Tuesday, December 9, 2014

new adventures

when i received a text from my BIG BOSS in QEH2, offering me to transfer to new hospital, i asked him for a day to think about the offer.

i've been working in psycho-geriatric department for 2 years now.
and i often heard people said 

"eiii, kerja sama orang gila, you'll get infected if you're working there too long"

well, i've known so many people who've been working in psychiatric department for the rest of their life and they are doing just fine now.
so, yeah, it's just a stigma.

now back to the offer that i received, the first person i ask for an opinion is mr.J. 
and as expected he didn't agree because he know that i like psychiatric department. 

"you like it in a psychiatric department. it's fun and relax there. i don't see any point why you should transfer"

he told me. 
then, i ask my parent and as usual, they said

"hongo hongo nopo diah, yang penting bahagia(up to you, as long as you're happy)"

yeah, i love u ma and pa.
i also ask my friends in our whatsapp group and some of them said i should transfer of course, but most of them said that it was totally up to me.

so, there i was, thinking the whole night.
when i started working as Assistant Medical Officer, honestly i don't have any specific field that i like.
i just keep on working.
i was working/ doing my attachment in emergency department for 8 months (all the AMO are required to work in emergency department before we officially start working in other department) before and then i was sent to psychiatric hospital in the end of 2012.
i was placed in psycho-geriatric ward and immediately fell in love with the patient there.
they are old but adorable and funny most of them time.
it's 'most of the time' because there are times when their illness relapse and you know. psychiatric problem.
(don't worry, they are not dangerous as long as you know how to handle them)

and of course the staff there are the best.
they are as fun as any other workmate that you met in other place.
i miss going to ward at night just to eat with them.

early this year i've decided to live my life to the fullest, do whatever things that i am afraid to do.
getting out from my comfort zone.
try various kind of food and things.
so why not try for new work experience?
i think 2 years in psychiatric department is enough for my psychiatric experiences.
so, i decided to take the offer(Since it's not easy for an AMO to transfer out once you get into psychiatric department)
time to experience the new environment, new workmate, new workload, meeting new people and new friends.

today is my fifth day working in QEH2.
my boss placed me in PPP management unit and it's actually disappointed me a bit since i am imagining something extreme like cardiology department or orthopedic department where i can gain more exciting experience kenen but it's okay, i'll take this as a chance to learn something new in management field.
chiayok Shery!!

thank you mr.J for trusting me with my decision walaupun kadang-kadang kalau saya mengadu bosan di tempat baru, saya kena 'KOTOH'
and emm.. if you happen to know Joseph Kajangan, well, he's actually my new boss.


 l i l i e j o h n

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

got already bah DiGi 4G LTE in KK!

for those who have been a loyal digi customer like me, good news for you! 
the DiGi 4G LTE has arrived in sabah!!

the DiGi 4G LTE official launch at Suria Mall, KK last friday 28th november.
*took me so long to do this entry since i was so busy after the event and also, it's my first time doing event review. so, i don't really have any idea how to start this.  -_-"

okay, let's start.
now DiGi user can say goodbye to 'lagging' because we have the DiGi 4G already in KK!
i acknowledged that celcom and maxis already launch their 4G LTE but i never have the experience with any 4G connection before.
i personally think that 3G is fast enough for my social media need.
but now with 4G?
i mean how fast could it be?
'it's 10 times faster than the 3G'

and i was like,

"hah? 10 times?? if it's too fast then the internet quota will finish faster la kan?"

"the 4G LTE can actually go 12mbps but since we are afraid the quota will finish faster we set it between 5 to 12 mbps only to prevent this kind of problem happen, but even with this, we still received the complain because 5 to 12 mbps is fast already bah."

oooo.. begitu..
so, if you love streaming and pure gamer, then 4G LTE is made for you!

well,i didn't get to try their gaming section since i don't even know how to start the game (i only play COC! amateur coc player) but i do have a chance to try their video streaming and social media section and yes, faster, no lagging.
you dont have to wait any second to upload photo to facebook!
two thumbs up!
4G baitu.

i can only take picture. hihi
sosial media section.
video streaming section

the official event start at 2.30pm officiated by Datuk Bruno Vun. 

DiGi's chief sales officer-Loh Keh Jiat speech
 our DiGi's chief sales officer said that Sabah is the first country in Malaysia to launch DiGi 4G LTE.
and i just know that Sabah is among the highest user data on DiGi's market in Malaysia!

Datuk Bruno Vun speech, Premanent Secretary, Ministry of Resource Developement and Informtion Technology.

live video call with DiGi CEO- Mr.Lars-Ake Norling.
the facetime went smoothly as expected!


yey! congratulation to DiGi!

hey mr. Lars, i see what you're doing there. lol

upacara selesai.
the event finish around 3 pm.

after the event, i plan to upgrade my DiGi sim to 4G actually since it's free until 30th november only but there are so many people queuing and since my smartphone doesn't support 4G yet, i decided to just go home.

