he's too shy to admit it but i knew it.

so, after going around Penampang for almost 4 hours, we decided to go eat and we end up in the Austral Park area.
at first we plan to eat at Lucy's Kitchen there tapi si Bugir bilang,

"tiada tempat makan lain ka? boring suda makan di Lucy Kitchen"

so, we went around the Austral park and we found this restaurant at the end of the shop.

The signage of the restaurant was shining from afar like it was waving to us "COME HEREEEE"
when we enter the restaurant, there are no other customer there.
from my observation, brand new furniture and the wall are clean like it was painted just yesterday, so it's might be a brand new restaurant! 

i have to say their location are not very strategic and the shops around are empty. hmm.

so this is their signature menu. 

we decided to try their Wanton since the waitress said that it homemade and it's yummy.
okay. let's give it a try.
and we also order their Drunken Chicken wings.
i was the one who choose this dish because of the 'Druken' words.
macam sadap gia. 

hot lemon and milky tea!

 inside the restaurant.

brand new shop

muka kelaparan menunggu Homemade Wanton

the Druken Chicken Wings arrived! RM10
 the chicken is okay but a bit salty and a bit alcoholic.. 
but i guess that's why they called it DRUNKEN at the first place. 
because the chicken is drunk and i might get drunk too if i order two more of these! haha
just kidding.

and finally the Wanton arrive! RM13
 it's my first time eating Wanton actually.
and i do think that its taste nice but not something i will get addicted to.
however, i finish mine. lapar bei.
i don't know how to describe the taste of it because, obviously, i am not a Wanton Lover.
however Mr. Bugir said that it was delicious but the prawn is not so fresh.
yeah, i don't eat prawn much too, so i don't know how fresh prawn taste like.
guess now i know how the not-fresh prawn taste like!
 overall, siok juga la makan sini since its quite and clean and the sofa are new and the toilet is clean kenen. 
or maybe because i was eating here with mr.Bugir so everything taste and feel nice saja kenen kann..
yaiiii.. jiwang-jiwang.
ok saya nampak mcm org tua sini
habis makan. pulanggggg..


 l i l i e j o h n

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yii Siang Hainan Ngiu Chap Inanam

yesterday after Church, my old friend Timothy brought us to eat some Ngiu Chap!
Tomothy always know where to eat best!

lama suda ni tidak menghentam ngiu chap.
tiada kawan yang suka makan Ngiu Chap bah. si Goroyen saja dulu namun beliau kini sibuk menjalani kehidupan seorang isteri (semoga menjadi isteri solehah goroy! ahaha)
so, tiada la kawan mo p hantam ngiu chap selalu,

so when Tim said he knows where to eat good Ngiu Chap of course lah saya excited!!

nama kedai seperti tajuk post saya la. 
Yii Siang Hainan Ngiu Chap!
ntah mcm mana pronounciation sebenarnya ni.

it's just beside the Alliance Bank building Inanam.

i think this is their list of favourite menu. sebab kena kasi pamer.
 so, kami semua decided to have Ngiu Chap Laksa!
sebab kami semua tidak pernah try Ngiu Chap Laksa except Timothy!
but he also ordered Ngiu Chap Laksa. 
kegemaran beliau kali ni. hehe

food arrive and it looks delicious!
mari saya kasi zoom in lagi..

sebelum makan (sebeum pray lagi ni) mesti mau selfie selfie dulu. hehe
maka, bermulalah moment of silent kami.
semua makan. 
yang paling daga saya la tu kali sebab saya tiada breakfast(kes lambat bangun pigi church)

 30 minutes later....

an empty bowl and a full stomach!
memang banyak orang pigi ni kedai makan walaupun kedudukan seperti agak tersorok.

ahhh... the restaurant look like this!
lepas makan semat bergambar untuk kasi masuk blog konon. 
basar sudah tu perut.

sekian update hari ini.

l i l i e j o h n.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

SUNSET MUSIC FEST 2015 @ the Tip of Borneo

6th June 2015.
the Sunset Music Fest held in the Tip of Borneo, Kudat.
this was actually my second time coming to this place but this time i am going to watch the concert with Media & Press group.

we arrived on the site around 5.20pm and the concert hasn't started yet but there are already so many people gathering there, taking picture and everything.
before the concert start. 

i took my time enjoyng the view of the tips of Borneo before the concert start (how i miss the place!).

but most of my time i spend it wondering around the stall since i am hungry and they are selling many food and beverages. everything looks so delicious when you are hungry!

of course they sell beads craft as kudat are well known for their beads handcraft.

the stalls are just infront of the entrance of the Concert.
so you can still go visit the stall even if you are not going for the concert. 
at the entrance also they have a dance performance by the sumandaks (girls) of KUDAT for free!
the Rungus Dance!
colorful Rungus costume!

sumandak dancing.

i love Rungus's Costume, they are very unique!.. and a little bit sexy. haha 

i think i spend my time wondering around the stalls until the concert start. hihi

and as i come back from the stalls, the place are already crowded. no seat for me! hoho
untung aja ketemu sama teman lama. bisa sisip-sisip. haha
the concert start around 6.00pm hosted by 
these two dj. sorry i forgot their name. T.T

of course the concert started with a moment of silence to remember the earthquake victim and all those who effected.

the first performance was from Permata Seni Music an orchestra group from Istana Budaya Penang!

