Sunday, April 20, 2014

the 'ropol-ropol' skirt

i just got back from Kota Bleud last night.
visiting my home sweet village, catching up the new gossip kampung with my old friends and spending some time with my family.
tinggal di KK saja pun sangatlah jarang balik padahal 1 hour drive saja!

on saturday we went to church.
since i didn't bring any formal outfits for church i asked my sister to lend me hers.
but my mother insisted me to wear her outfits.
she brings all her old and new outfit and force to me try it one by one.
well, this is not the first time actually.
my mother always want us to wear her outfits everytime we want to go to church.
okay, here's the fact about my mother.
she have like a thousand clothes!
some of them are from her youth era.
i don't know how she keep her clothes because most of them look new!
she gain weight after becoming a mother and she cannot fit some most of her clothes which is why she want us to wear it for her.
the things is we never wear it for her since most of her dress or skirt are out dated!
and we are(me and my sisters) the updated teenagers yang konon-kononnya malu mau pakai skirt kembang-kambang sama skirt yang banyak blink-blink to church. kekekeke
when i was 18 or 19 my mother donates all her outfits that she cannot wear (since we all are refuse to wear it also) to the church for charity purposed.
i wasn't there at that time but my sister told me that it was my father who convinced my mother to donates it.
"tidak guna tu baju bnyak tapi tidak kena pakai. bagus derma"

so, that's the end of the story of my mother's all time outfits.
and yesterday she convinced me that i look better in her 'ropol-ropol' skirt.
she said she just bought it last year.

"aiii, cantik bai ni. cuba ko pakai. ini lah fasyen jaman sekarang"

at first i planned to wear my sister's skirt (she already prepared it for me actually), but since my mother really want me to wear her 'ropol-ropol' skirt, i decided to wear it.
and my mother was so happy about it.

"nah, kan saya bilang, santik bah"
she said.

apa-apa saja la mom. yang penting ko happy!
skirt saja la saya pakai since baju mama saya agak besar.

jeng jeng!

me and my happy mother! baju saya pinjam sissy saya punya. 
my sister said i look retro wearing my mother;s skirt.

thats my sister, kunung a.k.a lunag


now that i think about my mother outfit i regret not wearing one of them to church.
but i saw one of the old dress my mother keep in her closet (the only one she didn't donates) maybe i should wear it someday and take photo with it.
kalau saya muat la. macam xs punya saiz saja tu saya nampak.

this is my grandma and her sister. aren't they sporting? kakaka

the BIM are just in 2 weeks tapi saya malas mau jogging! adui matilah!
buncit lai ni.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. Evening Lilly,

    Wow,looking at your neneks...they can give the "peace" really sporting I must say.
    Well, the ropol skirt is nice. Too bad, my mom already donate all her youngster outfits if ada pun sdh jadi lap kaki.

    Hey,post some of your mom vintage. I don't know but I am so eager to see. Honestly, I just fell in love with a vintage dress nowadays.

    Mmkay, I need to get back sleep now. Gotta start my first day tomorrow.

    Have a good night!

    1. hi avo! ya, pretty sporting. i said do it like this,they all ikut saja. hehe
      haha., i will post it someday. wait i go back to my hometown lg arr.. jarang balik ni wlupn d kk saja. satu bulan 1 kali saja. keke

  2. Lilie's grandma n sister:
    "But first, let us take a selfie."



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