Wednesday, June 1, 2011

gone to PERAK.

last monday our batch,group 23 has arrange a trip to PERAK. 
it was a last minute decision actually. just to fill up our free time after an exhausted examination. i decided not to go at first, but since our leader said no money require and the transportation was sponsored by college (makan jak la masing-masing) and i also got nothing to do so, what the hell? just go la kan.
but only 1/3 of us went to the trip so,
i thought it was just a boring trip but hell NO! it's fun.  
so, to all my batchmate who decided to stay in room or those who balik kampung awal; RUGI WOO TIA PIGI. hehe
we snap a lot of picture.. so, here's some of the picture.<--main reason is to show you guys the picture only actually. ahahah
we went to PERAK. since our tok@penghulu@leader is a perakian so, he know some of the best place in PERAK which require less money to visit to. save money la kan.. hehe... ngeee

JWW BIRCH was killed here while having a shower at the river. that's all i know since i am not a history lovers. hehe
you guys must be wondering what's with the JERSI things?? 
the night before this trip our TOK said, 
so, our class's JERSI is the best choice. hehe..
can click the image to enlarge. :)

to enter only pay RM4. but if you guys bring some friend they give discount! 
JWW BIRCH was killed while taking his bath at the river back there. can you see it? 
the weather was super duper hot but we've tried our best to give the best post! lucky i have my glasses. haha 
the weather is nothing! :)
these are some of the pictures taken by the amateur photographer.
model of the day: jacqueline
snap by me. hehe
another model: amoi@ Sasa T.
you can find her here.
snap by: me la.. haha
another model:OYEN
can find her on here
snap by: me lg. haha
elly,jac and oyen.
snap-snap by me. hehe
we are very blessed by having a great model. they really know how to pose. haha
snap by: me again.. huahaha
me giving the direction to the model? haha
but what is oyen iyrid doing actually? taking a picture of my b****? haha
snap by: KAK INA

this is me.
the photographer wanna be. <--dei perasan.
the editor wanna be la.. haha
credit to OYEN. she snap this. :)

jump-jump! jump higher!
snap by: JACQUELINE 

snap and edited by me.
baru berjinak-jinak dlm dunia PHOTOSHOP.
i guess the picture tells itself. 
next place: PANTAI TELUK BATIK. 
can go there with empty pocket. :)
they sell a lot of souvenir for you to bring em' home.
but i didn't buy anything. :p
and they sell a lot of hat too.. beautiful hat.
protect your face from the sun burn!
but i still didn't buy anything. HAHAH
and here comes the beach!
they (jac and angel) playing like kids.
owh wait. it's not candid. haha
come with us!!
snap-snap by jackie. 
i scream,
you scream,
we all scream for
and of course they sell ice-cream here.
but i didn't buy it too,, haha

hell yeah!! we all love jumping.
we are waiting for our turn to be on BANANA BOAT.
so nervous! 
getting ready on banana boat.
this is actually my first time riding on banana boat.
i really thought they will give us some safety rope on our waist,
but nothing.
they only told us to hold the holder infront of us tightly!
i was like SERIOUSLY??
it's fun thou. 
are you ready to SCREAM!!!!!!!!
only RM5 one ride. the only thing i spend my money on else than eating. haha
scary but best la yang penting, :)
after banana boat, wajib mandi. hehe
After mandi baru sempat ambil gambar sini..
and it's getting dark here.
one of the memorable place in TELUK BATIK.
photographer yang setia.
thanks to jackie. 
last place: LUMUT.
small town. i think it's an interesting place but since we arrive there late at 8 pm so, many of the stall there has close. especially kedai makan. 
they sell a lot of accessories here.
love this big glasses! so cute. haha

you can also find this kind of bag here.
our TOK said we can find the cheapest kedai makan here but we can only find
this 'fingers licking good' punya kedai makan.. hukhuk
this one is JEANNETTHA.
while waiting for the bus's driver.
credit to OYEN.
that's all.. thank you for viewing... hehe

mengampu jap:
to all the great cameras and photographer. thank you.
you guys rock my day!! :p

too much x and o.