Friday, November 25, 2011

SORRY seems to be........................

when i was a child i always fight with my little sister.
we quarrel a lot and we even hit each other's head.
and then hurt each other.  
sometimes i win,
sometimes my sister win.
sometimes we both lose. 
 after a fight, we did not talk for about two hours and then we act like nothing ever happened.
like everything just fine.
no SORRY word. 

but as we grow up, we quarrel and the two hour became two days..
but still, we manage to pass it without saying sorry.

when it comes to my family, we don't need to say sorry.
enough if we know that we are wrong and express it.
maybe because sorry is the hardest word to do. 

i believe you guys know this song right??

is it true that to pronoun the word SORRY is the hardest to things to do?
or is it to admit that we are wrong is the hardest things to do?

some people are just so hard to admit their fault even when it obviously their fault.
and then they tend to somethings that we are all good at
 'pretend like nothing happened'
and some people are just so ego to just apologize first and keep waiting the other side to make a first move.
they keep saying
"why do i have to apologize first? it's obviously their fault maa!"

well, i am on the ego side too..i never say sorry first if i think i am on right side.
as human we always want to win.
let's the offenders admit their fault first.
and then we win!!!

 but let's do something different today,shall we??
let's go and say sorry to whoever you've quarrel or fight with.
doesn't matter who's fault is it.

maybe we'll get various answer.
"that's not your entirely fault"
"yeah, let's just forgive each other"
"i forgive you"
or maybe
"i am sorry too"
either way, it's still leads you to somethings good isn't it?

so, don't be afraid to admit your fault or saying sorry.
who knows, the word sorry might make your day even brighter than yesterday.

l i l i e 


  1. Oh,about SORRY, I love to say that word till people tend to get annoying by em.. Ha ha ha..

  2. hye lilies john! ;)
    i like this quote "when it comes to my family, we don't need to say sorry."
    its very TRUE to me.

    but I also agree to this "let's go and say sorry to whoever you've quarrel or fight with."


  3. sorry is a powerful word..but hard to say bcoz of human's ego..have u heard the quotes "love doesn't mean to say you're sorry"'s true at some way but i disagree..we have to say sorry sometimes, not bcoz we make mistake..but bcoz the relationship is valuable & we want to take care of it :)

  4. Me & my sis also like that.Arguing & didn't talk but still can behave like usual later.Without sorry.

    But of coz saying sorry is the best even it's sooo hard to say it, especially to those we're close to & love one.^^

  5. Your posts always reminds me of my past and younger me.. hihi.. love ya posts darl~ and thanks for ur drop at my site ^^

  6. honestly..i'm always first to say that words in every situation

  7. i argue with my sister a lot. samalah time kecil2x the longest 2-3jam tidak mahu berkwan konon and when we get old sdh mcm sekrg the longest was 1-2 or 3days...but i thank God she still sticking with me even though I am the one yg always messed up...

  8. I only have one brother, younger one. And we fight a lot when we were kids.

    But now, growing older... we don't fight anymore. Maybe we both figured out that life is short to keep such bad feelings.

    Happy Monday, Lilie ;)


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