Saturday, July 26, 2014

the gym is on fire!

as usual this morning i went to gym and join the YOLATES class.
judging from the name i think you guys can guess it's actually the combination of YOGA+PILATES.

it's actually just like yoga.
the fitness teacher(EDWIN-my favourite teacher) teach us about breathing and how to do the proper tripod headstand.
he only teach basic but what i like the most is the motivation he actually gave us.
even thou most of the time he speak chinese (since all of the student are chinese).
*well, he just found out today that i am not, ada muka cina ya. hehe

"most people can't do yoga pose is not because of they don't know how to do it. 
but because they have no confidence."

-----quote of the day from mr.EDWIN------

and then just as he started to teach us some interesting pose, suddenly we saw a group of people running from upstair. (the zumba class was held at the same time upstair)

quick reviewed about the gym
the yolates class(or are also used for yoga,pilates,power stretch,abs workout etc class) and female changing room are in the second floor.
while the other class, usually will be used for zumba, body combat, body pump class and also the male changing room are on the third floor. 
while the exit are one the first floor.

we from the yolates class are all like 

'what happened on the third floor? why are they running?'

then suddenly one of the women come to our class and shout something.
which i can't understand because she's shouting in chinese.
but all of them are rushing out of the class and started to get their stuff and running.
then i ask what happened to the people around because i can't understand a thing!!

"what happened? what happened??"

but they answered me in Chinese with a panic tone.
considering something bad might have happened, i rush to get my stuff and run to the first floor with the rest of the gym members too.
and then one of the chinese aunty who speak english finally explained it to me.

"the male changing room is on fire. there are heavy black smoke coming from the changing room!'

oh my God!
is it so bad?
judging from the smoke coming out from the male changing room's window, it look bad but not in a scary way la. 

that's the male changing room. can u see the smoke? it doesn't look so bad in picture.

everybody is rushing out. some of us even forgot their car key inside. oh nooo..
we were told that the fireman is on their way.
and then as we are talking to each other(thank God i found the aunty who can talk in english at this time) rewinding how panic we were, it become funny la pula. panic berabis kan.

on my way home, i was laughing alone once again thinking how blur i was at that time.
nobody speak english or malay to me to explain what happened.
now i really think i should learn some chinese words else than
'wo fu meng pai ni xiang se me'
that's the only chinese language i know.
that all about the gym story for today.

oh ya.
i went to the bodycombat class yesterday and it was so fun+tiring+burning calorie class!
maybe i'll post about this later! :)

bragging for fun!
my sister KUYUG just got back from Labuan today and she bought a lot of chocolate, as ordered.
jeng jeng!
the jack daniels liquor chocolate actually she got it for free sebab terlampau banyak chocolate purchased.

l i l i e j o h n

Thursday, July 10, 2014

how do i get rid of my jawline pimples.

i do have pimples since i was a in my teenage year but it get worst when i turn to 23.
and yes, i happen to have an oily face especially on my t-zone but when i was 15 to 20 years old the pimples only attack around forehead.
it's just a small pimples i often called them baby pimples a.k.a jerawat pasir.
doesn't really bother me because i can always cover them with my foundation.
but as soon as i turn 23 the pimple started to appear on my jawline one by one.
and its started to appear triple at time when i turn 24 which make me so  irritated because they are not just a normal pimples.
they are big and itchy especially under the hot weather. 
and it was no longer can be covered using foundation or even concealer because the size are not only big but also they come in 3D if you know what i mean.

then i read on google that jawline pimples are actually cause by the hormone.
that's when i started to realize that i am getting older. 
pimples are coming because of the hormones changing(meaning i am old sudaaaa!)

i took a lot of my pimples's picture like almost everyday.
are you ready for the disgusting picture??

jeng jeng jeng


my face are funny here. lol

I've tried eveything from elken to oxy but it still doesn't work for me. 
i even buy 5 box of BE SNE that they keep saying will make your skin glow and reduce pimples but it still didn't work for me.
maybe it work for other people but big NAY for me.
sad. :(
and yes, my jawline pimples are actually effecting my self-esteem.
everytime i caught a stranger looking at me in mall or everywhere i started to think that they are looking at my pimples!!!
grrrrrrrrrrrhhhh.... paranoid. haha
and then one day i went to the nearest pharmacy to buy any pimples product and i found this.

benzac AC 5%.
it's really help reducing my pimples.
not much but i notice that my pimples are no so itchy anymore.

