Monday, April 28, 2014

how do i cover my scar.

so, last year i was bitten by my cat. Alejandro.
he was having a fight with Chloe at that time and i grabbed Chloe to save her and next thing i know is that Alejandro was on my leg biting and scratching my leg!
i was so mad at him that i punish him for 2 weeks.
i didn't talk to him, ignore him and make him sleep outside my room.
i was stupid because he's just a cat. he didn't know anything yet i still punish him.
now that he's gone i miss him badly. :(

kerja c Jandro.
it was pretty bad at that time that i can't wear any short skirt.
but since most of my dress are short i really think i should do something to cover it.
last time i went to kundasang with short pant without covering the scar i noticed a few people staring at my legs or maybe it was just me but i just don't like being paranoid so i really need to cover my scar for my confidence i guess.
and i found one video on Youtube that teaches you how to cover a tattoo.
*actually there are many video on youtube teaches you to cover your tattoo.
so, i reused the concept to cover my scar.

this is my scar look like now. there's a lot of them actually but i will only try to cover this one for today.
here's the things i used.

this is my favourite foundation actually.
i've been using this since 2 years ago and i like it because it cover my pimples really well and also makes my oily skin look almost perfect plus it's affordable!
 so i used it carefully because i don't want to waste it.
you can buy a more cheaper foundation if you want.
after all you only used it for you scar kan. keke
my mineral foundation.
2. concealer

again with my Maybelline product.
i used it for my face also actually to cover my acne.
i choose maybelline because it's foundation was really good so i figured that maybe the concealer are as good as the foundation too!
and i didn't regret buying it. 

3. the BB cream

i don't used BB cream for my face because for some reason i think it makes my face a little more oily than usual? ngee
i bought this BB cream just for my leg's scar.
this is really cheap i think around 6 ringgit from E-Noveal!
you can use primer if you want too. 

4. eyeshadow

eyeshadow is very important to cover the scar color.
as it is easier to cover pink/orange color than black.
you can choose either pink or orange according to you skin color.
or you can also used lipstick or red eyeliner.
just makes sure it's not black la.

i don't know what color i use actually. i think it light orange.
5. hairspray

this is very important because hairspray are the one that make your foundation and all your makeup last longer.
trust me, the hairspray makes the cover waterproof! 
you gonna have to work a little bit in your shower to clean your leg!
but that's what we want kan.
last longer!
i used Shurei brand.
i actually fall in love with this brand because of it's hair serum!
try it!
i used this hairspray to style my hair when i have shorter hair. 
6.Face powder
to touch up touch up!

It's really easy.
1. just apply the BB cream on the problematic area first or if you have primer,you can use primer.
jeng jeng

2. and then apply the eyeshadow on the scar.

3. after applying the eyeshadow, spray it with the hairsprayer!
and wait for it to dry first. you can used hairdryer if you are in a hurry.

4. make sure it is dry first and then you can start applying concealer
make sure you cover all the eyeshadow area with the concealer.

5. apply the spray after you apply the concealer. wait for it to dry.

6. apply foundation

7. to make it look more natural, apply the face powder on the skin!
8.apply hairspray once again and you are done!

of course you can still see the scar closely but no one will take close look on your leg while you are walking around kan. keke
i used this method when we was in Kudat!

i think i did a pretty good job fooling the camera.kekekke

oklah, that's all for tonight. 

cousin saya balik tambunan. so, being alone really give me plenty of time doing this!

l i l i e j o h n

Sunday, April 20, 2014

the 'ropol-ropol' skirt

i just got back from Kota Bleud last night.
visiting my home sweet village, catching up the new gossip kampung with my old friends and spending some time with my family.
tinggal di KK saja pun sangatlah jarang balik padahal 1 hour drive saja!

