Monday, January 25, 2016

Conquering Nuluhon Trusmasi (Mount Trusmadi)

before i start off my bragging about my awesome expedition conquering the Trusmadi mount i think i better make all the Sabahan proud first.
the top 3 highest mount in Malaysia is actually in SABAH!
you can check the top 10 highest mount in Malaysia here. please click here.
and Nuluhon Trusmadi is actually the second highest mount in MALAYSIA!!!

there are actually 3 ways to top of mount Trusmadi.
1.Wayaan Kaingaran (Tambunan),4.9km from starting point
2.Wayaan Mastan (Keningau), 4.3 from starting point
3.Wayaan Mannan (Sook), 11.3 from starting point.

and we use Wayaan Kaingaran 4.9km from starting point!

1st day

we all decided to leave from KK at 6.30 to 7.00 am because we want to go to Mahua Waterfall in Tambunan. well, since we are already in Tambunan then why not we go to MAHUA first!
i am half Tambunan but honestly i never went to Mahua Waterfall before. 
so, i was so excited to go to Mahua!
we arrived at Mahua around 9.00am. 
and it was so cold so non of us want to swim here since it damn too cold!
we have breakfast here. hoho

i actually plan on diving in in the afternoon (masa panas2) but since we have to leave at 11.30am so, i decided not to.

we leave Tambunan Town around 1.30pm and arrive at our Rest House at around 3 pm.

as soon as we arrive there, we jump into the river.
yessss. a very cold river water is what we all need in the hot weather. 

masak-memasak for dinner.
dipendekkan cerita, during our dinner the guide actually gave us a few choice
1. jalan awal jam 11 malam, get there before sunrise. 
2. jalan jam 3 am.

we all decided to watch Sunrise so, we have to start walking at 11 am. 
that's mean we have to sleep right away after Dinner and woke up at 10pm.

but i seriously have problem sleeping early. biasa tidur jam 12pm. huhu
after trying to sleep so hard, i finally fall asleep at 8 pm.
but sadly i woke up at 8.50pm and i can't sleep anymore. 
so, i played Piano Tiles until 10pm.

beginilah keadaan Rest House kami at Night.
dipendekkan cerita lagi at 11pm we went to starting point 30minute drive from our Rest House. 
only 4 wheel car can access this road.
we arrived at starting point around 11.30 pm.

gambar-gambar sekejap then briefing by our guide.

"just in case you are walking alone along the jouney, and you suddenly feels it so silent like bunyi cengkerik pun tidak dengar, go join the other group, sama ada tunggu yang group belakang atau kejar group depan. there's a possibility you are being stalk by big animals. not to scared you guys tapi dalam hutan ni memang ada harimau. so always be alert dan kalau boleh walk in group"

this guide really make me a little bit scared but excited at the same time!

so we started walking i think around 12.00am.
and first stage is easy. 
they build a stair around 2.2km from the starting point to the Middle Rest House.
one of my friend who used to hike there said in 2011 there are no stair. 
so they have to find their own way. 
bawa parang semua to clear the road and it's actually more challenging back then.
part of me are greatfull they built the stair but part of my says "damn, i all miss the real exciting journey!"

but no worry, the road is still very adventurous and exciting! 

half way to go!

sempat posing youuuu.
we arrive there at 5.30 am. but its so damn cold so there's nothing much i can do. i don't even want to take picture. huhu

so,i think we all took more time going down then going up.
because on then we can take picture sebab masa naik gelap. 
so, turun baru terang dan boleh selfie sepuas puasnya. hihi

sun is rising from the top of Trusmadi

while waiting for the other member to arrive we better sleep! bergabung haba.

okay. bersedia untuk turun

and then ini semua adalah gambar masa turun.

makan-makan apple dulu

sampai di tangga balik!

taman sulaiman
 i arrive at the starting point at 12pm sebab banyak selfie..
 the earliest arrive at 11am. 

starting point

sementara tunggu kereta dtg ambil to rest house
 since there are no reception there, we have to wait at the starting point at 1pm. 
sebab memang suda janji sama driver 1pm sampai.


sampai di rest house!

that's all. if you want to know more about the trip you can check it out here. please click here.

next, i want to conquer the mount TOMBUYUKAN!
and usually saya sembarang ikut saja geng-geng org. 
jadi kera sumbang. so, sesiapa yang ada plan mau p Tombuyukan and still have empty spot for 1, let me know k! 

that's all.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. Hi there

    Nice entry on Trusmadi. Would you mind sharing other info like cost estimation (climbing fees, guide, porter, accommodation). I've always wanted to conquer Trusmadi and Tomboyukun..been conquering Kinabalu for few times, so nak tukar angin conquering the other top two mountains in Sabah. Appreciate if you could share the info.

  2. suda ko pigi tombuyukan? hahaha sy tunggu itu post aaaaa...xoxo


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