Monday, June 4, 2012

what between 'CUTE+HOT GUY' and 'BOYFRIEND'??

presenting you a hot and cute guy on my list!


jang geun suk oppa!
alex pettyfer!

zac efron!
nicholas hault!

girls are just like a guys..
we love watching cute guy or hot guy just as much as you love watching hot girl.
we all are, accept it!
the different is, some of us didn't show it and some of us make it obvious! 
and i am one of the second group. lol
i think, most of my friends are the second group. GATAL YERRRR.
i often show my happy face whenever a cute/hot guy around.
i mean he's too hot for me and i can't stop smiling spontaneously.
i don't why too. don't ask me!
i was born to be that way. 

in my opinion(i think a lot of girls will agree with me), cute and hot guys are meant be shared. 
i mean, it doesn't mean anything if i am the only one watching that damn hot creature by God!
so, everytime i saw cute guy i will text my girls.
"girls, haw-t at 4 o'clock!!!"
and my girls do the same too.
sharing is caring maa.
jangan kedekut. 
bagi-bagi harta Tuhan bilang nenek saya.

but wait, does that mean we(girls) only love cute and hot guy??
don't you worry because we(girls) are clever enough to differentiate between lust and love! 
i'll prove it to you,

we only think of the cute and hot guy when they are around. 
when they are not around we are not thinking of them at all.
like they don't even exist.
that's means we adore their cuteness only.

but for our boyfriend, we think of them like always..
every single minute.
okay, maybe not every single minute.
but we think of them everyday. 
we miss our boyfriend when they are not around for 1 day.
yes, thats how crazy we can be if we are talking about LOVE. :)

we don't share our boyfriend!!!!! 
no! big NO NO NO!
cute guys is for every girls in the world to watch and enjoy but not our boyfriend! 
boyfriend is limited for ourself, okay...
i am not gonna text my girls
"hey, let stare at my boyfriend!"
plus, i always have ugly BF so there's really nothing to share.

so, guys out there, don't be so jealous if your girl smile happily when cute+hot guys around. 
that's doesn't mean she love that hot guy. 
that's just simply mean she's adoring God's creature. 
just like you guys love watching other girl's big boobs or big ass. 
oh. come on!
admit it guys. we saw where your eyes go everytime hot girls around *rolling eyes*
blah-blah-blah. say no more.

ok babeh.. chao bella. 



  1. Adam levine and Alex O'loughlan are HOT to me :) btw,great post.

    1. yeah, they are hot to me too dephnie.. thanks for reading btw.. :)

  2. boyfriend yang d share? hahaha-oyen-

    1. oyen? goroyen ka? ohyeah..bbf yg d share... hmm.sentap.. haha

  3. Replies
    1. heeee..yg mana 1 ko mo tau dora?? eh? hahah

  4. Ooo, girls also like this ka... now I know hahaa ;)

    I like how you tell the girls secret but also defending girls at the same time wakakaa. Hebat.

    Oya, not all guys like big boobs, okay. LOL.

    Happy Monday, Lilie!

    1. ya armstorng.. girls aso like this.. t[ i believe ada girls yg bkn begini la.. but i never meet them yet.. hihi
      must depend girls bah.. who else kan? haha..

      not all guys like big boobs ka? ok.. now i know..

      happy monday arms!!!

  5. That's why some guys love to watch Korean dramas/movies. Same with girls. Besides the storyline, semua mau cuci mata juga. Haha. :p

    1. just saw your comment..ooooooooo..ok, so from now on i should forbid my bf to watch korean drama! ahhahahahah

  6. i used to love cute guys. but since cute guys are referred to kpop nowadays, i don't like them anymore. it's cliche. hahaha. now i prefer a man..a real man, the tough, handsome one ;) yeah i love those muscles. hahahahha

    1. hehe, yala same as my friend.. she also hate kpop guy.. tp durang kiut bah.. i aso love muscle aemy! but muscle with handsome face la.. hahhaha

  7. haha..hem-hmm *nodding* that makes sense

    1. makes sense kan.. even pengantin baru pun said it make sense..hehe

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. ahaha..menguluk ko ah lilie.

    4. bukan menguluk.. meng-congrate.. CONGRATE yen!! sori lmbt wish.. ahhah

  8. Omo~ Jang geun suk oppa~ Hee.. Besa lah tu, sepa x suka tengok lelaki handsome kan.. Hehe

    ps: I followed you with my old acc (Me as Germaine), but it no longer functioning. Do follow me back k. I followed yours. :)) Thanks!
    *Bleh remove da tu Me as Germaine tu, huhu*

  9. wooww nice hi, blogwalking here ;p

  10. haha...hiburan ba tu nampak guy cute or siok jg la cuci mata.btw,lily i came from easther's blog.nice visiting here :)

    1. thabk you for dropping by here. :-)

      yg laaaama suda br kana nampak ni kumin kmurang..hihi

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