2 weeks after i used benzec

benzac actually help me to make the pimples go away faster but it didnt help me to stop them from coming.

so i ask my friend, dr.koay to refer me to a skin clinic.
my last choice actually because i just hate going to the clinic and see the doctor.

so, dipendekkan cerita, i went to see the doctor (dr.shen) and she's very nice giving me some advice about the formation of pimples and everything. 
she prescribe me 
-tretinoin cream. 
-cetrimide lotion 2 % for my daily face wash.

my skin savior! haha

the tretinoin cream can only be used at night because it can darken your skin if it was expose to the sun.
so, i apply benzac cream on daylight and use tretinoin cream on night.

tretinoin cream are really working but you have to be patient because it took 3 months to see the result.
and 3 month after the result is....


well, of course there are still dark spot but it can be covered using foundation!
do you know how grateful i was?
now my tretinoin cream is like my life. i bring it everywhere!

that's all for today's sharing.
i hope it will help you guys.

penjagaan muka amat penting buat kita wanita k.

l i l i e

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the psychic man on my first day of july.

it's july and it's the fasting month!
selalunya kalau bulan puasa ni mesti saya join kawan-kawan muslim saya puasa.

now that i recall, 
zaman asrama kan hidup ber-geng.
so in my group, there are 5 of us and only one muslim.
her name is Nurul Hijrah. 
during the fasting month, dinner time is at 5.30pm wajib makan di dewan for those yang tidak puasa. 
and for those yang puasa they are allowed to tapau makanan at 6pm dan makan masa berbuka di asrama.
but since Nurul is the only one yang puasa among us dan kami pun kesian kan she have to sahur sama berbuka saturang so, kami satu geng ikut dia puasa.
at that time our hostel allowed non-musim student to join fasting.
bagi senarai nama sama warden saja.
so, every fasting month for 4 years tinggal hostel, kami satu geng memang puasa for our muslim friend nurul. nampak tak semangat kesetiakawanan di situ? lol
it happen when i am in matrics too.
the different is, di matriks kami tidak bersahur sebab malas bangun pagi. 

but since i am now working and living with non-muslim housemate,so  no one really remind me of fasting.
kalau puasa pun tidak siok kalau saturang kan.. mau ramai-ramai juga. hihi.
but i do love reminiscing the memory of fasting eveytime when the fasting season is on.
no ini bukan gambar kami 5 org. tapi in pun geng-geng asrama juga. hihi

ok, enough with the memory.
 i went to the swimming pool this evening.
kenen-kenen mau practise renangan yang lama tidak kena pakai.
and then when i arrived there, there's not much people on the swimming pool. 
usually ramai jak. 
baru saya ingat, puasa pula.
masa tu jam6.30, masa berbuka, hoho.
there's only me and the foreigner guy.
dipendekkan cerita, he approach me asking if i want him to teach me swimming.
and then i said,
and he show me some of his skills la ni kenen. 
turn out i am 'a little bit' better swimmer than him. ekkekeke..
so then he told me that he actually baru belajar berenang 3 months ago.
he was surprise that i know how to swim since he never really saw me there before.
*sebab saya memang jarang p mandi swimming pool. 
and then he ask me where i learn to swim and i explain to him..
saya belajar berenang di kampung.
almaklumlah budak kampung. 
belajar sendiri-sendiri saja.
basically i've been swimming for the rest of my life.
dari kecil suda seberang-seberang tu sungai saaana kampung.
cuma swimming yang kampung-kampung.
yang butterfly-butterfly style tu memang tidak tau la.. 
and then we have a long chat actually.
he's from Jordan , ex-army and married to a local girl.
now he's a martial art teacher in UTC ka apa?
i don't remember where exactly.
and the most interesting thing about him is that he is a PSYCHIC!
jeng jeng jeng.
so i ask him to see my fortune.
he said he cannot see the future or the past but he can tell me about what is going on with my surrounding.
and then he ask me if he can see my palm.
after staring at my palm for 3 or 2 second he said that i am a pure hearted person.

"i can see that you have a pure heart. but you need to trust yourself. most of the time you get confuse between what you need to do and what you want to do. and you need to be carefull because there are 2 of your close friend who is jealous of you. they are nice to you but deep in their heart they are jealous with you"

and i was like woww..
now i wondering who could that be.
but he said, jealous can be a good things sometimes.
and then i ask him about my boyfriend. 
he started to look at my face.
after a few second he said that i have a good boyfriend.

" you have a good boyfriend.
but there are two problem with your boyfriend. 
first, he listen to his mother so much"

and then i was like

"is that even a problem?"

and he said,

"yes, it can be a problem. but it depends on how you guys handle it"

"ooooooooo.. ok"

"the second one is, when he have a problem with his job, it will effect his relationship with you. meaning to say, he have a hard time handling his job and relationship all together. so in order to be with him, you need to be a good listener and you need to have patience."

i don't know if i should trust him or not but about my boyfriend i think it's acceptable la kali.
 i just don't think any of my friend would be jealous with me. 
there's nothing to be jealous pun..

betul atau tidak,it doesn't really matter for me actually.
he seems to be a nice person. 
on the first day of july getting some advices from the 'true or not' psychic guy might be a good way to start my july kan. who knows?.
i hope my July would be as happening as my june!
jyeahhh.. hehe

now i need to ask my boyfriend about this psychic thingy. hahahha

l i l i e j o h n