on saturday we went to church.
since i didn't bring any formal outfits for church i asked my sister to lend me hers.
but my mother insisted me to wear her outfits.
she brings all her old and new outfit and force to me try it one by one.
well, this is not the first time actually.
my mother always want us to wear her outfits everytime we want to go to church.
okay, here's the fact about my mother.
she have like a thousand clothes!
some of them are from her youth era.
i don't know how she keep her clothes because most of them look new!
she gain weight after becoming a mother and she cannot fit some most of her clothes which is why she want us to wear it for her.
the things is we never wear it for her since most of her dress or skirt are out dated!
and we are(me and my sisters) the updated teenagers yang konon-kononnya malu mau pakai skirt kembang-kambang sama skirt yang banyak blink-blink to church. kekekeke
when i was 18 or 19 my mother donates all her outfits that she cannot wear (since we all are refuse to wear it also) to the church for charity purposed.
i wasn't there at that time but my sister told me that it was my father who convinced my mother to donates it.
"tidak guna tu baju bnyak tapi tidak kena pakai. bagus derma"

so, that's the end of the story of my mother's all time outfits.
and yesterday she convinced me that i look better in her 'ropol-ropol' skirt.
she said she just bought it last year.

"aiii, cantik bai ni. cuba ko pakai. ini lah fasyen jaman sekarang"

at first i planned to wear my sister's skirt (she already prepared it for me actually), but since my mother really want me to wear her 'ropol-ropol' skirt, i decided to wear it.
and my mother was so happy about it.

"nah, kan saya bilang, santik bah"
she said.

apa-apa saja la mom. yang penting ko happy!
skirt saja la saya pakai since baju mama saya agak besar.

jeng jeng!

me and my happy mother! baju saya pinjam sissy saya punya. 
my sister said i look retro wearing my mother;s skirt.

thats my sister, kunung a.k.a lunag


now that i think about my mother outfit i regret not wearing one of them to church.
but i saw one of the old dress my mother keep in her closet (the only one she didn't donates) maybe i should wear it someday and take photo with it.
kalau saya muat la. macam xs punya saiz saja tu saya nampak.

this is my grandma and her sister. aren't they sporting? kakaka

the BIM are just in 2 weeks tapi saya malas mau jogging! adui matilah!
buncit lai ni.

l i l i e j o h n

Thursday, April 10, 2014

my before and after surgery photo. ( korean makeup effect)

lately i've been watching many makeup tutorial on youtube.
i even subscribed few of my favourite makeup and beauty channel.
i don't wear much makeup except if i am going out with friends or dating (i love going to work with my barefcae!) but recently i am so into makeup and beauty probably because i just received a few uncomfortable comment about my makeup style from someone. 
it was just an honest comment but i find myself obsessing about makeup recently, so i guess it does got me huh. 

so, today id my off day. yippy!!!
so i decided to operate my face with my makeup tools.

*don't be surprise ya, i have makeup box!
i bought it in 2012 and filled it with all the makeup tools but i never used some of them.
this is what we called, wasting money! T.T

so, here's my before operation face. 
before operation. jerawat+blemishes+darkspot+panda eyes.
semua ada.
i didn't have a nice camera to take my picture. guna camera hp saya.

people love korean makeup because their makeup style more to youth makeup.
they like young looking.
they like showing of their eye bag because eye bag makes them look young.
i used to hate my eyebag because it's too big when i was 14 years old!
now some people go under the knife just to have those. 

hehe. masih ada banyak pimples jug la. sorry, skill menyorokkan jerawat nda jadi. hihi
advice from me, be careful on your straight+think eyebrow.
you might don't want to overdo it because it can ruin your look if you do small mistake.
of course everyone can rock the thick and straight brow but make sure to find the right "straight+thick" brow for your face type. :)
 and yess, i made my own eyebag. 
put some eyeshodow to make it visible since i don't really have them nowadays. 
tua. T.T

how's my amateur makeup skills? kekeke

the purpose of this look is too look innocence and still vogue konon la.
 sorry, my camera are not so good. tiada pencahayaan yang bagus.
oh and my insiration for the look is from one of my favourite channel on youtube by nicole changmin.

of course mine is not as good as her.

it's actually good to learn about beauty and makeup. 
it's the art of beauty.

maybe after this i'll try putting some makeup on my face to works and surprise my workmate! 

l i l i e j o h n

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

exploring KUDAT, sabah.

hi peeps.
so,last month o the 15th and 16th march i went to Kudat with my workmate and i must say Kudat is a good place to visit to.
at first when my friend mention about visiting Kudat i am not so thrilled.
maybe because i only know simpang mengayau and pantai bak bak in kudat.
last time i went to kudat when i was 15.
i join my church's pathfinder camp.
it was a great camp and we did visit the bak-bak beach and also the simpang mengayau but i don't really remember how it used to look like. 
maybe i am too busy finding new friend from other church! haha
and i am so glad i joined my friends exploring Kudat last month!
just wait until you see the picture!

