Wednesday, May 28, 2014

unduk ngadau kota belud 2014.

 so, referring to my previous post, i actually took another challenge for myself early this month.
it's a harvest festival month and it's very boring if you are not married and you are not doing anything for the harvest month.
i mean there's nothing to look forward for bah.
so, the UN contest for Kota Belud this year was held in Dewan Masyarakat Kota Belud for the very first time. (before this they are doing it in the middle of the Tamu Kota Belud!
*thank God!
it was on 18th may 2014.
on the 17th may at 9am was the last rehearsal and me and my new friend, Regina decided to stay at the U-Hotel KB since the make-up a.k.a paitung will start at 4 am!!!
i am very bad at walking since it's actually my very first time participating beauty peagent and i am they said i usually walk a little bit weird.
so, i am actually practicing my walk the whole week with my little sisters.
*mau muntah sudah dorang nampak saya jalan ala2 UN cacat tiap hari. keke

on the selection day when i first met all the contestant, they are all very young and very beautiful.
i am so amaze by their knowledge about UN contest.
most of them have experience of participating in UN contest before and they actually taught me a lot of things about this contest.
there's a few rule to remember.
rule no.1, KEEP SMILING! don't close your mouth!
rule no.2, STAND WITH YOU STRAIGT LEG. tiada bengkok-bengkok k.
rule no.3, WALK not to fast and not to slow with your body straight.

jeng jeng jeng! and some other rules i don't remember now.
for the contest it has 3 round.

first round-introducing yourself. 
there's no mark given for the first round so the emcee keep telling us to make a short self intro. 
but i do think that all the contestant should do really well on this round because it's actually the first time where the judges get to know you and you should leave a good first impression to them.
it don't have to be a long self-intro but enough for the judges to remember you.
just an honest opinion for me la. hihi

before our very first round begin i actually just realize that i have my period and i am quite a disaster when i am period.
i'll have stomach cramp and sometimes i cannot walk so i have to take medication ASAP before the pain starter to attack me or i might cannot even walk on the stage!
i text my dearest friend Oyen (thank God she come early) to help me get some mefenamic acid and she come to me pretty fast to give me the medication.
she said she took it from the standby ambulance outside the hall.
how lucky!!!
thank you GOROYEN!
best supporter ever!

now,check out the picture from my not-so-official photographer for our first round!
unduk ngadau for kids!

us entering the stage.
honestly behind the stage i didn't really nervous but as soon as i enter the stage with the other contestant, gosh there's so many people watching and my heart beating so fast that i cannot control my mouth, it keep shaking!!!!! 
i took a lot of deep breath to control my nervousness so i basically broke rule no.1 the first time i enter the stage. 
it's hard to keep smiling when you are nervous!
self introduced

as i come to the mic i am so nervous and shaky so i am trying to scan and find my family member because i really need to see them to reduce the tension a little bit i guess.
unfortunately, they arrived a little bit late so i can't see them during the first round but it's okay since i have Oyen right infront of me smiling brightly ever and honestly you really need someone like her to support you at this time!
i also have stacy, dr.koay and linda come all the way from KK to support me so i am so grateful for them also.
feeling less nervous after the self introduce! keke

here's other contestant.
i don't remember her name but she's actually one of the most expected to be in top 7.

this girl is so sweet. i love her smile. pure sabahan smile! aww
my classmate from highschool! i am the second contestant and i am very nervous to go on the stage and she's the first contestant can you imagine the nervousness??
i think the first round went pretty well even though some of the contestant claim they forgot their line because you have to introduce yourself in Dusun language.
i think i am just so lucky because Dusun language is like my food.
i communicate in DUSUN everyday with my family.
so, i don't have to memorize my line so much because the language is too familiar.
so, girls kalau mau ikut UN next year make sure you mastered you mother-tongue language first k!

the second round-lenggang-lenggang kangkung.
for the second round, we are judged based on three things.

