Monday, December 16, 2013


Many people can still live in this world because of this word.
And among the many,i'm one of them.

I betray myself so many time.
I sometimes curse my own family for being so hard on me.(which i shouldn't!)
I do love my job but sometimes i feel like it's just not my passion. and i hate myself for not even know what my passion are.
I curse the politician for all their drama and promises just to get their vote.
And i don't even know what the future holds for me but i always have HOPE.
Hope for a better living and world ahead.
hope for a brighter future ahead.
hope for more happiness.
so many hope that i let myself get hurt believing that every pain i endure will pay off later.
and yes, i still choose to keep on hoping.

cause hope give me so much reason to hold on out of nothing.

l i l i e