Friday, August 26, 2011

no higher calling

hai peeps... it's 26th of august!
to all muslim friends you guys must be excited kan.. raya is just around the corner!
i am too! can't wait to go collect duit raya dan makan kuih! he he

i am actually a bit nerves today too because tomorrow i am incharge in tomorrow second service in church.
not as an emcee but as a speaker@ pengkotbah!!
to be honest this is my first time standing infront giving sermon.
ke ke ke...
i planned to end my sermon with a song, so, i ask KIKO and OYEN to sing a song with me.
they are pleased to help me as always..

just now we are having a practice and this is the result!
to Muslim friends, i just want to inform you that this is a christian song and i understand if you don't want to view it. :))

no higher calling. 
i am doing the second voice tapi macam tidak jadi jak second voice saya tu. ha ha

happy sabbath to all my adventist friends.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

RIP, my friend PYAKK..

i was in my room when my father suddenly gave me an egg.
"take care of this egg. the mother left it because all the other egg has hatch."
i just know this fact too. usually when 90% of her egg hatched, the chicken just leave the rest unhatched.
so, the egg that my father gave me before he and my mother going to my mother's hometown was the 10%.
my father said that the egg will hatched itself in two days if i gave some heat.

unfortunately, my granny who just came into the house and didn't see where my father(bapa saya pun sembarang letak jak atas lantai) put the egg stepped on the egg and didn't even notice it until i suddenly hear the chirping " kiak-kiak-kiak!!!!"
my granny practically hatched the egg with her foot! OMO!
oh my gosh! it's the chick! 

it was so tiny and it has no quill. summary: UGLY black uncolored chick! 
i gave it some rice but the chick didn't take it. so i gave some biscuit+water and i was lucky the chick ate it!
even thou it was an ugly chick i planned to take good care of it until it become chicken.
so, i named it 'PYAKK'.
the next morning as i woke up i went to PYAKK first to feed her him her.. i was so surprise when i saw her quill! it's growing and PYAKK look so cute.

and PYAKK look fat. hehe..
i practically spend most of my holiday (one month) alone.
my parent was in my mother's hometown for one month and they came back only weekends.
both of my sisters went to their college and hostel but they also came back only weekends.
they leave me alone because i have to take care of my brother(who refuse to live in his school's hostel >,<) and make sure he didn't skip classes.
my granny was only spending a few day at home and she has to came back to my aunt's house at KK. to babysit.
my brother? he wasn't always at home. more likely he's only at home when he want to eat and sleep.
so starting on monday until friday i always alone....................................................... alone...... A.L.O.N.E!
well, at least my father leave me with an egg. PYAKK.
to be honest i never felt alone since PYAKK exist in my life.. it 's because PYAKK always make sound. KYAK! KYAK! KYAK! i can't even sleep at night because of her sound.. hurmmmmmmm.

four days after PYAKK hatch, i began to learn that PYAKK can't walk like other chick.
she only sit and crawling.
maybe because no one teach her to walk but my brother said it might happen because my granny step on PYAKK before.
knowing that PYAKK can't walk, i prepare one nice basket for PYAKK.

beautiful handmade basket for PYAKK.
the basket was made by my mother actually. and she didn't know i used it for PYAKK. not until weekend. HAHA

my day became more noisy since PYAKK exist. whenever PYAKK feels hungry, she will chirp loudly. 
the same thing happen when i ignore her. 

"don't look at the lappy all day! take me please!!!!"

when PYAKK saw me playing with my lappy she will chirp! at first i thought she was hungry but when i give her some food she won't eat it. i put PYAKK back on her basket but she began to chirp. but when i put her on my lappy's keyboard, she fell asleep.