*oh ya, they are also promoting some handphone that support 4G on this event.
cheaper than the usual price but with DiGi internet contract la. 

to those who wan to upgrade your DiGi's sim but didn't have the chance to visit this event, don't worry. 
i asked the worker there and they told me that we can upgrade it anytime but we have to pay RM20 or 30 la. 
to know more about the new DiGi 4G LTE you can go to the nearest DiGi centre or visit their website. click here.

overall, it's was a successful event. 
good things about this event is that you get to meet other blogger!
meeting up with Eudora. ex-classmate and a blogger friend too.
but i only have this picture to display since i forgot to ask for the other's blogger picture.
ambil-ambil gambar tapi lupa ambil gambar untuk simpanan sendiri. T.T

free goodie for blogger. an umbrella!
and new umbrella for my car!
i just broke my umbrella 2 days before the event and DiGi is giving me a new umbrella!
what a coincidence!

DiGi said that by the end of this year DiGi 4G will cover 84% of KK area and other area in sabah.
so, i am guessing next year everyone will be using 4G line only
i don't know if this sound stupid but i've actually been wondering if this 4G line will effect the 3G line.
because recently i heard some of my friends complaining about their 3G line has become so slow since the existence of 4G coverage in their place.
or maybe they are just being paranoid. 

that's all for today.

l i l i e j o h n

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

me and car

most women doesn't go crazy about car.
and i am actually one of them.
when i first bought Becky, of course i am excited!
wowww.. i finally have my own vehicle bought with my own moneyyyyy!!!!!!
but the excitement is temporary. 
i never really have the thought of having a car from the beginning.
it's my cousin's idea that i should have a car to work.
and yes, he's right, having no car is like having no leg for me now.
i get used to driving instead of walking.
menjadi super-duper pemalas!
Becky help me moving around a lot for the past few years. 
but i become selfish and and only thinking about myself and never tried to understand Becky's feeling and need.

and because of my ignorant attitude, i often got cheated by other.
i remember when i first went to pump Becky's tyre at the Petronas station(adviced by mr.J)
so, i whatsapp the most trusted person, mr.J, about how much should i pay for tyre pumping.
and he said
"owhh.. It's rm30. pay it at the counter"

so, i ask the worker at Petronas how much should i pay for tyre pumping there, and he said it's RM25 and he'll help me to pump it.
the worker there help me and we had a little chat, and then he said i don't have to pay at the counter, i can just pay to him rm10. he said he's giving me a discount since its my first time.
so, i pay him and happily text mr.Jalik telling him that i got discount for tyre pumping. 

"yeahh, tu orang bagi saya diskaun, dia minta rm10 saja!!"

he call me straight after he got my message and told me that pumping tyre is free of charge!
i was like

"eiii kanapa bah ko tidak kasitau saya awal-awal!!!"

and he's like

"i thought that it might be fun to make you feel humiliate infront of the cashier."

that's my stupidity level about car. 
there's more actually, one time when i went to another car's shop to change my front tyre to the back and my back tyre to the front, since my front tyre punya bunga sikit sudah.
the same exact thing happen except that this time, kawan saya di wad lambat reply whastapp so sudah bayar baru reply.
ladies, kalau setakat tukar tayar depan to tayar belakang, won't cost you more than rm10 okayy. 
But the shop actually charge me rm 35.
again, my fault for having zero knowledge about car.
i can't remember the shop's name but it's in the Penampang Baru area.

worsening the situation, few hours after that i found out that Becky's tyre punctured by small screwdriver.
i don't even notice it until my workmate told me about them!
thank God i arrived to ward safely with that punctured tyre.
and i am so grateful for my workmate, Raizan, for helping me changing the tyre into the spare tyre.
afraid that i might get cheated again, i went to the trusted shop this time, it's the Continental Shop near the hospital and yes, nobody cheat me this time.
they charge me only rm 6 for tyre patching. 
plus the worker are quite friendly compared to the last shop i went. 

i am in relationship for almost 3 years with Becky now and there's a lot of things that i actually didn't know about him.
like how much pressure should i give to Becky's tyre.
i read it on google JUST NOW that the front tyre and back tyre should not have the same pressure and you can refer the pressure sticker inside your car to know how much pressure you should give them. usually they put it on your car's door(mr.teddy, my senior taught me this)

recently, i learn how to check my car before i went to Kundasang with J's guidance. 
the trip is at 6.30am so i have to wake up at 5.30am (someone actually made an effort to wake up this early on weekend just to call me and make sure i woke up to check my car's condition. thank for that..keke).
i've never done it myself before.
and honestly, that is actually the first time i ever felt like i REALLY have my own car. 
because before this i just know how to drive. 
if i am from KB usually my father will check it for me. 
and if i am from KK, no one will do it for me, of course laaaa bah..
 i don't even know that i have to check those things before departing!!
how ignorant kannn..
this is my finger after the car's checking. geeee

and oh ya, last time mr.J ask me to buy 'air batery kereta' and i am quite surprise that it was only rm 3.50. 
a lot cheaper than my expectation.
i expect it to be more than rm50 plus.
and when the worker said,

"3 5"
i give him 35 ringgit and then he laugh,

"tiga ringgit lima puluh sen saja bah"

and i'm like
"hahhh,murah juga.."

