Saturday, December 1, 2012

farewell trip

location:around ranau and kundasang
date:28 October 2012
event: farewell trip ppw hqe2

say hello to gunung kinabalu!!!1
momoel&canaoe@ pine resort kundasang

stacion. @ kundasang war memorial park
us @kundasang war memorial park
us again @ kundasang war memorial park
here come the British gosh! haha

and again kundasang war memorial park.
kami sedia membantu
control parut. haha
welcome to mesilau kundasang! :)
shooting time. forgive my ugly model ruining the view! hahahhah
caneoa@mesilau kundasang

us@mesilau kundasang

garamoi&me@mesilau kundasang

walking the moment.
here come the monster food!!!1 haha

lilieo@river lodge poring ranau

masao,canaoe,stacio at river lodge

mandi manda@poring

gentlemen of the day

on the way back to kk.. goodbye mountain,c u again next trip.

sama-sama menikmati keindahan negeri sendiri before melawat negara orang lain. 
k bai!

Friday, September 21, 2012

quote :-)

Life is too short to wake up with regrets.

i don't want to wake up every morning with regret so everything happened in the past is past. 
let's leave all the dark side and look for the bright side.
tomorrow is brand new day. 
it should not be the same as today. 
i promise. :-)

 So love the people who treat you right.
to my parent, thanks for loving me.
to my sisters and brother, sorry for all the argument/fighting. (there will be more to come)
to my faithful friend, thanks for always standing next to me.
to anyone who always treated me nice even on my worst, thanks you.
i promise, i'll do better from now on.

 Forgive the ones who don’t.
to anyone who've done wrong thing to me, worst or not, i forgive you all.

 Believe everything happens for a reason.
everything happens for a reason,if it's a good things then consider it as blessing.
but if its a bad thing then consider it as a lesson.
accept the fact that not everything will go as you've planned.
but it will always be a blessing in disguise!
don't judge people easily and learn how to let go of people doesn't deserved keeping.

 If you get a chance, take it.
every problem is a chance to something, so take it!

 If it changes your life, let it. 
be open to new changes!
be more matured,
be more intelligent,
be more independent,
and be more me.

Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.
life is hard. 
but whatever happen, be it good or bad,
you always have time to change it and trust me it will be worth it someday! 

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. 
So love the people who treat you
right. Forget about those who don’t. 
Believe everything happens for a reason. 
If you get a chance, take it. 
If it changes your life, let it. 
Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.”
peace no war.

l i l i e j o h n.

Monday, June 4, 2012

what between 'CUTE+HOT GUY' and 'BOYFRIEND'??

presenting you a hot and cute guy on my list!


jang geun suk oppa!
alex pettyfer!

zac efron!
nicholas hault!

girls are just like a guys..
we love watching cute guy or hot guy just as much as you love watching hot girl.
we all are, accept it!
the different is, some of us didn't show it and some of us make it obvious! 
and i am one of the second group. lol
i think, most of my friends are the second group. GATAL YERRRR.
i often show my happy face whenever a cute/hot guy around.
i mean he's too hot for me and i can't stop smiling spontaneously.
i don't why too. don't ask me!
i was born to be that way. 

in my opinion(i think a lot of girls will agree with me), cute and hot guys are meant be shared. 
i mean, it doesn't mean anything if i am the only one watching that damn hot creature by God!
so, everytime i saw cute guy i will text my girls.
"girls, haw-t at 4 o'clock!!!"
and my girls do the same too.
sharing is caring maa.
jangan kedekut. 
bagi-bagi harta Tuhan bilang nenek saya.

but wait, does that mean we(girls) only love cute and hot guy??
don't you worry because we(girls) are clever enough to differentiate between lust and love! 
i'll prove it to you,

we only think of the cute and hot guy when they are around. 
when they are not around we are not thinking of them at all.
like they don't even exist.
that's means we adore their cuteness only.

