Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bad Friends Forever, still BFF.

have you ever met this kind of friend?

she pretend to compliment you but she has other intention.
i have.. in my life I've found this kind of friend twice..

 we are washing our hands together after eating but then we found out that we are running out of tissue.
and then suddenly this friend touch my skirt and compliment it.
"wow, your skirt is so beautiful"
that's sounds funny because i know she didn't mean it. 
i mean i wear the same skirt almost every weeks and she's with me every weeks and suddenly she's acting like it was her first time seeing it. 
well,i know she only want to wipe her wet hands on my skirt.
GOSH! at that time i was pissed but i couldn't say a thing because i know if i start saying something it would be scolding and cursing!
so i said to myself 
"let's just forget it, i can always do the same thing to her next time"
i know it was just a small matter but i really hate it when people try to take an advantage on me.
especially my friend. 

also when i was in high school i met this friend named NINA DOBREV (bukan nama sebenar..keke) 

she often forgot her pencil's box so she always borrow mine. 
and then one day as usual she borrowed my pen and gave me the same reason she gave me yesterday and the day after.
"i forgot my pencil box.....................again... "
in the beginning i believe her so, i lend her my pen to her but then it's been like a month she didn't bring her pencil's box and i started to query. 
hmmmmmmmmmm....................... something's wrong!
out of high curiosity, i checked her drawer when she's not around. 
(devil! keke)
and i found her pencil's box in her drawer!!!!
and then i suddenly remembered she said it earlier that she want to save her pen's ink for the exam. 
errr.. exam?? 
and then i was like 
"exam are 5 months away.. is she planning to use my pens for another 5 months??"
i didn't say anything to her despite our friendship.
but i am a cold hearted back then, so the next day i bring only one pen. 
i told her i forgot my pencil box too.. 
HAHA.. kedekut owh kan.. 

now the good things is that, they are still my friends now. 
and i still love them much.
one of them are even on my BFF list! 

see, i have a 
good friend, boring friend, forever-immatured friend, funny friend, annoying friend, miss know-it-all-yeah-yeah friend, sulky friend, moody-every-morning friend, curse-all-day friend, many-piercing friend, and even life-is-all-about-beauty friend. fuh, so many!
and they all have their own weaknesses.
they snore, fart infront of food, doing some stupid things, bullying each other, take advantage on you, and make you feel burdened, sleepless the whole night, making some stupid noise while you are sleeping but as long as they try their best to be your friend isn't it enough?? 
maybe some of them are even talking behind your back but they still stay beside you when you're in trouble and still hug you when you need them. 
nobody is perfect! 
even myself aren't perfect.
i am the hot-tempered+avengeful kind of friend.  
i get angry over some silly things. 
but they still accept me as their friend. 

and i believe you have weaknesses too.. 
so, how can you expect to have a perfect friend when you yourself are not perfect?? :)

being unperfect doesn't mean they can't be a best-friend.
BEST-FRIEND is a friend who can accept their friend's weaknesses. 
trust me, you gonna miss their imperfection someday... :)

but careful, jangan salah pilih kawan.. :)

yes, i am a silent grudge person. so, don't mess! ahahahaha.. JK!

l i l i e


  1. at least they still tried to befriend right, ada yang bila senang mahu kawan bila susah buat bodoh. Ada yang bila dia senang dia bully kita bila susah manis saja mulut mahu minta tolong. Haihs..

  2. wah love this.. btul! bukan psl being perfect, psl accpetance, sjauh mana kita boleh terima.. haha.. gambatte for your paper! nda lama lg ko pun bleh cuti suda ^^

  3. Agreed..hehe. Got some annoying frens & sometimes I just want to stay away from them. But still they're there 4 you when u need them.

    I'm not a good fren either I think..Haha. Oh yup, I'm also a silent revengeful type. :P

  4. cherrie: yeah..i met that kind of fren a lot too..

    DOra: keke,, actually saya habis exam suda ni hari... habis jak exam trus p post d BLOG! hehehe

    @arlen: yeah true.. tapi mo pandai pilih kawan jgk.. some people are just not meant to be our friend. :)

  5. hehe. that's common, i think. we start as enemies and end up being best friends. me & my girlfriends used to hate each other back then in school, but now we're inseparable sisters. ^^

  6. I have back-stab fren in my BFF list!! lol

  7. yay..i like this post..
    I have one masa study dulu..dia act dia pndai semua dpn kwn2 dia and oso infront of her bf and buat sy annoy sm dia..end up kami jadi kwn baik wlupn kami jauh..huhu..

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  9. fart in front food???demmmm terasa o!! hahahaha..
    plus nanti sabbath sa buat camtu jua pla...wa cantiknya skirt ko sambil lap tangan wakakakaka..

  10. nobody perfect n i love u for who u r bestfriend ! :D


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