"lilie, look only at me"

PYAKK love to be on my lappy so much. maybe because it was warm on there. she fall asleep quickly. 
"okla PYAKK,.. as long as you don't pee on it" hehe

PYAKK was also very noisy at night. 

she's so noisy until my brother ask me to shut her mouth. haha

but she will automatically shut her mouth when you touch her head. 
to make her sleep, just touch her head until she's asleep. 
how do you know she's asleep?
when you take your finger from her head, she'll just stay silent. :)
PYAKK only eat bread. yeah, she's one demanding chick. huuu
i once tried to feed her with rice but she won't eat it.

PYAKK also love it when i put her on my palm. 


my brother once told me that one day PYAKK will die before she become real chicken.
i know about that but i just want PYAKK to live longer. maybe for four month? hmm

on weekend, all my family came back, so i kinda ignore her a bit because i was so excited everyone was here,sometimes i forgot to feed PYAKK on time and i also always leave her alone. :(
when my sister saw me apologizing to PYAKK she teas me.

"living alone make you go crazy huh??"

HAHA... but i don't care, i keep talking to PYAKK.
on sunday 26 june 2011, after i woke up as usual i went to PYAKK first.
she look like sleeping but when i touch her, she's not moving and she's so cold.

i was shock and i was like


crying.. my mom hurried came to see what happened.

"oooo hoooooooo"

my mom was sad at first but when she saw me crying over PYAK, i can see her laughing.
i know it's funny to cry over a chick that only been with me for two weeks..
my sister said,

"aik, since when did you became a chicken lover? i thought you are a chicken's meat lover?"

teasing me. but, seriously, i didn't feel it funny at all at that time.
i feel lose, like i'm losing part of myself. hukhukhuk.. :( <--EMO la pula..

crying over PYAKK with my messy hair early in the morning.
since then, the basket that PYAKK used to live was called "BAKUL PYAKK"..  i am sure the BAKUL also feels so lonely without PYAKK on it... i originally want to buried the basket with PYAKK but i'm pretty sure mother won't allowed me.. huhu
bakul PYAKK.
PYAKK was buried in our backyard. my uncle UNTAN help me buried her.

rest in peace for PYAKK..
To PYAKK, thank you for accompany me this past two weeks. JASAMU DIKENANG...

this is actually the first time i ever cried for chick. i don't like chicken before i only love it's meat but i guess i began to fall in love with chicken and falling more in love with chicken's meat!!!!!!!!
KFC the best! ngehehehe


too much X and O..

Friday, August 19, 2011


it's friday and it's movie time!!!
i got new movie to make my day..
yesterday me and my friend went shopping but i end up buying movie instead of dresses.

first movie!

Add caption
here's the synopsis. saya malas mo menaip.. keke
CAMERON DIAZ play Elizabeth's character (the worst teacher) really well!
and if you want to watch JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in nerd and jiwang version, this is it!
but don't worry JT are still hot even in nerd version.ngee...
to all the teacher out there or future teacher, don't copy this at school. she's a bad example even though she's funny.. haha..
"Elizabeth: From now on, my full time job is finding a guy who's gonna take care of me."

second movie!
the poster
finally!!! i really want to run back to my hostel the moment i paid the bill to the CD shop's cashier.
here's the  synopsis for this movie.
if you are 'love and friendship' kind of story lover, you should really watch this!
this movie was actually adapted from a book written by EMILY GIFFIN but since i am not a book-lover like AEMY so, i have to wait for the movie.. hehe

the most memorable quote from SB

Ethan: what do you want?
Rachel: i want not to want him
Ethan: is it true?
Rachel: i don't know.

Darcy announce on Rachel's birthday
"you're the the sister i've never had,
you're sometimes the mother i often need,
the reason why i can stumble so fearlessly into adventure is because she's always there. she's always there.
i love you Rachel"

Dex: Rachel, what am i supposed to do?
Rachel: owhhh.. forget what are you supposed to do Dex. do what you wanna do.
live your own life the way you want to live it. you wanna teach? teach, and you don't wanna be the man who lives in the big house you hate? don't be him.....or do. just decide..
dex and rachel
Rachel: i shouldn't left.
Dex: no. it's okay i understand
Rachel: no.. six years ago. i shouldn't left. it wasn't okay what happened. none of it was okay.
Dex: Rachel....
Rachel: no.. no.. no.. let me say it. cancel the wedding. tell her you can't marry her. i love you. I've always love you and i should've told you a long time ago but i'm telling you now... before it's too late.. before it's really too late.