DAY 1.
i was working morning duty that day so we started the journey to kudat at 1.30pm.
yes, i took my bath and change my clothes in my ward. heee
Kota Kinabalu to Kudat took roughly 3 hours driving non-stop but if you know how to drift (not recomended) you'll arrived there in 2 and half hour at least.

Simpang Mengayau-the tip of borneo
our first destination is Simpang Mengayau.
we arrived here around 4 pm (our driver know how to drift!) which is very very good timing to watch the view!
and if you wait a little longer, you'll see the sunset from the tip of borneo!!
here's our minta puji photo!

handphone and power bank! kekeke

jalan-jalan cari makan. hehe

if you want to be more comfortable going down and up the cliff, you might want to wear something like jeans or short pant because i saw one of the korean traveler won't go down the rock cliff because she's wearing maxi dress.
of course you can just see the tip of borneo from the above but if you want to explore more then you need to go down the cliff and climbing it when you are done!
but if you are the 'i don't care' type of girl just like me, wearing maxi dress won't be a problem to go down the rock cliff at all!

beauty! i took this picture :P

and NO. when i said going down the cliff, it's the real cliff not this stair.

we love watching the sea scenery while waiting for the sunset!
i took this too! *bangga! HEHE

My ex-housemate. 

cantik kannnnn!

saya pun mau gambar-gambar juga! hehe

welcoming the sun set with my treepose! ha ha

i love this photo of stacy. no, it's not me who took it. it's our dearest photographer koko koay!

another tree pose from me! can you see the stair-look rock cliff back there? yes, that's the rock that you will have to climb! and oh ya, don't forget to put on a sunblock ya. the sun's killing even at 5 pm!

not only climbing the cliff with my maxi dress but also jumping around on the big rock there. i sure get a lot of attention from others visitor! hehe

say hi to my new friend. bavaria. she come down a little bit late because she scared of the sun.
well, the sun does burn your skin kan. hehe

awww..the rock cliff. no, you don't have to climb this cliff. not this one. don't worry.

panting after climbing the cliff. 

we only have the chances to take photo of this rock statue after all the visitors pulang.
kalau tidak susah owh. mau berbaris-baris, maybe coming here on weekend was not really a good idea. hehe

cantik kan. jalan dari car park to the cliff.
Kalampunai Beach

Kalampunai Beach located just beside the simpang mengayau. 
if you went to Simpang Mengayau  you'll definitely see this beautiful beach.
the sea was as clear as chrystal!
it's a must go see beach!
we arrived there pretty late around 6 pm. 
we decided to watch the sunset here. 

it's sunset!

playing with the sea. sangat sangat jernih!

i ask stacy to run on the virgin sand and i snap the footprint!.
oh i like it!

jumping sunset. she finally jump!
The Upper Deck Hotel.
we arrived kudat at night around 7.15 pm and we choose to fill our hungry stomach at the Kudat Esplanade.
sorry we didn't take any photo there since our photographer are too busy eating.

explanade kudat. we didnt at this restaurant instead we choose another chinese restaurant just beside this restaurant.
picture source: google
after eating we went to checked in our hotel.
we choose the Upper Deck Hotel just beside the Milimewa Kudat.
the price per night is rm105 per night for the double bed room.

this is the view early in the morning from our hotel's room.

