Wednesday, August 20, 2014

8 reason why we(girls/women) cheat.

ok, defending sisterhood before i begin.
most of us(women), never cheat in a relationship.
we fell in love with this one guy and everything he said make sense.
but the bad news is some of us do cheat. 

i just receive a text from my buddy saying he got dump by his girlfriends after he found out that she's been cheating on him with other man.

and here are some interesting fact i found on google about why women cheat on her guy.

1.we are friendly.

although not all of us are very friendly but most of us are.
like me, recently i got like 5-6 buzz on FB chat saying they(male friend) want to be my friends.
and of course i can't just say directly like
"no, i have a boyfriend. so i cannot have any male friends anymore"
duhh. perasan kena urat la kan kalau gitu.
then we started chatting and we all know how sweet guy's words are.
gosh, i have to admit, some of you guys really know how to hit on a girl!
they'll make you feel like you're the only girl in the world.
watch-out girls!

2.women fall in love real fast.
emm. yes, after the sweet talk and everything, we fall in love really fast.
like okay, you just wanna be friend at first but things got out of and it just happened.
that's why when i receive a chat wanted to be friend i'll always make sure they know i have a boyfriend.
that's actually one of the way to control myself.
IF i still fall for other guy after all that, at least i've tried my very best to prevent that from happening right?
but if it still happen then you know, they said,

'if you fall in love again, choose the second one. because you won't fall in love again if it's true love'

but don't worry.
we don't just fall in love easily.
let's check out reason no.3.

3.when we are not our boyfriend priority
when we are in a relationship, we want to be treated like a partner. 
so, we want to be the first person to called when you guys wake up in morning or the last person you guys want to talk to before you sleep.
we want to be the priority in every decision making that you guys make.
it sound selfish but hey, that's the way we are.
we don't want to be important to the world.
we only want to be important to our boyfriend's world.
and hello we are more than happy if you guys call us first when you guys in trouble.
so why not make us as your priority all the time?
because if we started feel like we are not the priority in our bf's life, why do we even bother to put them as our priority?

4.boyfriend are too boring.
i hate to admit this but yeah some of my friends do cheat on her boyfriend because of this reason. 
i don't really know how to explain this but yes, i love hanging out with fun people.
they keep your stress away.
like i love my girlfriends because they are fun to be with.
kan kan kan. lol
but i honestly think this only applied to younger girl.
or immature women i guess.
because when i was in matriculation college.
around 17-18 YO.
i met this handsome+genius+kind+loyal guy who love me. or whatever.
but i dump him.
no, i am not cheating or anything i just dump him because he's boring.
and now that i think about it, its actually the stupidiest thing i've ever done during my so-called teenage era.
yeah, girls can dump a guy for the dumbest reason.

5.we feel no future with you.
women at my age,we want something serious.
something that we can look forward to. 
like a marriage or a family.
or maybe a promise.
well, of course i haven't think too far such as marriage for my relationship now but yes, i want commitment too.
if you want me to be loyal, don't worry, i'll give up everything for you but you gotta show me some commitment boy.
but if you keep saying 'lets just go with the flow'
or you keep flirting with other girl than we(girls) gonna have to find someone else who are willing to give us the COMMITMENT.
remember there's always someone out there who are ready to promise us the world if you aren't giving it to us already.

6. when we are emotionally vulnerable
guys cheat when they meet someone cuter or sexier than his girlfriend.
but we just need to feel vulnerable.
like when you guys make us feel like we are not important. 
like we just a substitute girlfriend that you gonna leave anytime if you find someone better than us.
or maybe if the relationship are too hard to handle. drama going on. fighting everyday.crying everyday.
no more sweet talk like it used to be.
or if you guys keep cheating day by day.
eventually, we'll feel so tired to fight for the relationship anymore.
and imagine at our very vulnerable time, there's someone else who actually make us feel like we deserve someone better.

7.what goes around must comes around.
we tend to get our revenge back.
once you cheat on us, we'll forgive you.
we'll probably even forgive you if you cheat on us for so many times.
but remember, whatever you guys can do, we'll do it even better!
don't think you are clear just because we take you back.
we know how to play games too.
and do refer reason no.2.
we fall in love easily especially to someone better than you.
no matter how faithful we are if we added the number 3, 5 and number 6 reason, i don't see any reason why we should stick around.


if you love your girl then keep her like a real partner and not a spare part.
we gonna be damn loyal to you if you treat us right.
we are forgiver, we forgive your mistakes.
we are fighter, we'll fight hard for the relationship.
but you gotta give something back to us too.
it's the give and take process.

now, if you are the perfect, fun,loyal,promising and honest boyfriend but your girlfriend still cheat on you. why?
reason number 8. simply because,SHE'S JUST A B*TCH.
i don't see any reason why you should keep that kind of girl yeah?
as for my friend who just got cheated on his girlfriend, well, no need to cry for that.
she'll regret it someday.
the sweetest revenge is to get up and show her, she's nothing but a *****.

okay, thats all for now. 

i'll leave you guys with one of my favourite song from one republic.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. Haha i love reading this...rasa mcm nak share je sama si boipren gunsangal tp nda payah la..let things go naturally and of course always beware la kan hihihi

    1. ya. sy pun mcm mau kasi tingu sama buiprin saja. huh

  2. Hi, I came across your blog and I enjoyed reading your amazing stories. Interested to collaborate ? Email me at Hope to hear soon. Thanks!

  3. good blog...for my english for sure...;-)

    1. hehe.. my english is not so good to actually but thanks for dropping by. :)

  4. Siok o, you blog so much! And constantly!

    Anyways, interesting entry.

    My only concern about girls or specifically, girlfriends, they will easily hang on to another guy if her boyfriend did like one little mistake. If girlfriends make mistakes, guys won't just go to any of his lady friends and share his emotions. Guys will go to other guys. For girls though, of course they share their feelings with their girl friends but they do that with guy friends as well. Wakaka.

    Well, this is just what I've seen happening around. I don't have this kind of problem. If this happened to me, I'd just say "nice to know you" hahahah. jk.

    Happy Monday later, Ms. L. Happy blogging!

    1. hi arms!!!
      u might be right!
      sometimes when my boyfriend did mstake, i'll reply all my male's guy text or whatsup to take my revenge.

      happy october arms!!!


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