1. presentation/ persembahan-40marks
-my MUA said it include how you walk, and the way you present the clothes to the judges
-this include how beauty you are and the way you smile.

3.costume/pakaian-30 marks
-it's about your costume. my MUA said if you have all the SINIPAK(dusun tindal KB tradisional costume) accessories you'll automatically have full marks!
as for me i have problem with my gelang kaki it's too small but since there's no spay i have to wear it juga so that there will be no mark deducted. 
i am on the first group of course!
they divide us into three group.
each group consist 5 contestant. 
all 15 contestant.
and i am on the first group.
rock it lilie kenen!
during my turn to be on the stage lenggang lenggang i really hope it's end soon!!
but i just feel like the time clicking so slow because i have to go to all side of the stage as we rehearsed.
i am quite shy especially to all the photographer. 
they are so many!

jeng jeng. breaking the rule no.1!!

no no no

my teammate from group no.1. hihi
we are the first group so can you imagine waiting another 10 contestant to walk the UN walk on the stage! i keep telling myself to keep smiling..
adui panat senyum!!!
but i think it's actually okay to break the rule no one as long as you make sure you don't do it infront of the judges!
because it's the judges who give you marks. 
for me la..

she's also the most expected to be on top 7 contestant! tall, beautiful and most importantly young!!!!

sorry my photographer didn't took so much picture of the other contestant. -.-'
all 15 contestant!

the third round.
for the third round there's gonna be just 7 contestants left based on the second round marks.
and will be judged based on,
1.IQ question-35 marks.
2.presentation-30 marks.\ marks
4.costume-15 marks.

surprisingly, my number was called as the top 7 finalist!!
i am surprise because i thought i didn't do well on the second round due to the nervousness plus breaking no.1 rule so many time but not infront of the judges and people keep saying that i walk weird the night before so i guess being nervous is one good thing. 
or maybe my lucky no.2 save me!
or maybe the lucky red flower on my hair that my MUA put for me.
(my MUA said that his red flower on our gong hair always bring luck. so he gave me so that i am lucky)
so whatever the cause is i am just so grateful for being in the top 7 since all the contestant are very beautiful,tall and experienced in UN.
and the truth is i am the shortest contestant who made it to the top7.
5'2 saja.
kambang hidung! 
but i honestly think my big gong hair save me and confuse the judges about my height!

can you spot the height difference there? i am 5'2 while they probably 5'4 above.
the top 7
they've actually given us the 7 IQ question 1 week earlier for the top 7.
but since i don't really expect myself to be on top 7 so i don't really practice personally all the question given.
i am too worried about my walk. 
now that i am in the top 7, i am really worried about the question!
i think i am too nervous that while i am at taking my question the emcee told me i look so nervous and ask me to keep calm.
they actually help me a lot too.
now time to rock the stage! kenen
so i got the question about SOGIT.
the question is pretty much like this.
"mengapakah suku kaum kadazan dusun masih mengamalkan SOGIT?"

before i started to answer the question, i took our emcee advices to take a deep breath.
(during the rehearsal all the emcee and the AJKs actually given us pretty much tips for the contest. thank you so much guys!)
i even fix the height of the mic since all the top 7 contestant was all tall so their mic height level is a little bit different from me. ketara la pindik. keke
and i think it's really important to be comfortable during my IQ presentation. 
i don't want to keep elongated my neck to reach the mic and i want my voice to be loud and clear kenen. hihi

and for the IQ question i think i did pretty well considered my lack of practice and experience.
thanks to my sisters and my family for that.
they actually keep asking me the 7 UN question 1 week before the contest while i was driving to kk and going back to kb with them,before i went to sleep and even when i am cooking. haha
they ask me too much until they can even memorize all of the question!
even my mother and my father sometimes they ask me the question spontaneously when they saw me doing nothing at home.
so, even though i didn't try to memorize the answer by myself but with i automatically remember the key point of answering all 7 of the question that day.
thanks to them!
i still remember when i first handed the UN form to my father to get his consent,
he was looking at me with a litte smile on his face.
he sign it without saying any word.
snd my mother was very supportive.
she said,

