Friday, August 26, 2011

no higher calling

hai peeps... it's 26th of august!
to all muslim friends you guys must be excited kan.. raya is just around the corner!
i am too! can't wait to go collect duit raya dan makan kuih! he he

i am actually a bit nerves today too because tomorrow i am incharge in tomorrow second service in church.
not as an emcee but as a speaker@ pengkotbah!!
to be honest this is my first time standing infront giving sermon.
ke ke ke...
i planned to end my sermon with a song, so, i ask KIKO and OYEN to sing a song with me.
they are pleased to help me as always..

just now we are having a practice and this is the result!
to Muslim friends, i just want to inform you that this is a christian song and i understand if you don't want to view it. :))

no higher calling. 
i am doing the second voice tapi macam tidak jadi jak second voice saya tu. ha ha

happy sabbath to all my adventist friends.


  1. deaconess in the making ^^ Good luck!

  2. ngiau: thanks God! i did it without trebling even banyak yang sy lupa mo cakap. ha ha

    dora:waseyy... hebat owh// :) thanks

  3. Uits... si Keykho ba tu. And itu ka si Oyen? Izit the same Oyen yang sia add dalam blog sia? Ba walau apapun, relax o sia lepas dengar suara kamu. Me likey!

  4. arms: ini oyen yg satu lg.. ada dua ni oyen di blog sy.. satu tu yg kwn c aki yg sy x pnh jumpa n yg satu lg ni kwn sy.. ini blog dia kalau yg ini ni.. he he


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