Pantai Bak-Bak Kudat.
We wake up late on our second day so, we only started our journey at 12 am after eating.
actually it was only me and stacy who wake up late.
we decided to begin our journey to Pantai Bak-Bak Kudat.
and omgeee.
another beautiful beach. 
the blue sea and wind captured our heart!

spot the sea water.

gorgeous Bavaria! 

lepak-lepak makan angin.

as clear as crystal!
Bead Centre Kudat.
our next destination is to go shopping Beads. 
i am sorry don't really remember the way from kudat to this Bead center since i fell asleep during the trip.
*bergossip sama ann sampai pukul 4 am kan the night before! haha

beadssss.. i have to be honest, the bead's price here are much more expensive compared to KK's price.
i used to buy the same exact beads bracelet(different color saja) for rm4.50 in KK but then here they sold it for rm10!
mungkin sebab dorang buat sendiri kali. hehe

beli jangan tak beli.

keychain beads pun ada sold at rm3 ka or rm5. tidak ingat.
i am the queen of beads! kikikiki
Bavanggazo Longhouse

from the Beads Centre we continue our journey to Bavanggazo Longhouse.
it's not that far from the Beads Centra actually. 
about 15 minute drive.
i am a sabahan but this is actually my first time visiting a longhouse.
ya, BOOOoooo me. 

they also sell beads here but not as much beads as the beads centre. and some of the beads here are cheaper than the beads i buy in the Beads Centre.
the aunty in the blue shirt is the gaurdian of this place and she's very friendly!
i also just found out that they provide a home-stay in this longhouse!
rm50 per night including breakfast, lunch and supper!
if the customer is more than two person, they'll prepare rungus dancing show at night and also jungle trekking without extra payment!!!!
murah tak?
fun long house.

here's the room for those who interested to stay at this longhouse experiencing the Rungus lifestyle!

another room.
according to the aunty, most of their customer are foreigner or a group of student.
as we all know foreigner loves exploring the extreme lifestyle.
if you are planning to go, i think it's the best to go in a large group.
don't forget to contact me ya. 
i want to join if you don't mind! 
i want to experience the rungus lifestyle too!
now, just beside the Bavagganzo Longhouse, you can see another beads store.
they sell also beads and a Rungus traditional costumes.

this rungus tradiational alone can cost rm800!!
because they made it with their own bare hand!

they also sell souvenir and home decoration!

beli jangan tak beli lagi

try to imitate the grandma making the beads. wahaha.. 

oh ya. i almost forget, the fee to enter this longhouse is rm5/person ya. 

Kampung Sumangkap Gong Factory!

i know Gong since i was a little girl.
see, i am one of the true dusun kampung girls!
*proudly. hoho
i learn how to play it when i was 9 years old from the grannies in my village.
not a pro one but i think i know how each of the gong should be played.
*dengan confident-nya.
but Gong was played differently in different district.
they all sounded almost the same but if you used to play gong, you'll know that the sound is actually different in each district.
but this is my first time watching how the Gong was made.
this Gong Factory are not so far from the longhouse. also in Matunggong area.
excited to see the big gong in the entrance of the village.
oh ya, fees to enter this village also rm5 ya. hehe

say hi to the rooster. his family are the one welcoming us from the entrance.
thank you mr.rooster. 

gong gong gong. awww... 

hehe. no, i didn't learn how to play this Kulingtangan since it's not really famous in my village but if you just hit whichever gong with quick movement it will still sound like you know how to play it!
ha ha

this is how they make the Gong and Kulingtangan.

the resident of this village are just so friendly.
they even play a few song for us using the kulingtangan.
if you walk a little further to the village you'll see these big gongs.
since the weather are so hot we just watch it from afar.
no one want to go near the gong since it is made of iron. 
we are planning to go to the honey farm but since we are so tired so we cancelled it last minute.
i am sabahan but there are still so many ethnics, tradition and places i don't know in sabah.
what's more embarassing is, our tour guide for the trip is koko koay and he's from Penang (been living here for 7 years). T^T

for Sabahan out there, add Kudat in your 'must visit place before you die' list.
tidak rugi. 

i am planning to go to Semporna this month with other friends but i cancelled it due to the recent kidnapping case happened there.
i tried to think positive about the case but then i think it's the best to think about my own safety first. :)
maybe next time.
now other places in Sabah i hope i can visit this year is either the Danum Valley or Meliau Basin or maybe both. 

 l i l i e j o h n