Sunday, April 28, 2013

what woman should know about men?

i read these on the internet while googling. 
what we (woman) should know about men?
i am not an expert to these. 
i barely know them although i have a lot of male friends.
after reading, i think i should share.
so, mari baca ramai-ramai.

1. men doesn't care how you look naked. 
nah, see. men doesn't care if you have double cheese burger on your stomach AKA buruyut in dusun! 
a lot of girls (termasuk la saya) tried so damn hard to have a perfect body so that men would attracted to them. well from what i read just now, if any men left alone in a room with any naked woman, it's aready like heaven to them! tidak nampak suda tu buruyut.. kakakaka.... DASAR!

ok, tidak payah mau diet lepas ni. kasi biar ja gemuk! haha

2. men loves staring at hot chick! 
you might find men staring at a beautiful hot girl who's bending low to adjust her sandals.
ok first, the fact that girls also love watching hot guy but not obviously like men.
mata dorang bulat bersinar-sinar tanpa berkelip! 
not even a blink! 
tambah-tambah lagi kalau the hot chick tu ada lurah dendam, bah, tidak tertutup sudah tu mulut arr.
so, girlfriend yang memahami boleh la sedia-sedia baldi bikin tadah tu liur.
but from what i read, we(woman) shouldn't get annoyed by this involuntary action of men. i believe they also feel bad about it (feel bad la sangat. haha)
even though we can see the happiness in their face, but then again it's an involuntary happiness. 
we should just let it be unless they started to get the hot chick phone number then you should do something with him. love porn! 

i know this since high-school. 
if a men hate porn then something is wrong with him. 
i don't have to explain more, go and ask them yourself. 

4. men like independent but yet dependent girls.

as much as men want to protect their girls, men also want girls to be independent! 
don't be too clingy girls. 
kalau setakat mau pigi bayar kereta tu, you can handle it.
come on girls. jangan terlampau bergantung pada lelaki. 
men feel more comfortable knowing that their girls can take care of themself well.
but still need him to depends on sometimes.
ok fine, kalau setakat beli baju sejuk tu sendiri-sendiri pun tidak apa bah. 

5. men like it when his girls can show her true self infront of him

meaning don't be fake infront of him.
kalau mau kentut tu jangan malau-malu, kentut ja. 
kalau memang tidur berdengkur, kasitau ja.
let men know that we(women) are also a human. 
as much as he want us to be perfect in-front of other, it's still a relieve knowing that his girls also have this ugly side that only he knows.
la mangkali.

6. men wants a girl who have life.

don't ditch your friend or family for your boyfriend. 
well, of course you go dating and all with your boyfriend but men also love to know that you have life with your girls other than with him alone.

7. men need their space. 

what i read is that women get bored spending their time alone now and then. and i find it true. 
as for myself i hate it when i went home and i find myself alone. no one at home. 
but men need it.
women want to talk to her men like everyday but men need a space.
so, if they ask you not to call them and let them call you instead, that's mean your call makes them irritated!!
careful girls.. 
sedih kan. we(women) just want to talk to them pun irritated for men. 
lagi, saya terbaca yang lelaki boleh bertahan selama berminggu-minggu tidak bercakap dengan girlfriend dorang. 
what?? berminggu-minggu? consider couple lagi ka tu kalau gitu?
no comment. 
men need space kan. 

okaylah, that's all. ada banyak lagi sebenarnya but then, if i put it all here,took me two days to type it. 
so, just google it girls.. you'll find it more there. 

for boyfriend out there.
yeah, maybe you feel like your girlfriend cannot understand you.
what you want and all.

you get irritated if they keep asking you how fat they are.
you find yourself watching beautiful girls,and your girlfriend gets upset.
you love porn and you girlfriend get angry.
you want them not to be so dependent to you only.
you want them to also spend their life to their friends and not only to you.
you want your space. to be alone.

but before all above,have you ever think of what women want? 
what they love?
why women want to be so perfect?
why women want to spend more time with you?
and why women gets upset a lot?

relationship works when both part are trying to understand each other. 
not by the other side only. 

i am not a pro in a relation.
but i always had a hard time when i am the only one who try to understand.
that's why i know and i know you know it too. 

if you want other to understand you, you need to understand them first!

why women want to have perfect body?
because men eyes can't stop staring at the perfect hot chicks body!

l i l i e

Saturday, April 20, 2013

born to wear a crown


listening to this choir makes me really miss choir. 
i actually sang this song too with my church-mate in 2011.
here's the video of it. 