and my sister said
"air suling saja bah tu. kalau c bapa, dia guna air masak saja tu"

air suling saja pula??? okay, rm3.50 sangat mahal. kbai.
i always think that everything about car is expensive, until i got cheated like twice or maybe even more.
now more reason for me to learn seriously about car.

ladies, i know a lot of us have no passion in car. 
just like me. or maybe it is just me?lol
but we still to know basic thing about car in order for us not to get cheated like me =,=''
don't just drive. 
be a knowledgeable driver.
kenen. yaiiiii.. 

i love u Becky.
even though you are still belong to the bank.

i dont really took picture with Becky. but when i do......

 l i l i e j o h n

Thursday, October 9, 2014

clutches vs outfit

if people ask me what is the thing that i need to bring when i'm going out?
honestly, there's gonna be a lot.
but because i like to bring a lot of things with me and i am a very much careless person who can't  really handle having so many thing to hold while doing my activities. 
so i need an assistant.
to gather all my things and make sure they are all with me all the time.

with handbag i can just throw everything in it and let the bag do all it's job.
 when i said everything i mean everything including my wallet, handphone, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, candy, powerbank and even my monopod!
sumbat dan rojakkan saja.
the problem with bringing a handbag is you still have to make sure that the handbag you bring matches with your outfit of the day.

there are a lot of handbag type designed nowadays.
and one of my favorite is clutches.
clutches is the mini-size handbag with no shoulder straps or handles.
its simple and you can carry it with your palm and bring it everywhere!
plus clutches is really easy to match with your outfits and suitable to bring to any casual or formal event.
that's why clutches is a must-have item in our wardrobe.

we just need three type of cluthes to match with out daily outfit for a different event.

for formal event we all should get this GLITTER SPARKLING CLUTCH bag design.

owh, this clutch look absolutely sophisticated with it glittery design!
it's sparkling gorgeously that it will catch a lot of attention ya.
so, if you want to show of your exclusive style for a formal dinner event, this is the right clutches to match with any of your formal outfit!

for work outfit or a dress we need to have this ENVELOPE CLUTCHES!

i like being simple when i am working.
and i love this clutches because it look so simple but at the same time the sleek and trendy design make it look so elegant for any women who used it!.
so with this clutches i can go to work looking elegant in a simple way!
2 in 1. 
plus this choice of clutch bag will never go out of style as the simplicity and versatile envelope design are perfect for every individual.

This OVERSIZED CLUTCH should be perfect for our weekend casual outfits!

 i feel like this kind of clutches are designed for people like me who love to bring a lot of things when going out.
i can put all my things (as mention above) inside and carry it along for my weekend casual activities!
this clutch bag is actually design as an alternative choice for a handbag as it allow us to fill in a lot of our a-must-bring-along item!

if we have this three design of clutches in our wardrobe then we don't have to worry about how to match handbag with our daily outfit anymore!

now, go and grab this three type of clutches now at store or you can just purchase them from ZALORA online shopping website like right now.

Click here to visit ZALORA and shop at reasonable price now!
enjoy your shopping!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8 reason why we(girls/women) cheat.

ok, defending sisterhood before i begin.
most of us(women), never cheat in a relationship.
we fell in love with this one guy and everything he said make sense.
but the bad news is some of us do cheat. 

i just receive a text from my buddy saying he got dump by his girlfriends after he found out that she's been cheating on him with other man.

and here are some interesting fact i found on google about why women cheat on her guy.

1.we are friendly.

although not all of us are very friendly but most of us are.
like me, recently i got like 5-6 buzz on FB chat saying they(male friend) want to be my friends.
and of course i can't just say directly like
"no, i have a boyfriend. so i cannot have any male friends anymore"
duhh. perasan kena urat la kan kalau gitu.
syok sendiri.lol
then we started chatting and we all know how sweet guy's words are.
gosh, i have to admit, some of you guys really know how to hit on a girl!
they'll make you feel like you're the only girl in the world.
watch-out girls!

2.women fall in love real fast.
emm. yes, after the sweet talk and everything, we fall in love really fast.
like okay, you just wanna be friend at first but things got out of and it just happened.
that's why when i receive a chat wanted to be friend i'll always make sure they know i have a boyfriend.
that's actually one of the way to control myself.
IF i still fall for other guy after all that, at least i've tried my very best to prevent that from happening right?
but if it still happen then you know, they said,

'if you fall in love again, choose the second one. because you won't fall in love again if it's true love'

but don't worry.
we don't just fall in love easily.
let's check out reason no.3.

3.when we are not our boyfriend priority
when we are in a relationship, we want to be treated like a partner. 
so, we want to be the first person to called when you guys wake up in morning or the last person you guys want to talk to before you sleep.
we want to be the priority in every decision making that you guys make.
it sound selfish but hey, that's the way we are.
we don't want to be important to the world.
we only want to be important to our boyfriend's world.
and hello we are more than happy if you guys call us first when you guys in trouble.
so why not make us as your priority all the time?
because if we started feel like we are not the priority in our bf's life, why do we even bother to put them as our priority?