Rachel: you're not the only one who hasn't been living his life. i haven't either but i wanna live it now.. and i wanna live it with you.
whatever happened, bestfriend stay forever.
Rachel: i have always thought that it was Darcy who took things from me but really it was just me who was giving everything up to her. and Darcy maybe... whatever Darcy is. i don't know what Darcy is, but she's my best-friend. and i want to be there for her.

Rachel to Dex: you have to go. i can't do this anymore. she deserve better. so do you. so do i.

Dex to Rachel: i just want to thank you for finally asking for what you wanted. and for helping me to do the same. i want to apologize for being such a moron outside that bar six years ago.

third movie,
here's the synopsis
fourth movie,

OMO! i really love the kids here.. hehe..

Martin: Am I the only one here who doesn't know what we're talking about? 
Cary: Probably, Smartin. 
Martin: I don't like it when you call me that! 
Cary: I'm sorry, Smartin. Let's go cry about it.

fourth movie,
Monte Carlo.

i love all the actress in here. i love Selena Gomez, Kate Cassidy and i also love Leighton Meester but this movie was just okay la for me. not too good but not bad. maybe because i watched too much movie with almost the same storyline. hehe. however my adorable Selena always look cute and adorable even in here. :) no wonder la Justin Bieber sayang gila-gila babeng sama Selena ni.

that's all la.. i have to sleep because i have to wake up early tomorrow.
don't forget to watch SOMETHING BORROWED okay.. here i leave you with SOMETHING BORROWED trailer. keke
with love, l i l i e j o h n

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lucu: don't mess with sleepy mother!

mungkin kamu pernah terbaca lawak ni di mana-mana tapi saya first time terbaca tadi and tiba-tiba ketawa berabis.. ENJOY!

Ada seorang ibu ni yang butul2 mengantuk sudah, dia mau tidur...
Lalu tiba-tiba ditanya oleh anaknya;

"Mak, mama sudah pernah injak Labuan?"

Si ibu menjawab;

"Uda Nak..."

Terus c anak bertanya lagi;

"Klu ke Kuching?"

Si ibu Menjawab;

"Uda anak ku..."

Terus c anak bertanya lagi;

"klu ke Brunai udah mak?"

Si ibu menjawab;


Lalu si anak bertanya lagi;

"klu Johor, KL, Penang mak udah pigi?"

Sambil Menahan mengantuk si ibu pun menjawab;

"Tidur lah nak, tinggal mulut ko saja lagi yang belum mama injak ni....!!!"


kalau ibu sedang mengantuk jangan la tanya macam-macam nanti ada yang kena pijak.. :)

dicopy paste bulat-bulat dari


y a n g k e t a w a

Sunday, August 14, 2011

hey EX, i wish you all the best!

I heard that you're settled down   
That you found a girl and you're married now  
I heard that your dreams came true  
Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you

it's really hurt when you found out that your ex having a blast life while you're still fighting to forget him. 
it's really hurt when you know there's a better woman replacing your place in his heart.
and that she's the one he's been dreaming for and not you. it can never be you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?
Ain't like you to hold back
Or hide from the lie

you realize how he change. day by day he became a better man.
but you also realize that it's his new love that change him. and it hurt so much.

I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited  
But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it  
I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded  
That for me, it isn't over

you are over him.
"owh well, he's just a friend anyway."
you wish.
but you could never fight your heart.
you hope you can stand in front of him and tell him how you were never over him.

but you know you could never do that. because you still love him.
and all you can say is.....