do not try to compare okay.. 
we are just a bunch of amateur choir with a low quality of camera worsening with a bad cameraman. 

we actually have a very good teacher. mr.charles.
his voice was amazing. the loudest man voice in the video belong to him.
he's teaching english in school but he still have time to teach us weekends. 
that's why i respect him very much.

and this is one of my favourite church song

nice kan. i miss home listening to these choir. 
so peace. :)

and yes, i love sally deford collection! :)
happy sabbath to all the adventitian 

l i l i e j o h n. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

little conversation

i went to sewing class this evening and i met some new friends.
and most of them are older than me.
you see, i am so bad at talking to the older because i just don't know what topic should i talk.

Aunty sebelah meja: 
adik ni kerja ka?

arrr, iya aunty.

aunty sebelah meja: 
owh, di mana?

di hospital mesra. (with a smile)

aunty sebelah meja : 

.............................. *awkward
(sinyum saja la sambil pura-pura fokus menjahit, takut kana soal banyak.. haha)

this incident actually happened so many times to me. 
i don't have skills to talk to an elder.. 
i don't know what topic they love to talk to, i don't know how to improvise the conversation, and what i'm afraid most is that i might say something i shouldn't and the aunty might misunderstood it!

and then, time goes by.
i proceed with my sewing project and the aunty proceed with hers until........ 

errr, aunty, boleh kah saya pinjam kapur aunty? kapur saya warna kuning saja owh..susah, tidak nampak di kain saya. 

amboi, kalau bab minta tolong, panjang pula saya bercakap yerr.. 

aunty sebelah meja: owh bah, pinjam lah nak.. :)

the aunty are so friendly that makes me feels bad for ignoring her. 
then, i decide to have maybe a little conversation with her.

(setelah berfikir panjang apa soalan yang harus ditanya) 
aunty berapa lama sudah ikut ni kelas menjahit?

owh, baru juga ba awal januari aunty ikut ni. boring kan tiada mau buat di rumah. anak-anak aunty yang perempuan smua sudah kahwin, yang bujang lelaki ja, tapi semua pun sibuk kerja.

*see, this is the example of a good answer! jangan jawab macam saya tadi k tuan-tuan dan puan-puan. 

 anak aunty ada yang hensem ka?? 
haha.. kidding. we shouldn't ask that to an elder ok. bikin malu.

owh, yalah bah kan, boring bah duduk di rumah ja. saya yang kerja ni pun boring juga di rumah kalau satu orang ja. 

belum kawin lagi kau nak?

me:belum lagi aunty. belum ada rezeki. ngehehe

aunty: berapa bah umur mu ni nak?

me: 23 tahun kenen aunty.. (jangan persoalkan umur saya. august is not here yet k. haha)

aie, muda bah lagi kau ni. memang minat menjahit kah?

hmmm.. minat juga lah aunty, hari tu saya beli mesin jahit bah tapi tidak pandai jahit. itu yang mau ikut ni kelas ni, sayang tu mesin tidak kena guna. :)

k, good answer. ada peningkatan dari segi menjawab soalan subjektif.

aunty: iya bah nak. bagus lah tu.. nanti kalau kau sudah kawin nda ada masa suda kau mo ikut-ikut ni, mana lagi mo jaga anak, kalau dapat suami yang control lagi la susah. haha.. jadi kau tinggal di mana ni nak??

and blah-blah-blah.
sampai habis kelas bercerita. 
classes become more interesting if you have someone to talk to actually.

so, is it that difficult to talk to an elder?
for me, YES, it's still difficult.
but i'm learning and i think i'm improving.
next class, i'll be seeing more elder since most of the participant in sewing class are an aunty-aunty and mama-mama, so, i think i'll get better in the elder conversational skill. 

i think the most important things in a conversation (no matter to an elder, friends or family) is being yourself. 
don't try to be other people. 
but to an elder, maybe we need to choose a better words to use.
dan paling penting cakap la dengan bersopan manatau ada aunty-aunty tiba tiba cakap...

"sudakah dikau menjadi menantu mithali ku?" 

wah. kelas kau Mariah! 

k that's all for tonight...
owh, it's morning already.
happy 19th of APRIL people!!

owh ya, if you have time maybe you wanted to visit my other blog.. just CLICK here. 
thank you. :)
and thank you for the correction tok janggut! :P


l i l i e s. j o h n.