4.boyfriend are too boring.
i hate to admit this but yeah some of my friends do cheat on her boyfriend because of this reason. 
i don't really know how to explain this but yes, i love hanging out with fun people.
they keep your stress away.
like i love my girlfriends because they are fun to be with.
kan kan kan. lol
but i honestly think this only applied to younger girl.
or immature women i guess.
because when i was in matriculation college.
around 17-18 YO.
i met this handsome+genius+kind+loyal guy who love me. or whatever.
but i dump him.
no, i am not cheating or anything i just dump him because he's boring.
and now that i think about it, its actually the stupidiest thing i've ever done during my so-called teenage era.
yeah, girls can dump a guy for the dumbest reason.

5.we feel no future with you.
women at my age,we want something serious.
something that we can look forward to. 
like a marriage or a family.
or maybe a promise.
well, of course i haven't think too far such as marriage for my relationship now but yes, i want commitment too.
if you want me to be loyal, don't worry, i'll give up everything for you but you gotta show me some commitment boy.
but if you keep saying 'lets just go with the flow'
or you keep flirting with other girl than we(girls) gonna have to find someone else who are willing to give us the COMMITMENT.
remember there's always someone out there who are ready to promise us the world if you aren't giving it to us already.

6. when we are emotionally vulnerable
guys cheat when they meet someone cuter or sexier than his girlfriend.
but we just need to feel vulnerable.
like when you guys make us feel like we are not important. 
like we just a substitute girlfriend that you gonna leave anytime if you find someone better than us.
or maybe if the relationship are too hard to handle. drama going on. fighting everyday.crying everyday.
no more sweet talk like it used to be.
or if you guys keep cheating day by day.
eventually, we'll feel so tired to fight for the relationship anymore.
and imagine at our very vulnerable time, there's someone else who actually make us feel like we deserve someone better.

7.what goes around must comes around.
we tend to get our revenge back.
once you cheat on us, we'll forgive you.
we'll probably even forgive you if you cheat on us for so many times.
but remember, whatever you guys can do, we'll do it even better!
don't think you are clear just because we take you back.
we know how to play games too.
and do refer reason no.2.
we fall in love easily especially to someone better than you.
no matter how faithful we are if we added the number 3, 5 and number 6 reason, i don't see any reason why we should stick around.


if you love your girl then keep her like a real partner and not a spare part.
we gonna be damn loyal to you if you treat us right.
we are forgiver, we forgive your mistakes.
we are fighter, we'll fight hard for the relationship.
but you gotta give something back to us too.
it's the give and take process.

now, if you are the perfect, fun,loyal,promising and honest boyfriend but your girlfriend still cheat on you. why?
reason number 8. simply because,SHE'S JUST A B*TCH.
i don't see any reason why you should keep that kind of girl yeah?
as for my friend who just got cheated on his girlfriend, well, no need to cry for that.
she'll regret it someday.
the sweetest revenge is to get up and show her, she's nothing but a *****.

okay, thats all for now. 

i'll leave you guys with one of my favourite song from one republic.

l i l i e j o h n

Friday, August 8, 2014


it been a week since my last post. 
and this time its gonna be about gym too.
i guess most of my post will be talking about my gym routine for 1 month since i am addicted to gym lately. wahaha.

so, the body combat.
what is that? 
that's was a big question mark for me too last 2 weeks ago, that's why i decided to join the class.
emm.. it's actually a dancing with combat movement.
inspired by martial art move and it can burn a lot of calorie in one class.
you gonna have to kick and punch the air for an hour with some music.
which i find it fun at first.
but 5 minute of kicking the air, i can't go on anymore.
its tiringgggg..
but after one hour you'll smile for all the sweat!!

like this. the right way to kick!
 lean your body backward a little and kick!
that's what i learn from the body combat class. 
they will teach you how to punch with the right technique. wow!

and how to jump awesomely! cool kan. picture from google.
okay, now the moment of truth. 
all of the picture look cool right?
but i don't look that great when i first attend the class.
emm..of course when i kick, i feel like 'wow,i'm feel so cool man'.
just like the picture above but when i look in the mirror, gosh, i look terrible.
like a robot trying to get out from the cage!
can you imagine? wahahaha

but of course, practice makes perfect.
as for me, i think i am more into the yolates, abs and pilates class with all the aunty.

good news is all the aunty seems to know me already.
they greet me like their friend.
"Good Morning young lady!"

and oh ya, i met one of the gym instructor last week.
too bad i can't remember his name and he voluntarily show me how to use all the gym instrument and teach me basic things about body builder!
wow. he knows a lot about muscle!
and i also get a chance to talk to this ex-laywer uncle.
(i have plenty time to play because the zumba class was cancelled due to the fire last 2 weeks ago)
he advice me not to work longer in psychiatric department.

"it's not a good thing to be surrounded by the bad aura for a very long time"

that's what he said.
but uncle, i just love being around them. hohoho
the main point is, i actually started to make some friends at gym.
you know the feeling when you enter the gym and someone started to actually greet you.
"good morning shery!"
awww. lol.

okaylah. that's all for today.
thanks you.


l i l i e j o h n

Saturday, July 26, 2014

the gym is on fire!

as usual this morning i went to gym and join the YOLATES class.
judging from the name i think you guys can guess it's actually the combination of YOGA+PILATES.

it's actually just like yoga.
the fitness teacher(EDWIN-my favourite teacher) teach us about breathing and how to do the proper tripod headstand.
he only teach basic but what i like the most is the motivation he actually gave us.
even thou most of the time he speak chinese (since all of the student are chinese).
*well, he just found out today that i am not chinese.wow, ada muka cina ya. hehe

"most people can't do yoga pose is not because of they don't know how to do it. 
but because they have no confidence."

