Thursday, October 9, 2014

clutches vs outfit

if people ask me what is the thing that i need to bring when i'm going out?
honestly, there's gonna be a lot.
but because i like to bring a lot of things with me and i am a very much careless person who can't  really handle having so many thing to hold while doing my activities. 
so i need an assistant.
to gather all my things and make sure they are all with me all the time.

with handbag i can just throw everything in it and let the bag do all it's job.
 when i said everything i mean everything including my wallet, handphone, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, candy, powerbank and even my monopod!
sumbat dan rojakkan saja.
the problem with bringing a handbag is you still have to make sure that the handbag you bring matches with your outfit of the day.

there are a lot of handbag type designed nowadays.
and one of my favorite is clutches.
clutches is the mini-size handbag with no shoulder straps or handles.
its simple and you can carry it with your palm and bring it everywhere!
plus clutches is really easy to match with your outfits and suitable to bring to any casual or formal event.
that's why clutches is a must-have item in our wardrobe.

we just need three type of cluthes to match with out daily outfit for a different event.

for formal event we all should get this GLITTER SPARKLING CLUTCH bag design.

owh, this clutch look absolutely sophisticated with it glittery design!
it's sparkling gorgeously that it will catch a lot of attention ya.
so, if you want to show of your exclusive style for a formal dinner event, this is the right clutches to match with any of your formal outfit!

for work outfit or a dress we need to have this ENVELOPE CLUTCHES!

i like being simple when i am working.
and i love this clutches because it look so simple but at the same time the sleek and trendy design make it look so elegant for any women who used it!.
so with this clutches i can go to work looking elegant in a simple way!
2 in 1. 
plus this choice of clutch bag will never go out of style as the simplicity and versatile envelope design are perfect for every individual.

This OVERSIZED CLUTCH should be perfect for our weekend casual outfits!

 i feel like this kind of clutches are designed for people like me who love to bring a lot of things when going out.
i can put all my things (as mention above) inside and carry it along for my weekend casual activities!
this clutch bag is actually design as an alternative choice for a handbag as it allow us to fill in a lot of our a-must-bring-along item!

if we have this three design of clutches in our wardrobe then we don't have to worry about how to match handbag with our daily outfit anymore!

now, go and grab this three type of clutches now at store or you can just purchase them from ZALORA online shopping website like right now.

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enjoy your shopping!

l i l i e j o h n

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