Wednesday, February 1, 2012



My father said BUYUG always MIA. Sometimes my father found her wondering at the next village and sometimes my father can’t even found her for like 5 month, so my father decide to put BUYUG in the paddy field for a few weeks.

“yah, kurung dia, gansau betul!!”

My father said we must visit her everyday to make sure she won’t go away and to make sure BUYUG got enough food the the whole day. Me and my sister went to visit her everyday since then for almost 3 weeks I guess.
I love visiting BUYUG because I love the view on the way to BUYUG’s.
from the bridge

jajang! we can actually see the mount KINABALU from here early in the morning but i didn't manage to wake up so early in the morning so..... 

meet BALAKUK, one of my father's beloved ugly dog. we have two ugly dog actually the other one is GOPOSI but only BALAKUK who love to follow us everywhere. and that's why we love him more. hehe


Still with BALAKUK. When we take a rest he also rest with us. Hehe.

The rest is the picture that I took on the way to BUYUG’s place using my not-DLSR camera@ digital camera. Hehe..

telur burung unta. 

kidding.. this is the egg of whatever kind of bird. I don’t know what kind of bird it is. We found it laying on the grass. I always saw it when I was a little kid but i never know what kind of bird lay this kind of egg.. but in  DUSUN we call it KURUAK. in malay? i don't know. in english? IDK. hehe

batu belah batu bertangkup. hehe

kilau podos

Finally..Say hello to BUYUG and her child, YAMPANAK!
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 We must make sure BUYUG’s rope is okay and make sure BUYUG got the best place (full with grass) and near BUYUG’s place must got water for her to drink. Job’s done, can go back home! yuhuuuu..
FYI, My father named them all including the dogs. I told you, my father is very good at naming his pet and nicknaming us. I got GUMPOL myself. Hehe..

semua gambar-gambar diayas telah diedit menggunakan PHOTOSCAPE.

l I l I e s. j o h n


  1. You live in such a nice place & those pictures you took are awesome, especially liked those eggs and that colourful caterpillar.

    There are a lot of details which I liked, you are so lucky to live in such a place..

  2. telur burung keruak mgkin tu..haha..wahh cumil anjing ko :D

  3. i feel lika watching national geography in hd! very nice photos!! i love the view, the flowers, the centipede..even the rock looks nice.
    hello buyug!!! hehe ^^

  4. telur tu keruak macam puyu punya telur juga tu.. ha ha ha.. Tambunan for the win!! Syok kan tinggal scenery camtu.. :-).. eh,ini di tambunan ka KB?? :-p

  5. cantik pix!!! tapi kan sia mo tanya mcm mana mo add caption di pix..sia nda pandai.gagagagaga~~

  6. ui reks...KB tu tau hahahahha :)

    eeeee ingat anjing si BUYUG hahaha...aigu..dady ko jg la paling kasi nickname ah hahahahaha!!! cantik2 gmbr ko..semat la! hehe

  7. astaga..buyuk btul ko ni ingat sepa c buyug ni..haha!

  8. Haha. Si buyug nda pandai pulang rumah sendiri ka? Haha. Mau dikasi kandang suda tu kalau begitu.

  9. suda sia try click tu pix tp nda kluar pun mo add caption.....adoiii...tia pa la.sedey ni.hehe

  10. mati2x saya ingat duku bah si buyug ni..rupa2xnya... hehe
    mcm tinguk national geography bah..cantik all the pictures..mmg cantik ni esp telur burung keruak dat...

  11. and tidak sabar saya mahu blk snap pic byk2x...

  12. Awak ambil gambar sendiri ke??? CANTIK! ^_^


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