-----quote of the day from mr.EDWIN------

and then just as he started to teach us some interesting pose, suddenly we saw a group of people running from upstair. (the zumba class was held at the same time upstair)

quick reviewed about the gym
the yolates class(or are also used for yoga,pilates,power stretch,abs workout etc class) and female changing room are in the second floor.
while the other class, usually will be used for zumba, body combat, body pump class and also the male changing room are on the third floor. 
while the exit are one the first floor.

we from the yolates class are all like 

'what happened on the third floor? why are they running?'

then suddenly one of the women come to our class and shout something.
which i can't understand because she's shouting in chinese.
but all of them are rushing out of the class and started to get their stuff and running.
then i ask what happened to the people around because i can't understand a thing!!

"what happened? what happened??"

but they answered me in Chinese with a panic tone.
considering something bad might have happened, i rush to get my stuff and run to the first floor with the rest of the gym members too.
and then one of the chinese aunty who speak english finally explained it to me.

"the male changing room is on fire. there are heavy black smoke coming from the changing room!'

oh my God!
is it so bad?
judging from the smoke coming out from the male changing room's window, it look bad but not in a scary way la. 

that's the male changing room. can u see the smoke? it doesn't look so bad in picture.

everybody is rushing out. some of us even forgot their car key inside. oh nooo..
we were told that the fireman is on their way.
and then as we are talking to each other(thank God i found the aunty who can talk in english at this time) rewinding how panic we were, it become funny la pula. panic berabis kan.

on my way home, i was laughing alone once again thinking how blur i was at that time.
nobody speak english or malay to me to explain what happened.
now i really think i should learn some chinese words else than
'wo fu meng pai ni xiang se me'
that's the only chinese language i know.
that all about the gym story for today.

oh ya.
i went to the bodycombat class yesterday and it was so fun+tiring+burning calorie class!
maybe i'll post about this later! :)

bragging for fun!
my sister KUYUG just got back from Labuan today and she bought a lot of chocolate, as ordered.
jeng jeng!
the jack daniels liquor chocolate actually she got it for free sebab terlampau banyak chocolate purchased.

l i l i e j o h n

Thursday, July 10, 2014

how do i get rid of my jawline pimples.

i do have pimples since i was a in my teenage year but it get worst when i turn to 23.
and yes, i happen to have an oily face especially on my t-zone but when i was 15 to 20 years old the pimples only attack around forehead.
it's just a small pimples i often called them baby pimples a.k.a jerawat pasir.
doesn't really bother me because i can always cover them with my foundation.
but as soon as i turn 23 the pimple started to appear on my jawline one by one.
and its started to appear triple at time when i turn 24 which make me so  irritated because they are not just a normal pimples.
they are big and itchy especially under the hot weather. 
and it was no longer can be covered using foundation or even concealer because the size are not only big but also they come in 3D if you know what i mean.

then i read on google that jawline pimples are actually cause by the hormone.
that's when i started to realize that i am getting older. 
pimples are coming because of the hormones changing(meaning i am old sudaaaa!)

i took a lot of my pimples's picture like almost everyday.
are you ready for the disgusting picture??

jeng jeng jeng


my face are funny here. lol

I've tried eveything from elken to oxy but it still doesn't work for me. 
i even buy 5 box of BE SNE that they keep saying will make your skin glow and reduce pimples but it still didn't work for me.
maybe it work for other people but big NAY for me.
sad. :(
and yes, my jawline pimples are actually effecting my self-esteem.
everytime i caught a stranger looking at me in mall or everywhere i started to think that they are looking at my pimples!!!
grrrrrrrrrrrhhhh.... paranoid. haha
and then one day i went to the nearest pharmacy to buy any pimples product and i found this.

benzac AC 5%.
it's really help reducing my pimples.
not much but i notice that my pimples are no so itchy anymore.

2 weeks after i used benzec

benzac actually help me to make the pimples go away faster but it didnt help me to stop them from coming.

so i ask my friend, dr.koay to refer me to a skin clinic.
my last choice actually because i just hate going to the clinic and see the doctor.

so, dipendekkan cerita, i went to see the doctor (dr.shen) and she's very nice giving me some advice about the formation of pimples and everything. 
she prescribe me 
-tretinoin cream. 
-cetrimide lotion 2 % for my daily face wash.

my skin savior! haha

the tretinoin cream can only be used at night because it can darken your skin if it was expose to the sun.
so, i apply benzac cream on daylight and use tretinoin cream on night.

tretinoin cream are really working but you have to be patient because it took 3 months to see the result.
and 3 month after the result is....


well, of course there are still dark spot but it can be covered using foundation!
do you know how grateful i was?
now my tretinoin cream is like my life. i bring it everywhere!

that's all for today's sharing.
i hope it will help you guys.

penjagaan muka amat penting buat kita wanita k.

l i l i e

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the psychic man on my first day of july.