but for our boyfriend, we think of them like always..
every single minute.
okay, maybe not every single minute.
but we think of them everyday. 
we miss our boyfriend when they are not around for 1 day.
yes, thats how crazy we can be if we are talking about LOVE. :)

we don't share our boyfriend!!!!! 
no! big NO NO NO!
cute guys is for every girls in the world to watch and enjoy but not our boyfriend! 
boyfriend is limited for ourself, okay...
i am not gonna text my girls
"hey, let stare at my boyfriend!"
plus, i always have ugly BF so there's really nothing to share.

so, guys out there, don't be so jealous if your girl smile happily when cute+hot guys around. 
that's doesn't mean she love that hot guy. 
that's just simply mean she's adoring God's creature. 
just like you guys love watching other girl's big boobs or big ass. 
oh. come on!
admit it guys. we saw where your eyes go everytime hot girls around *rolling eyes*
blah-blah-blah. say no more.

ok babeh.. chao bella. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012



i want to fall in love with a strong guy.
so that i can always feel safe when i walk beside him.

i want to fall in love with a tall guy.
so that i can always look up when i feel insecure.

i want to fall in love with someone who have a bright smile.
so that i can always look for his smile everytime i feel down.

i want to fall in love with a cute guy.
so that i can always pinch his cheek whenever i lost get angry.

i want to fall in love with a handsome guy.
so, that i can always show you off to my friends when they're showing off theirs..

i want to fall in love with a romantic guy.
so that i can always be excitedly waiting for his surprise on my coming birthday.. 

i want to fall in love with someone who can play the guitar very well,
so that i can dance to the music everywhere i go.

and you,
you are the OPPOSITE of all above. 
but i'm still in love with you.. 
how weird LOVE can be?

l i l i e j o h n

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when the old folk talking

have you ever heard grandmas talking or gossiping?

well i grow up listening to them since i live with my grandma since primary school.
and since i am having a long holiday (waiting to get called for a job) and i have  a lot of free time, i started joing the grandmas gossiping.
my granny live in Kota Kinabalu since 5 years ago with my aunty AKA daughter dia.
i live with my granma until my parent are ofrficially moved to KB. few years after that my grandma went to live with my aunty(her daughter) in KK. 
but once in a while granma will come visit us and her friends here in the village. 

and you'll know when my grandma's home, all of her bestfriend will be here as early as 6am! i am still sleeping. T.T
however the best part is the gossiping time. everytime the old folks gather, they are always gossiping. awal pagi jam 6 am sudah start mongingat sama begosip di ruang tamu rumah kami.

they gossip about everything happened in the village or kampung-kampung sebelah.
gospi yang dari dulu-dulu until la the latest news, revealing the story behind every event.. i mean girls also gossip but the old folks gossip is much more extreme. i mean when they talk you tend to believe them blindly, walaupun cerita tu nampak macam mengarut.

"ko tau anak si anu tu, suda cerai!!!! baru saja 1 bulan kawin pun...."

"you know, si anu tu, panas baran@hot tempered pukul bini!!! "

"last friday saya pigi sungai tangkap ikan saya nampak si anu(perempuan) sama si anu (lelaki) jalan sama-sama.. baha... "

and some compliment,

"saya suda jumpa in-law si anu tu.. bagus juga.. mesra betul muka dia... "

and then, there is this one time when my father was at home.
he overheard them talking,

"ui, kamu tau si B moti yang kasi sinadaat(buat-buat) si A tu samapi si A masuk hospital..."

out of sudden my father get angry.