Never mind, I'll find someone like you  
I wish nothing but the best for you, too  
Don't forget me, I begged, I remember you said  
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead  
Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

never forget him,but let him go. yes, it's time to let him go.

of course 'sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurt instead'. that's why one of the rules to be in love is 'always be prepared to be hurt!'

you can't never find someone like him, but trust me. you'll find someone better than him. :)
BUNGA BUKAN SEKUNTUM...KUMBANG? lagi la berekor-ekor! cheers.

EX,i am going my way and i wish you all the best!


l i l i e s. j o h n

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the death. appreciate life.

i am a paramedic student.
it was somewhere around November 2009, when i first saw real dead body.
death cause: accident.
when the PPK saw the scull and cut the stomach of the dead body to take out the organ, I'm suffocated with the blood's smell even  i use triple mask. the whole forensic room full with blood's smell.
after the doctor confirm the cause of death,my friend and myself help the PPK to put all the organ back to it's place and stitch the body back to how it was before.
gambar hiasan. tialah canggih betul forensic di kedah ni tapi lebih kurang mcm ni la..

and the effect is;
i can't eat anything at lunch. my lunch look like the organ that i put into the dead body's stomach. the brain, the intestine, the kidney, the lungs and all when it just a chicken and some vegetable.
and worse, that night i can't sleep. i keep thinking about the face of the dead body!!
everytime i try to close my eyes, the face appear!
the next morning i got panda eyes. @.@

three days after that, i got to see two more dead body and i think i'm getting used of it.
i can eat properly and sleep soundly at night too.. 
people are right about the first step is always the most difficult step.

sempat senyum before masuk forensic room.
unforgettable moment in forensic was last sem. an accident happen on that evening and the victim's head was completely crush by the car's tyre. me and my friend follow the MA to the forensic to confirm the cause of the death. i was surprise when i first saw the victim. it has no head at all. at the end, we decide to help the PPK to fix the victim's face. we gather all the pieces and stitch them until it look like a face. well of course it will be very impossible to make it the same as before but make it look like a human's head at least, said the PPK.  we must do it ASAP since the relative will come and confirm his identity afterward. 
i can hear the wife crying outside. she don't want to take a look at the victim's face to confirm it's identity. so, the brother replace her. i know, i understand her feeling. it's hurt when we lost someone we love. so, please.. to all the driver, INGATLAH ORANG YANG TERSAYANG.

today i almost cried. one of the patient in the ward where i am posting today passed away. 
it's not like i never saw incident like this before but i don't know why, this case leave a deep impact in me. 
the patient was 26 years old. she was admitted yesterday in ward with ventilator on. it's means i never spoke to her or saw her consciously. when she was admitted, she's already unconscious.  a complete stranger.
the husband said she's just fine until the evening when she came back from farm and collapse. she was sent to emergency departure and was intubated. later, the doctor confirm that she had brain infection. it called meningoencephalitis. 

the next day after all the investigation, the doctor confirm that her brain isn't working anymore(brain death). the only reason why she's still breathing is was because of the ventilator machine and all the drug that was given to the patient. there is no hope.
when the doctor explain the whole situation to the husband whether to let her die or continue with the ventilator machine (which we don't know until when it will last), i can see tear on his face. the husband asking for one day to think about it. of course it is hard for him to decide such thing. to let his wife die when she's just fine two days ago. 
but today as he return  they(the husband and all her family) decide to just end her life since there is nothing else we can do. as the doctor explain, i can see tear in the mother eyes. the mother said the patient is her only daughter. she want her to live longer than she is but God love her daughter more than she is. what hurt the most is when the patient just delivered her second child three month ago.
i can feel the sadness most in her husband. the husband eyes was all red, i bet he cried all night thinking about what he should live with the kids without her. i mean she just fine three days ago talking and laughing but now she's gone. 
i prayed the best for the husband and all his family.