it's july and it's the fasting month!
selalunya kalau bulan puasa ni mesti saya join kawan-kawan muslim saya puasa.

now that i recall, 
zaman asrama kan hidup ber-geng.
so in my group, there are 5 of us and only one muslim.
her name is Nurul Hijrah. 
during the fasting month, dinner time is at 5.30pm wajib makan di dewan for those yang tidak puasa. 
and for those yang puasa they are allowed to tapau makanan at 6pm dan makan masa berbuka di asrama.
but since Nurul is the only one yang puasa among us dan kami pun kesian kan she have to sahur sama berbuka saturang so, kami satu geng ikut dia puasa.
at that time our hostel allowed non-musim student to join fasting.
bagi senarai nama sama warden saja.
so, every fasting month for 4 years tinggal hostel, kami satu geng memang puasa for our muslim friend nurul. nampak tak semangat kesetiakawanan di situ? lol
it happen when i am in matrics too.
the different is, di matriks kami tidak bersahur sebab malas bangun pagi. 

but since i am now working and living with non-muslim housemate,so  no one really remind me of fasting.
kalau puasa pun tidak siok kalau saturang kan.. mau ramai-ramai juga. hihi.
but i do love reminiscing the memory of fasting eveytime when the fasting season is on.
no ini bukan gambar kami 5 org. tapi in pun geng-geng asrama juga. hihi

ok, enough with the memory.
 i went to the swimming pool this evening.
kenen-kenen mau practise renangan yang lama tidak kena pakai.
and then when i arrived there, there's not much people on the swimming pool. 
usually ramai jak. 
baru saya ingat, puasa pula.
masa tu jam6.30, masa berbuka, hoho.
there's only me and the foreigner guy.
dipendekkan cerita, he approach me asking if i want him to teach me swimming.
and then i said,
and he show me some of his skills la ni kenen. 
turn out i am 'a little bit' better swimmer than him. ekkekeke..
so then he told me that he actually baru belajar berenang 3 months ago.
he was surprise that i know how to swim since he never really saw me there before.
*sebab saya memang jarang p mandi swimming pool. 
and then he ask me where i learn to swim and i explain to him..
saya belajar berenang di kampung.
almaklumlah budak kampung. 
belajar sendiri-sendiri saja.
basically i've been swimming for the rest of my life.
dari kecil suda seberang-seberang tu sungai saaana kampung.
cuma swimming yang kampung-kampung.
yang butterfly-butterfly style tu memang tidak tau la.. 
and then we have a long chat actually.
he's from Jordan , ex-army and married to a local girl.
now he's a martial art teacher in UTC ka apa?
i don't remember where exactly.
and the most interesting thing about him is that he is a PSYCHIC!
jeng jeng jeng.
so i ask him to see my fortune.
he said he cannot see the future or the past but he can tell me about what is going on with my surrounding.
and then he ask me if he can see my palm.
after staring at my palm for 3 or 2 second he said that i am a pure hearted person.

"i can see that you have a pure heart. but you need to trust yourself. most of the time you get confuse between what you need to do and what you want to do. and you need to be carefull because there are 2 of your close friend who is jealous of you. they are nice to you but deep in their heart they are jealous with you"

and i was like woww..
now i wondering who could that be.
but he said, jealous can be a good things sometimes.
and then i ask him about my boyfriend. 
he started to look at my face.
after a few second he said that i have a good boyfriend.

" you have a good boyfriend.
but there are two problem with your boyfriend. 
first, he listen to his mother so much"

and then i was like

"is that even a problem?"

and he said,

"yes, it can be a problem. but it depends on how you guys handle it"

"ooooooooo.. ok"

"the second one is, when he have a problem with his job, it will effect his relationship with you. meaning to say, he have a hard time handling his job and relationship all together. so in order to be with him, you need to be a good listener and you need to have patience."

i don't know if i should trust him or not but about my boyfriend i think it's acceptable la kali.
 i just don't think any of my friend would be jealous with me. 
there's nothing to be jealous pun..

betul atau tidak,it doesn't really matter for me actually.
he seems to be a nice person. 
on the first day of july getting some advices from the 'true or not' psychic guy might be a good way to start my july kan. who knows?.
i hope my July would be as happening as my june!
jyeahhh.. hehe

now i need to ask my boyfriend about this psychic thingy. hahahha

l i l i e j o h n

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

unduk ngadau kota belud 2014.

 so, referring to my previous post, i actually took another challenge for myself early this month.
it's a harvest festival month and it's very boring if you are not married and you are not doing anything for the harvest month.
i mean there's nothing to look forward for bah.
so, the UN contest for Kota Belud this year was held in Dewan Masyarakat Kota Belud for the very first time. (before this they are doing it in the middle of the Tamu Kota Belud!
*thank God!
it was on 18th may 2014.
on the 17th may at 9am was the last rehearsal and me and my new friend, Regina decided to stay at the U-Hotel KB since the make-up a.k.a paitung will start at 4 am!!!
i am very bad at walking since it's actually my very first time participating beauty peagent and i am they said i usually walk a little bit weird.
so, i am actually practicing my walk the whole week with my little sisters.
*mau muntah sudah dorang nampak saya jalan ala2 UN cacat tiap hari. keke

on the selection day when i first met all the contestant, they are all very young and very beautiful.
i am so amaze by their knowledge about UN contest.
most of them have experience of participating in UN contest before and they actually taught me a lot of things about this contest.
there's a few rule to remember.
rule no.1, KEEP SMILING! don't close your mouth!
rule no.2, STAND WITH YOU STRAIGT LEG. tiada bengkok-bengkok k.
rule no.3, WALK not to fast and not to slow with your body straight.