"koumbal po katu noh"

i remember her asking me if i want to participate in UN contest when i was 18 years old because she said her friend want me to go but i rejected it since i am a little bit boyish at that time.
so, beauty peagent wasn't my thing even until now actually.
i am so grateful for having a very sporting family members.

and during the IQ question the memorable things is that i almost can't say my pepatah due to nervousness(i can feel my leg shaking), but i saw Oyen right infront of me standing just behind the VIP seat, i can she almost hear her small laugh and she actually help me to reduce my extreme nervousness!
thank you enten! so much.
want to watch it? 
click the link below.

it's on her FB.

now after the IQ test it's time to walk to the judges for the second time!
this time i am still nervous but not so much anymore.
since i have done everything i guess i am trying to enjoy myself.
i am happy being in the top 7.
i don't care if i don't win so i just do whatever i could.
after all i just participate in the contest for fun d to challenge myself.
being on the top 7 it's like a big bonus for me actually.
i guess my photographer love this girl too much since it's only her picture he took else than mine out of the 7 contestant. haha
sumandak mantad kg.rangalau
lilie lilie.
the winner
now i guess you all know the winner is already.
the kids UN winner! bakal UN kb 10 years from now!

yeahhh dapat hadiah! happy! ahhaha

i got top 5. so, yes i am happy. 

2nd runner up!

the thing about UN is that even if you don't win you have to smile all the way till the end! ha ha

winner, 1st runner up, 2nd runner up! all are beauties congrates!

now the after photo!!

top 7 and top 5! minta puji dulu,,hihi

bersama penyokong kuat! hihi

my ex-schoolmate! glad to met her again! she's very cheerful and friendly!

with my forever supporter. my family! awww.. 

my photographer, dr.koay and work colleagues stacy and linda! 
now i regret making that stupid face. rosakkan nama UN ja. haha

lambaian terakhir kenen. yaiiii..haha

sangat sempat menjeling camera semasa berada di atas stage k. haha

my favourite photo of that day. sangat rosmah. hahah

and my dearest Becky! 
it's a very valuable experience!
i am just sharing a little bit of my experience joining the UN.
it's tiring but it's so worth it!

some of the MUA ask me to join UN again next year since belum genap lagi umur 26 kenen.
but for me i think one time is enough.
it's the tiring sweetest memory ever and if i join twice i am afraid this memory will not be as sweet as it used to be kenen.

i hope Susanna our UNKB win the title of Unduk Ngadau this year of course.
she's tall, beautiful and has the perfect smile.
and my favourite contestant it has to be UNKM!

she's also tall and have gorgeous face!

so i hope these two will be on top 3 for this weekend UN state level!
Don't drive if you are drunk! hehe

the night before the contest, our hotel actually doesn't have enough light.
it only had dim light.
samar-samar romantic gitu.
i tried requesting extra light but the hotel didn't provide it.
so it's gonna be difficult to do the makeup and everything without enough source of light.
silap-silap boleh jadi badut. hihi
but thanks to my also big supporter.
he modified his flourescent lamp for us and sent it to me that night.
he can't come to support me on the contest day and i am honestly a little bit disappointed but he did everything he could to support me and i am so grateful for that.
Thank You.
thank you for not mocking me that day as you used to do all the time!

 l i l i e j o h n

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

going crazy!

So,here's the thing is.
i can never be mad at you for more than 24 hours!
You always know my weakest point is.
You know exactly how to make me flutter with your words when i least expect it!
Shooting me right through my heart.
And I am stupidly falling over and over for you.

I am in love.
And i am afraid because i might already deep in love.
we all know how difficult it was to swim back to the surface once you've fallen deep,deep in love.
And its making me crazy,
Because right now i don't mind going deeper!

In love mode. 
Siou saya jiwang. 

l i l i e j o h n