Monday, December 16, 2013


Many people can still live in this world because of this word.
And among the many,i'm one of them.

I betray myself so many time.
I sometimes curse my own family for being so hard on me.(which i shouldn't!)
I do love my job but sometimes i feel like it's just not my passion. and i hate myself for not even know what my passion are.
I curse the politician for all their drama and promises just to get their vote.
And i don't even know what the future holds for me but i always have HOPE.
Hope for a better living and world ahead.
hope for a brighter future ahead.
hope for more happiness.
so many hope that i let myself get hurt believing that every pain i endure will pay off later.
and yes, i still choose to keep on hoping.

cause hope give me so much reason to hold on out of nothing.

l i l i e


  1. sekian lama sy tunggu for an update. at last. hihi. good entry. :)

    1. ba kenen.. lps ni mau serang blog2 kmu ni..ehehe

    2. Hahaha. Patut la. Suka baca blog ko. Emm. Your blog's fan ni.

  2. i hope my hair grow well like yours. okay, sorry. i should get serious. lately, i'm not putting so much hopes in life. maybe because i don't really have much choices in life. i'm 25, it's not easy to switch house, family or job kan.

    but true hope is what makes you going. hails to the future.

    1. i hope so too because it my picture from 2012. now its short! haha
      ya so true!! hails to the future

  3. "it's just a spark, but it's enough to keep me going" - it's the line from Paramore's song called Last Hope. you should listen to it ;)

    1. already aemy. its a nice song from your favourite band! hehe

  4. I never giving up hoping to be a better person. but sometimes lost the grip from it if I just stand alone.
    and those who could live in this world because of this world should be grateful enough.

  5. Never stop HOPING. Because miracle happens everyday. Life full with pleasant surprise.


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