jeng jeng jeng! and some other rules i don't remember now.
for the contest it has 3 round.

first round-introducing yourself. 
there's no mark given for the first round so the emcee keep telling us to make a short self intro. 
but i do think that all the contestant should do really well on this round because it's actually the first time where the judges get to know you and you should leave a good first impression to them.
it don't have to be a long self-intro but enough for the judges to remember you.
just an honest opinion for me la. hihi

before our very first round begin i actually just realize that i have my period and i am quite a disaster when i am period.
i'll have stomach cramp and sometimes i cannot walk so i have to take medication ASAP before the pain starter to attack me or i might cannot even walk on the stage!
i text my dearest friend Oyen (thank God she come early) to help me get some mefenamic acid and she come to me pretty fast to give me the medication.
she said she took it from the standby ambulance outside the hall.
how lucky!!!
thank you GOROYEN!
best supporter ever!

now,check out the picture from my not-so-official photographer for our first round!
unduk ngadau for kids!

us entering the stage.
honestly behind the stage i didn't really nervous but as soon as i enter the stage with the other contestant, gosh there's so many people watching and my heart beating so fast that i cannot control my mouth, it keep shaking!!!!! 
i took a lot of deep breath to control my nervousness so i basically broke rule no.1 the first time i enter the stage. 
it's hard to keep smiling when you are nervous!
self introduced

as i come to the mic i am so nervous and shaky so i am trying to scan and find my family member because i really need to see them to reduce the tension a little bit i guess.
unfortunately, they arrived a little bit late so i can't see them during the first round but it's okay since i have Oyen right infront of me smiling brightly ever and honestly you really need someone like her to support you at this time!
i also have stacy, dr.koay and linda come all the way from KK to support me so i am so grateful for them also.
feeling less nervous after the self introduce! keke

here's other contestant.
i don't remember her name but she's actually one of the most expected to be in top 7.

this girl is so sweet. i love her smile. pure sabahan smile! aww
my classmate from highschool! i am the second contestant and i am very nervous to go on the stage and she's the first contestant can you imagine the nervousness??
i think the first round went pretty well even though some of the contestant claim they forgot their line because you have to introduce yourself in Dusun language.
i think i am just so lucky because Dusun language is like my food.
i communicate in DUSUN everyday with my family.
so, i don't have to memorize my line so much because the language is too familiar.
so, girls kalau mau ikut UN next year make sure you mastered you mother-tongue language first k!

the second round-lenggang-lenggang kangkung.
for the second round, we are judged based on three things.

1. presentation/ persembahan-40marks
-my MUA said it include how you walk, and the way you present the clothes to the judges

-this include how beauty you are and the way you smile.

3.costume/pakaian-30 marks
-it's about your costume. my MUA said if you have all the SINIPAK(dusun tindal KB tradisional costume) accessories you'll automatically have full marks!
as for me i have problem with my gelang kaki it's too small but since there's no spay i have to wear it juga so that there will be no mark deducted. 
i am on the first group of course!
they divide us into three group.
each group consist 5 contestant. 
all 15 contestant.
and i am on the first group.
rock it lilie kenen!
during my turn to be on the stage lenggang lenggang i really hope it's end soon!!
but i just feel like the time clicking so slow because i have to go to all side of the stage as we rehearsed.
i am quite shy especially to all the photographer. 
they are so many!

jeng jeng. breaking the rule no.1!!

no no no

my teammate from group no.1. hihi
we are the first group so can you imagine waiting another 10 contestant to walk the UN walk on the stage! i keep telling myself to keep smiling..
adui panat senyum!!!
but i think it's actually okay to break the rule no one as long as you make sure you don't do it infront of the judges!
because it's the judges who give you marks. 
for me la..

she's also the most expected to be on top 7 contestant! tall, beautiful and most importantly young!!!!

sorry my photographer didn't took so much picture of the other contestant. -.-'
all 15 contestant!

the third round.
for the third round there's gonna be just 7 contestants left based on the second round marks.
and will be judged based on,
1.IQ question-35 marks.
2.presentation-30 marks.\
3.beauty-20 marks
4.costume-15 marks.

surprisingly, my number was called as the top 7 finalist!!
i am surprise because i thought i didn't do well on the second round due to the nervousness plus breaking no.1 rule so many time but not infront of the judges and people keep saying that i walk weird the night before so i guess being nervous is one good thing. 
or maybe my lucky no.2 save me!
or maybe the lucky red flower on my hair that my MUA put for me.
(my MUA said that his red flower on our gong hair always bring luck. so he gave me so that i am lucky)
so whatever the cause is i am just so grateful for being in the top 7 since all the contestant are very beautiful,tall and experienced in UN.
and the truth is i am the shortest contestant who made it to the top7.
5'2 saja.
kambang hidung! 
but i honestly think my big gong hair save me and confuse the judges about my height!

