Friday, November 15, 2013

love counselor

Recently as my friend was in a relationship crisis with her boyfriend and i unofficially become a love counselor.

she asked me a lot about what she should do, should she ask for breakup or not, how should she handle breakup, how should she reply her bf texts and some sort of things that often left me think back about my past.

when she ask me
"should i leave him?"
i stopped for a while.
honestly i hesitate to answer her question.

if your man hurt you badly, leave him.
real man won't hurt his girl but protect her!
that should be the good advise.
but flashing back my relationship before, i hurt a lot too and still sticking with the same boyfriend also bah.
it's not easy for myself to just leave someone that i'm in love with, so how can i expect other?
i mean,when you advise people, you should walk the talk bah kan.


'forget him and move on'

are not as easy as you say it!
it's killing us!
especially the girls.
but thank God i been through so many heart broken and still living my life happily now.

often when i'm in a heartbroken mode, i keep telling myself this;
'keep falling in love'
i met with wrong guy, stupidly fall in love, got hurt (because i'm trying my best to keep the relationship yang konon-kononnya sangat sejati, chiss), still end up with breakup, heartbroken for few months, and then met with mr.wrong/right again, easily fall in love again,
and it's goes on and on until you finally meet your mr.right.
i believe i that.
macam lagu si pink,
you gotta get up and try try try.

you never know the power of falling in love again.
heal you faster!
not only falling in love with person, you could fall in love with one of your hobbies or your job maybe.
up to you.
but never stop loving.

obviously,i didn't tell my friend to leave her boyfriend and move on.
what i did tell her is that the hardest part of forgiving is to trust her boyfriend again and to make sure he wouldn't hurt her again.

1 week after that she told me that she's giving her bf another chance.
and she's ready to accept whatever the consequences after this.
so, really, the choice is yours.
plus everyone deserve a second chance, aye?. :)


Now, i'm in love with someone that i think is the right guy, but then you know when you are in love everything feels right. 
so,nothing that i can really confirm for now.
the only thing that i can confirm is that i am in it, and i am trying my best to keep it. 
so, whatever happen in the end if you did your best, there should't be any regret.
chayok lilie!

another p/s.

one of the mr.wrong guy text me recently.
he actually already text me a few times before i decided to reply him.
and little did i know that i actually miss him being my friend.
gosh,relationship has really ruin our friendship!
glad to have him back as a friend.

 l i l i e j o h n


  1. Time definitely heals. It may be long, but it will do it. However, I also believe everyone deserves a second chance. But if he messed up, bye bye crocodile. Hahaa tda-tda ba.

    Regarding the friend who you finally decided to text back, just make sure he's not in the friendzone. Or he'll be keeping his hopes up :D

    Happy weekend, Lilie!

    1. Haha. Yeah arms.time really heal. U got lucky u only have to fall in love twice and then meet with ur other half.
      Btw,abt the mr.wrong guy,i even call him 'geng' now! Just in case he still confuse about the relationship! Keke

    2. Wakaka how did you know only twice? :D

    3. Haha.. u did mention it on one of ur comment baaaa!! Now I feels weird for rememering such things. Hahaha

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  3. i agreed with you darling!

    she might feel hurt now but later she will recover and realize if no one could replace her bf. then start regretting for her decision. my suggestion is, don't give her any decision, but ask her to think it deeply. Because someday she will blame us if we ask her to leave her bf.

    just tell her, she'll be okay soon, better in time. no one is perfect, so her bf. i am totally agreed with you=)


    1. Ya darl.that y i never told any of my fren to leave their bf. Takut dipersalahkan later on..huhu

  4. Hi Lilies, I think I went to the same phase when I was young like you. I met the wrong guy/broke up/met again with the wrong guy/broke up and its on and on till I could not define anything about love anymore.

    1. Yala.. Too much broke up.bah.. Now i am still confuse if i really have met mr.right or not. But i really hope he will be my mr.right. :-)

  5. i agree with every bit of it. some friends (male & female) also come to me & ask for advice, depends on situation, i usually go talk to their partners..i should see both sides before i could give the right advice to my friends. hehe. but what u did is right. ;)

    1. Hehe..aemt,i also really want to hear her bf side story but i am not really familiar with her bf ba.. So,that y i just come up with some answer. Hehe


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