Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when the old folk talking

have you ever heard grandmas talking or gossiping?

well i grow up listening to them since i live with my grandma since primary school.
and since i am having a long holiday (waiting to get called for a job) and i have  a lot of free time, i started joing the grandmas gossiping.
my granny live in Kota Kinabalu since 5 years ago with my aunty AKA daughter dia.
i live with my granma until my parent are ofrficially moved to KB. few years after that my grandma went to live with my aunty(her daughter) in KK. 
but once in a while granma will come visit us and her friends here in the village. 

and you'll know when my grandma's home, all of her bestfriend will be here as early as 6am! i am still sleeping. T.T
however the best part is the gossiping time. everytime the old folks gather, they are always gossiping. awal pagi jam 6 am sudah start mongingat sama begosip di ruang tamu rumah kami.

they gossip about everything happened in the village or kampung-kampung sebelah.
gospi yang dari dulu-dulu until la the latest news, revealing the story behind every event.. i mean girls also gossip but the old folks gossip is much more extreme. i mean when they talk you tend to believe them blindly, walaupun cerita tu nampak macam mengarut.

"ko tau anak si anu tu, suda cerai!!!! baru saja 1 bulan kawin pun...."

"you know, si anu tu, panas baran@hot tempered pukul bini!!! "

"last friday saya pigi sungai tangkap ikan saya nampak si anu(perempuan) sama si anu (lelaki) jalan sama-sama.. baha... "

and some compliment,

"saya suda jumpa in-law si anu tu.. bagus juga.. mesra betul muka dia... "

and then, there is this one time when my father was at home.
he overheard them talking,

"ui, kamu tau si B moti yang kasi sinadaat(buat-buat) si A tu samapi si A masuk hospital..."

out of sudden my father get angry.

"songkoboroso nodi ngaie(talking nonsense)!,siapa yang kasitau kamu pasal tu? saya yang sindaat si A bilang si B bka sama kamu?!!! bukan mau cakap-cakap kalau tiada bukti!"

bapa saya ni jenis yang tidak suka gosip-gosip orang especially those who don't have any proof. kadang-kadang when i told him about real fact pun dia marah. apa lagi kalau tiada bukti. haha.
terulah all the nenek-nenek diam sambil bebisik-bisik antara satu sama lain after my father's harsh comment.

kesiannnn... haisss..

tapi kannnn, my father has a point. dari mana bah sebenarnya sources dorang berghossip ni? (the old folk including my granny). mulut ke mulut? sebab most of the gossip they are talking about has no strong proof pun. hahaha
betul atau tidak tu gossip dorang? i don't know.
but one things that i know is, i do enjoy listening to them gossiping.
sometimes when you listen to them talking, you can imagine how their childhood was. no school, only hanging out doing things together(like going to farm together) and gossip all day long. 

but i hate it when they are also gossip about sukod wagu@the young generation these days. 
they always compare us to them...
" masa kami muda dulu bangun jam 4 pigi danau sudah. umur 8 tahun pandai masak sudah tu"

so, everytime my granny around i have to wake up as early as 6 am because thatn when my grandma come to pur house. if i am still sleeping at that time theywill come into my room and said something like
"oooooooooooooooooooooowww, dia do sumandak yodi. pukul 6 noh om poingodop po ngaie (ooo.. sumandak, pukul 6 masih tidur" with full volume and i bet even my neighbour will be awaken  stat by their voice.
so, at 6 am i have to stand up and pretend like i am already awake 1 hour ago, cleaning there and here.. sweeping here and there.. because if they come and i'm still sleeping i'm afraid tomorrow morning i'll get famous.. jatuh saham i.. 

and from my observation for 4 month having my holiday listening to them, i think the old folks are just boring. since their children doesn't let them work anymore. so, they enhanced their actual talent- TALKING. and then they improvise their skill in GOSSIPING... they never search for the truth they just want to talk and gossip. 
some of them are truth and the rest ? we never really know.

i was thinking, when we get old what can we do else then spending some time with family and friend and gossiping??? for girls la kan..kan -kan... at least when the old folks macam nenek saya ni gossip, some lazy girl like me have the initiative to wake up early in the morning kan.. take it in a positive way. :)

and remember gossiping is one of the old folks ways of networking.. they don't have google like us!