can you spot the height difference there? i am 5'2 while they probably 5'4 above.
the top 7
they've actually given us the 7 IQ question 1 week earlier for the top 7.
but since i don't really expect myself to be on top 7 so i don't really practice personally all the question given.
i am too worried about my walk. 
now that i am in the top 7, i am really worried about the question!
i think i am too nervous that while i am at taking my question the emcee told me i look so nervous and ask me to keep calm.
they actually help me a lot too.
now time to rock the stage! kenen
so i got the question about SOGIT.
the question is pretty much like this.
"mengapakah suku kaum kadazan dusun masih mengamalkan SOGIT?"

before i started to answer the question, i took our emcee advices to take a deep breath.
(during the rehearsal all the emcee and the AJKs actually given us pretty much tips for the contest. thank you so much guys!)
i even fix the height of the mic since all the top 7 contestant was all tall so their mic height level is a little bit different from me. ketara la pindik. keke
and i think it's really important to be comfortable during my IQ presentation. 
i don't want to keep elongated my neck to reach the mic and i want my voice to be loud and clear kenen. hihi

and for the IQ question i think i did pretty well considered my lack of practice and experience.
thanks to my sisters and my family for that.
they actually keep asking me the 7 UN question 1 week before the contest while i was driving to kk and going back to kb with them,before i went to sleep and even when i am cooking. haha
they ask me too much until they can even memorize all of the question!
even my mother and my father sometimes they ask me the question spontaneously when they saw me doing nothing at home.
so, even though i didn't try to memorize the answer by myself but with i automatically remember the key point of answering all 7 of the question that day.
thanks to them!
i still remember when i first handed the UN form to my father to get his consent,
he was looking at me with a litte smile on his face.
he sign it without saying any word.
snd my mother was very supportive.
she said,

"koumbal po katu noh"

i remember her asking me if i want to participate in UN contest when i was 18 years old because she said her friend want me to go but i rejected it since i am a little bit boyish at that time.
so, beauty peagent wasn't my thing even until now actually.
i am so grateful for having a very sporting family members.

and during the IQ question the memorable things is that i almost can't say my pepatah due to nervousness(i can feel my leg shaking), but i saw Oyen right infront of me standing just behind the VIP seat, i can she almost hear her small laugh and she actually help me to reduce my extreme nervousness!
thank you enten! so much.
want to watch it? 
click the link below.

it's on her FB.

now after the IQ test it's time to walk to the judges for the second time!
this time i am still nervous but not so much anymore.
since i have done everything i guess i am trying to enjoy myself.
i am happy being in the top 7.
i don't care if i don't win so i just do whatever i could.
after all i just participate in the contest for fun d to challenge myself.
being on the top 7 it's like a big bonus for me actually.
i guess my photographer love this girl too much since it's only her picture he took else than mine out of the 7 contestant. haha
sumandak mantad kg.rangalau
lilie lilie.
the winner
now i guess you all know the winner is already.
the kids UN winner! bakal UN kb 10 years from now!

yeahhh dapat hadiah! happy! ahhaha

i got top 5. so, yes i am happy. 

2nd runner up!

the thing about UN is that even if you don't win you have to smile all the way till the end! ha ha

winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up! all are beauties congrates!

now the after photo!!

top 7 and top 5! minta puji dulu,,hihi

bersama penyokong kuat! hihi

my ex-schoolmate! glad to met her again! she's very cheerful and friendly!

with my forever supporter. my family! awww.. 

my photographer, dr.koay and work colleagues stacy and linda! 
now i regret making that stupid face. rosakkan nama UN ja. haha

lambaian terakhir kenen. yaiiii..haha

sangat sempat menjeling camera semasa berada di atas stage k. haha

my favourite photo of that day. sangat rosmah. hahah

and my dearest Becky! 
it's a very valuable experience!
i am just sharing a little bit of my experience joining the UN.
it's tiring but it's so worth it!

some of the MUA ask me to join UN again next year since belum genap lagi umur 26 kenen.
but for me i think one time is enough.
it's the tiring sweetest memory ever and if i join twice i am afraid this memory will not be as sweet as it used to be kenen.

i hope Susanna our UNKB win the title of Unduk Ngadau this year of course.
she's tall, beautiful and has the perfect smile.
and my favourite contestant it has to be UNKM!

she's also tall and have gorgeous face!

so i hope these two will be on top 3 for this weekend UN state level!
Don't drive if you are drunk! hehe

the night before the contest, our hotel actually doesn't have enough light.
it only had dim light.
samar-samar romantic gitu.
i tried requesting extra light but the hotel didn't provide it.
so it's gonna be difficult to do the makeup and everything without enough source of light.
silap-silap boleh jadi badut. hihi
but thanks to my also big supporter.
he modified his flourescent lamp for us and sent it to me that night.
he can't come to support me on the contest day and i am honestly a little bit disappointed but he did everything he could to support me and i am so grateful for that.
Thank You.
thank you for not mocking me that day as you used to do all the time!

 l i l i e j o h n