Thursday, August 4, 2011


as we all know, today is the third day of fasting for those who's Muslim.
i am not Muslim but since i have Muslim roommates, i kind of aware to this fasting thing.
and today we are having a blast of buka puasa time at one of the restaurant in Alor Star.(walaupun saya tidak puasa.. :P)

we arrived a bit late at the restaurant so my friends buka puasa lambat sikit la today.. ok,actually lambat banyak because the food arrived at 8 pm. my fault, because i woke up late and i couldn't get ready on time and i then we have to postponed our planned from 6.30 pm to 7.10pm.. hukhuk.. :( but thanks to my roommates for their willingness to wait for me.. :)

after eating.  no picture for before eating because we are too busy eating.
muka kekenyangan

senyuman kekenyangan. 
my stomach was fully loaded and i almost can't that time only la.. only last for two hour and now, i'm hungry again!! i am a food zombie! senantiasa laparrrr...

after eating, we've gone to enjoy the beautiful night scene of Alor Star.. 

well, it might not as beautiful as your place, but any places can be beautiful when you are hanging out with friends. :)

happy birthday to my BFF ERNECIA@er 3rd August!!. may God bless her always. :)
and to all Muslims, chayok-chayok berpuasa!

too much X and O


  1. Ba,mari kita pigi bebuka pula ni ari.. ^_^.v..

  2. waaa that's great! ^^
    you remind me of my ex room mate back when i was in matrics, she's chinese iban, a catholic. but she's a respectful person..on fasting month, she was also fasting with me too. i said it's okay if you want to eat, bu she refused. she woke up for sahur & join me to berbuka puasa..hehe..
    i missed her! ^^

  3. aemy: eiii... when i was in matric i also join my roommates fasting but since i am a food-lover, it only last for like two days! haha..
    i also woke up for sahur but then i have to skip tutorial sebab tidak cukup tidur. keke

  4. Yang gambar caption 'zombieeeeee' tu kan, background tu bangunan mini KL-Tower ka tu? Hehe.

    p/s: Ada pengumuman penting di latest entry saya, di SINI. ;)

  5. hi morning! never been in alor setar before..siok ka sana?

  6. fadzmie: HAHAHA... bukan.. menara alor star tu.. pindik siak.. tp buli la panggil mini KL tower sbb mmg mini siak tu.. ok, nti sy check

    yen: hmm kalau ko jenis yg suka jln mlm, nda berapa best la.. tp kalau ko jenis yg kuat mkn, best jg la sbb mknn murah sikit... sikit tu mksd dia siiiiiiiiiiiikit la btl tu.. hehehe

  7. dong, baru sy nmpk post ko yg ni ow...thanks so much gf!! take care..God bless u always SARANGE:D

  8. wow this place look very nice. im planning to break fast but dunno where yet. this place seems to be okay. wat is the name of this place? specific location? any landmark?

  9. @anonymous;it's somewhere in alor star.. CLASSICAL RESTAURANT.. infront of the ROOK CAFE.. hehe


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