Monday, August 1, 2011

Rambutan.. ngeee....

i love RAMBUTAN! so when my roommate OYEN tell me that her friend invited us to go and get some rambutan in his village yesterday, without doubt i agreed! heeee....

31st july 2011, 5.30 pm, we are heading to KG.PULAU PISANG JITRA, KEDAH. 
it was a fun trip because along the way you can see a huge paddy field. 
well, it's not like i never been on paddy field before, instead i grow up with paddy.
but this paddy field was HUGE!!!!! (as we all know Kedah is glamour for it's huge paddy field)
so, on the way to KG.Pulau Pisang, we ask OYEN's friend, mr. Pajen to drop us on the middle of the paddy field to take some picture. it's a MAKING MEMORY time!!
the beautiful sight of paddy field in Kedah.. :)

watching them taking picture


my turn. keke
last snap! rambutan is waiting!
and then we continue our journey to the Rambutan farm.

when we arrive at the farm we were all like "WOAAHHHHHHHHH! too many rambutan!!"
there, we met the PAKCIK who help us to get the rambutan. he is so kind and help us to get all the rambutan. he's so excited to met us too. he even ask to take a picture with us. keke
sweet rambutan!! yum-yum
the PAKCIK said they have at least 20 tree of rambutan in the farm. 
wasey, banyak o... we arrive a bit late at the farm and it's getting dark. 
we tried to get as many as possible but we only manage to get 2 plastic of Rambutan. 

but the mosquito there was seriously violent! there are all over my leg. hmmm.. i should've wear long pant.. huh~ =_=". 
that's just a few of them. 
even so, we still happy that we get the rambutan!!!

happy faces!
not enough with rambutan, the Pakcik gave us CEMPEDAK!! hmmm harum semerbak kereta si Pajenn. keke.. 
the Pakcik said, if we arrive a bit early he would've taken us to the Durian farm!!! 
ahhhh, such a waste! i never been to Durian farm before and i really want to go. :(
never mind, there's always next time.. hehehe
so, we went back to Alor Star with a happy faces!!! 

happy fasting day to all the muslimah and muslimin.. :)

too much X and O


  1. punya sporting tu angkol.. ^_^.v..

  2. aki: mimang.. sweet btl tu pakcik.. dia suru kami bergambar dgn bini n anak dia lg ni.. tp tu gmbar gelap bah.. nda npk.. kekeke....

  3. wooooo semenanjung musim rambutannnn....sini sabah blom lg....nyum3, kirim bah p sini..nah sy bagi alamat sy..hahahhahahhaa....bleh kaitu ah?

  4. beatrice. HAHAHA.. blm sempat sy krm suda habis owh oleh rum8 sy.. almaklumlah, sy ni ramai rum8.. the more the merrier urang bilang.. kekeke

  5. sawah padi!!! bestnye... teringin sgt nak amek gmbr kt sawah.. JELES.. huhu T_T

  6. anisyafrina:jom turun kedah.. amik gambar banyak2.. hehe

  7. Paddy field! :'( I miss Sabah, a lot!

    So many rambutans! wahahaa... I can finish them all, hisap lagi the sup from them ;D LOL

  8. bikin gerigitan btul tu merah2 d pokok..bila la sabah musim rambutan ni..heheh..

  9. armstrong: ngehehehehe......... we bring 2 big plastic bah balik bilik, sekejap ni habis...haha.. i miss sabah too.. hukhuk...
    edthomas: nanti kalau musim rambutan sana kirim2 kami sini arr.. hahaha

  10. rambutan nya enak bgt merah2..


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