Monday, April 28, 2014

how do i cover my scar.

so, last year i was bitten by my cat. Alejandro.
he was having a fight with Chloe at that time and i grabbed Chloe to save her and next thing i know is that Alejandro was on my leg biting and scratching my leg!
i was so mad at him that i punish him for 2 weeks.
i didn't talk to him, ignore him and make him sleep outside my room.
i was stupid because he's just a cat. he didn't know anything yet i still punish him.
now that he's gone i miss him badly. :(

kerja c Jandro.
it was pretty bad at that time that i can't wear any short skirt.
but since most of my dress are short i really think i should do something to cover it.
last time i went to kundasang with short pant without covering the scar i noticed a few people staring at my legs or maybe it was just me but i just don't like being paranoid so i really need to cover my scar for my confidence i guess.
and i found one video on Youtube that teaches you how to cover a tattoo.
*actually there are many video on youtube teaches you to cover your tattoo.
so, i reused the concept to cover my scar.

this is my scar look like now. there's a lot of them actually but i will only try to cover this one for today.
here's the things i used.

this is my favourite foundation actually.
i've been using this since 2 years ago and i like it because it cover my pimples really well and also makes my oily skin look almost perfect plus it's affordable!
 so i used it carefully because i don't want to waste it.
you can buy a more cheaper foundation if you want.
after all you only used it for you scar kan. keke
my mineral foundation.
2. concealer

again with my Maybelline product.
i used it for my face also actually to cover my acne.
i choose maybelline because it's foundation was really good so i figured that maybe the concealer are as good as the foundation too!
and i didn't regret buying it. 

3. the BB cream

i don't used BB cream for my face because for some reason i think it makes my face a little more oily than usual? ngee
i bought this BB cream just for my leg's scar.
this is really cheap i think around 6 ringgit from E-Noveal!
you can use primer if you want too. 

4. eyeshadow

eyeshadow is very important to cover the scar color.
as it is easier to cover pink/orange color than black.
you can choose either pink or orange according to you skin color.
or you can also used lipstick or red eyeliner.
just makes sure it's not black la.

i don't know what color i use actually. i think it light orange.
5. hairspray

this is very important because hairspray are the one that make your foundation and all your makeup last longer.
trust me, the hairspray makes the cover waterproof! 
you gonna have to work a little bit in your shower to clean your leg!
but that's what we want kan.
last longer!
i used Shurei brand.
i actually fall in love with this brand because of it's hair serum!
try it!
i used this hairspray to style my hair when i have shorter hair. 
6.Face powder
to touch up touch up!

It's really easy.
1. just apply the BB cream on the problematic area first or if you have primer,you can use primer.
jeng jeng

2. and then apply the eyeshadow on the scar.

3. after applying the eyeshadow, spray it with the hairsprayer!
and wait for it to dry first. you can used hairdryer if you are in a hurry.

4. make sure it is dry first and then you can start applying concealer
make sure you cover all the eyeshadow area with the concealer.

5. apply the spray after you apply the concealer. wait for it to dry.

6. apply foundation

7. to make it look more natural, apply the face powder on the skin!
8.apply hairspray once again and you are done!

of course you can still see the scar closely but no one will take close look on your leg while you are walking around kan. keke
i used this method when we was in Kudat!

i think i did a pretty good job fooling the camera.kekekke

oklah, that's all for tonight. 

cousin saya balik tambunan. so, being alone really give me plenty of time doing this!

l i l i e j o h n


  1. god..that looks painful. punya banyak dia cakar.

    u could consider medicine to make it go away permanently.

    wohoooo sexy legs.

    1. really? what kind of medication??
      actually i am using cocoa serum for now but i guess it takes time to recover.

  2. astaga moi...punya teruk kucing ko p gigit + cakar kaki ko..hilang ayu oh terus ;) ..anyway. good job with kasi tapuk itu scar..hehe

    1. hahahah.. tulah tu. trus npk ganas jln2 kalau ada scar.. kekeke..
      thank you thank you. ngee

  3. paning2 sia tingu tu luka...rasa mo vomit pun ada...try bio oil.tidakla mcm iklan produk di fb.kesan boleh dilihat seawal 1 memang berkesan...sia guna kasi ilang bekas2 jerawat sia.

    1. Ooo.. Yaka?? Ok ok..nanti sy try.thank u arr for the tips. Hehe

    2. mo konsisten pakai ahh...baru nmpk dikat 1 bulan jga ni sia pakai baru hilang

  4. Yr post reminds me abut my cousin. She was sleeping on that weekend when she woke u with her face got scratched by her cat. I clearly remember about the incident because I was happened to be at my grandmother hse when her mom called for help. Lucky that wasn't serious but still she got few deep scratches on her forehead. When she came back to school, she looks funny with all the plaster on her face.

    Anyway, my cat never scratch me yet. But I was biten by a dog before and it was not the dog fault but it was entirely my fault. The worst part was, I kept the wound alone by myself for like 3 weeks and terus bernanah. That was the most memorable moment.

    Arr, I heard about this tips before. I did this once when I when for the Emirates stewardess interview. One of my friend who already become a stewardess taught me to cover all my flaws including the leg one with concealer. And I did. Ha Ha Ha

    1. Thank God mine wasn't on my face!!!!
      I've was biten by my bf's dog too when i visited his house last time. Funny things is that it was my first time meeting his mother that i didnt tell his mother about that because i was too shy plus i was biten on my butt!!!!
      Thank God it was just a small wound and it was on my butt so i dont have to worry about how to cover my scar!!! Hahaha

  5. Alala, nakal si Alejandro. Serious juga ko kena cakar tu. Hmm, but your covering skills mantap juga la wakaka.

    Sia cuba imagine ba, bila ko panggil kucing ko. Kalau ada guests di ruma ko n ko panggil kucing ko, ada ka diorang tanya kucing ko dari Spain ka. Haha jk.

    1. hahahha.. kalau org yg suka pakai short skirt sama short pant ni mmg harus tau teknik mengcover.

      wahahaha.. pdhal kucing kampung saja kna derma aunty sy, hahaha


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