it make me realize how we should appreciate our life and other, especially those who we care so much. today we might still be laughing with them, but GOD almighty, we know not what will happen tomorrow.
now, take your phone and text everyone that you care. tell them how much you appreciate them and love them. 

some of the staffnurse was almost tearing also today. amaze with all the hospital's staff, they saw this kind of incident everyday. i remember one of my teacher said before. whatever happen "life must go on"
to all the doctor and nurses, chayok-chayok!!

l i l i e s. j o h n

Thursday, August 4, 2011


as we all know, today is the third day of fasting for those who's Muslim.
i am not Muslim but since i have Muslim roommates, i kind of aware to this fasting thing.
and today we are having a blast of buka puasa time at one of the restaurant in Alor Star.(walaupun saya tidak puasa.. :P)

we arrived a bit late at the restaurant so my friends buka puasa lambat sikit la today.. ok,actually lambat banyak because the food arrived at 8 pm. my fault, because i woke up late and i couldn't get ready on time and i then we have to postponed our planned from 6.30 pm to 7.10pm.. hukhuk.. :( but thanks to my roommates for their willingness to wait for me.. :)

after eating.  no picture for before eating because we are too busy eating.
muka kekenyangan

senyuman kekenyangan. 
my stomach was fully loaded and i almost can't that time only la.. only last for two hour and now, i'm hungry again!! i am a food zombie! senantiasa laparrrr...

after eating, we've gone to enjoy the beautiful night scene of Alor Star.. 

well, it might not as beautiful as your place, but any places can be beautiful when you are hanging out with friends. :)

happy birthday to my BFF ERNECIA@er 3rd August!!. may God bless her always. :)
and to all Muslims, chayok-chayok berpuasa!

too much X and O

Monday, August 1, 2011

Rambutan.. ngeee....

i love RAMBUTAN! so when my roommate OYEN tell me that her friend invited us to go and get some rambutan in his village yesterday, without doubt i agreed! heeee....

31st july 2011, 5.30 pm, we are heading to KG.PULAU PISANG JITRA, KEDAH. 
it was a fun trip because along the way you can see a huge paddy field. 
well, it's not like i never been on paddy field before, instead i grow up with paddy.
but this paddy field was HUGE!!!!! (as we all know Kedah is glamour for it's huge paddy field)
so, on the way to KG.Pulau Pisang, we ask OYEN's friend, mr. Pajen to drop us on the middle of the paddy field to take some picture. it's a MAKING MEMORY time!!
the beautiful sight of paddy field in Kedah.. :)

watching them taking picture


my turn. keke
last snap! rambutan is waiting!
and then we continue our journey to the Rambutan farm.

when we arrive at the farm we were all like "WOAAHHHHHHHHH! too many rambutan!!"
there, we met the PAKCIK who help us to get the rambutan. he is so kind and help us to get all the rambutan. he's so excited to met us too. he even ask to take a picture with us. keke
sweet rambutan!! yum-yum
the PAKCIK said they have at least 20 tree of rambutan in the farm. 
wasey, banyak o... we arrive a bit late at the farm and it's getting dark. 
we tried to get as many as possible but we only manage to get 2 plastic of Rambutan. 

but the mosquito there was seriously violent! there are all over my leg. hmmm.. i should've wear long pant.. huh~ =_=". 
that's just a few of them. 
even so, we still happy that we get the rambutan!!!

happy faces!
not enough with rambutan, the Pakcik gave us CEMPEDAK!! hmmm harum semerbak kereta si Pajenn. keke.. 
the Pakcik said, if we arrive a bit early he would've taken us to the Durian farm!!! 
ahhhh, such a waste! i never been to Durian farm before and i really want to go. :(
never mind, there's always next time.. hehehe
so, we went back to Alor Star with a happy faces!!! 

happy fasting day to all the muslimah and muslimin.. :)

too much X and O