"songkoboroso nodi ngaie(talking nonsense)!,siapa yang kasitau kamu pasal tu? saya yang sindaat si A bilang si B bka sama kamu?!!! bukan mau cakap-cakap kalau tiada bukti!"

bapa saya ni jenis yang tidak suka gosip-gosip orang especially those who don't have any proof. kadang-kadang when i told him about real fact pun dia marah. apa lagi kalau tiada bukti. haha.
terulah all the nenek-nenek diam sambil bebisik-bisik antara satu sama lain after my father's harsh comment.

kesiannnn... haisss..

tapi kannnn, my father has a point. dari mana bah sebenarnya sources dorang berghossip ni? (the old folk including my granny). mulut ke mulut? sebab most of the gossip they are talking about has no strong proof pun. hahaha
betul atau tidak tu gossip dorang? i don't know.
but one things that i know is, i do enjoy listening to them gossiping.
sometimes when you listen to them talking, you can imagine how their childhood was. no school, only hanging out doing things together(like going to farm together) and gossip all day long. 

but i hate it when they are also gossip about sukod wagu@the young generation these days. 
they always compare us to them...
" masa kami muda dulu bangun jam 4 pigi danau sudah. umur 8 tahun pandai masak sudah tu"

so, everytime my granny around i have to wake up as early as 6 am because thatn when my grandma come to pur house. if i am still sleeping at that time theywill come into my room and said something like
"oooooooooooooooooooooowww, dia do sumandak yodi. pukul 6 noh om poingodop po ngaie (ooo.. sumandak, pukul 6 masih tidur" with full volume and i bet even my neighbour will be awaken  stat by their voice.
so, at 6 am i have to stand up and pretend like i am already awake 1 hour ago, cleaning there and here.. sweeping here and there.. because if they come and i'm still sleeping i'm afraid tomorrow morning i'll get famous.. jatuh saham i.. 

and from my observation for 4 month having my holiday listening to them, i think the old folks are just boring. since their children doesn't let them work anymore. so, they enhanced their actual talent- TALKING. and then they improvise their skill in GOSSIPING... they never search for the truth they just want to talk and gossip. 
some of them are truth and the rest ? we never really know.

i was thinking, when we get old what can we do else then spending some time with family and friend and gossiping??? for girls la kan..kan -kan... at least when the old folks macam nenek saya ni gossip, some lazy girl like me have the initiative to wake up early in the morning kan.. take it in a positive way. :)

and remember gossiping is one of the old folks ways of networking.. they don't have google like us!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012



My father said BUYUG always MIA. Sometimes my father found her wondering at the next village and sometimes my father can’t even found her for like 5 month, so my father decide to put BUYUG in the paddy field for a few weeks.

“yah, kurung dia, gansau betul!!”

My father said we must visit her everyday to make sure she won’t go away and to make sure BUYUG got enough food the the whole day. Me and my sister went to visit her everyday since then for almost 3 weeks I guess.
I love visiting BUYUG because I love the view on the way to BUYUG’s.
from the bridge

jajang! we can actually see the mount KINABALU from here early in the morning but i didn't manage to wake up so early in the morning so..... 

meet BALAKUK, one of my father's beloved ugly dog. we have two ugly dog actually the other one is GOPOSI but only BALAKUK who love to follow us everywhere. and that's why we love him more. hehe


Still with BALAKUK. When we take a rest he also rest with us. Hehe.

The rest is the picture that I took on the way to BUYUG’s place using my not-DLSR camera@ digital camera. Hehe..

telur burung unta. 

kidding.. this is the egg of whatever kind of bird. I don’t know what kind of bird it is. We found it laying on the grass. I always saw it when I was a little kid but i never know what kind of bird lay this kind of egg.. but in  DUSUN we call it KURUAK. in malay? i don't know. in english? IDK. hehe

batu belah batu bertangkup. hehe

kilau podos

Finally..Say hello to BUYUG and her child, YAMPANAK!
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 We must make sure BUYUG’s rope is okay and make sure BUYUG got the best place (full with grass) and near BUYUG’s place must got water for her to drink. Job’s done, can go back home! yuhuuuu..
FYI, My father named them all including the dogs. I told you, my father is very good at naming his pet and nicknaming us. I got GUMPOL myself. Hehe..

semua gambar-gambar diayas telah diedit menggunakan PHOTOSCAPE.

l I l I e s. j o h n