Wednesday, February 27, 2013

what's in my working bag

so, i read Oyen's new post about what in her bag so i decided to post the same things too..
what's in my bag but in working bag series. 

introducing you my mr.Bag!!

this is actually my first and ever homemade bag!! 
i made it last year. 
and the color was nice back then but oh well, the weather made it look like this.
plus this is my working bag and i bring it everyday so,segala kotoron degil dan daki saki semua ada di sini lai tu.
paham-paham saja la.. 

let's see what i put in my mr.baggy.
i also wandering how can all these things can fit into my mr.baggy!..haha.. 
teda-teda juga. some of them are just rubbish.

 i'm not a diary-person but i put important event in here since i am a very forgetful person. 

this is a must la. takkan mau jalan kaki pigi kerja. hehe

contact lens & eye glo
since recently my spectacle broke so, i have to wear lenses to work.
so these two is a must too..

lipbum and oil cotrol film
okay, i have a very oily face and a dry lips. 
that's why need this two in my bag.
tapi jarang juga pakai.. -..-'

 i'm trying out this brand actually with a very big hope that my face will look more pale! 
so, i always bring spare just in case i forgot to drink it at home!

jarang pakai masa kerja tapi bawa juga.

this is mandatory to be in my working bag since i always forget to wear it at home. 

menstrual pcm and panadol
sometimes i forget my due date. so, if i have these in my bag, i don't need to worry much.
ngap ja 2 biji!
easy breeze beautiful kan. hehe

ini wajib la ada. untuk tulis report!
duduk sepanjang hari buat report kasi besar punggung. 

wallet pun wajib ada. 

 i don't remember since when i have tissue in my bag.
i don't use tissue a lot since in hospital they provide many tissue. keke

piano book
 correction, this bag is actually a flexible bag.
i also bring it to piano class to. 
oleh kerana malas mo update bag everyday, so, i also bring this book to work! haha


saya pun bawa serum juga just like oyen. 
but mine was shurei!
fall in love with this serum since 2009! 
love it!

this one also is a must la. 
sebab saya pelupa due date, so i prefer to bring one everwhere especially to work for a spare.

and of course mr.SAMSUNG! untuk pengubat boring!

and these are the things that i don't know why it's in my working bag.

hairpin etc.
and my ugly cat, chloe!
haha.. i didn't bring her to work but i always give her food before leaving. 

that's all for today.
mo pigi makan telur yang saya baru rebus tadi. sekian! hehe

l i l i e.