Amazed by their performance! 
awesome orchestra performance!
beautiful sunset performance too!
 Other performer was ,
Kudat's Singer Daisy Daniel.

Le Cantabile. amazing soprano!

Norbert Andilah

dance performances from The Flexible Crew! of course they are FLEXY! hehe

recent Sugandoi winner- APRILLISSA with her two volunteer cute dancer. 

The Deep Busker! hebat suara dorang ni!

dan yang amat ditunggu-tunngu. Legend Dusun singer John Samud!!
 the concert was so much fun with everyone being so sporting on stage. Sabah has many great talent!
i think the best part of this concert is the part where the audience got a chance to show their talent in dancing because almost every performer invited the audience to dance with them on stage!
audience and performer bergabung tenaga.
ini kali la

tah apa-apa ja la tarian dorang ni tapi siok mo tengok especially bila tu foreigner menari joget. ni kali la!

this year actually is the ninth year of the Sunset Music Fest held at the Tip Of Borneo. And a lot of Sabahan don't know this! i know it because i don't know about this before too.
help spreading the love and don't miss the next year concert k!

by the way,
i'll leave you guys some of the big coming event in Sabah this year just in case you are interested to join, hihi
i'm not sure if the Climbathon still on or not due to our recent earthquake. let's just hope the best for Sabah k.

my thought and prayer goes out to all the victim of recent earthquake in Sabah.
#bestrong #prayforsabah

l i l i e.

Monday, June 8, 2015

5th JUNE

5th JUNE 2015

i was preparing to works when suddenly i felt the apartment shaking like so shaky!
i can hear the sound of the washing machine and the roof shaking heavily.
all of my cats are running toward me. 
i guess they are scared too just like me.
i got panic for a while and try calling my sister.
she's waiting for me in the car.
at first i thought it was the building that was going to fall off and the first things that was in my mind is to get all of my cats and run downstairs- if i can even make it. 

i don't even realize the cat's cage was already in my hands until the tremor stop.
few second after that i receive a whatsapp group text in KB that tremor has happened there also.
that's when i realize that i just experienced tremor.

today, 19 confirmed death during the earthquake tragedy in mount Kinabalu including,
6 Sabahan, 1 filipino, 1 china national, 8 singaporean and 2 still missing.
and my heart breaks when i saw the victim faces,especially the Singaporean student today.
they are so young to be gone. too soon.
may God bless their soul and give strength to their family.
bravo to our local MG for their bravery and also to our local Malim Gunung for their sacrifition and to our unsung heroes

Sabah government has announced today as the official day of mourning for the earthquake victim.

 May God bless all those who've involve in this tragedy.

P/s, will update about the sunset music fest tomorrow.


Thursday, June 4, 2015


i am actually busy right now but i decided to stop doing the MS ISO file for a while and open my blog.
blogging is one of my way to keep calm and relax.

last week on 29th Mei 2015 our hospital has successfully held an event.
saya bendahari.
it's not easy to be bendahari for an event k!
i got flu because i was carrying approximately 12k money last week. thank God it's now over! 
i join the MIPULOS for the first time!
actually tu AJK mipulos kasitau saya ada 1 peserta saja mipulos untuk wanita, that's why saya isi borang kasi ramai-ramai. i even bring my friend to join kenen.
sekali on the competition day, banyak pula yang join last minute.
and the last year winner are also allowed to join again.
and unfortunately for me as we cabut undi, saya tekena la pula lawan sama dia.
so, you can enjoy the video below, LILIE vs ROS(last year winner)
i just can't stop laughing everytime i watch the video.
so, enjoyyyy. haha

i didn't get the chance to take a lot of picture during the day because i was busy behind the stage. sad.
i really forgot to take the picture of the sulap-sulap.
there are sulap-sulap contest and tradisional food contest. 
sangat classic sebab lorong yang jadi laluan pigi thumb print dipenuhi dengan sulap-sulap dusun!
sedihnyaaa kenapa saya tidak terambil ambil gambar sana!!!!! 

ini adalah barisan para AJK protokol that day.

and this week is the MS ISO week.
i hope i can finish it all by tomorrow because i hate working overtime over the weekend! 

l i l i e j o h n