Saturday, November 9, 2013

are you the apple of my eyes??


have you watch this movie?
the title of the movie>>
i always want to watch this movie since college time but just now i have the chance to watch it after i downloaded it myself. 
the movie really make me miss highschool!!!

the story are about a guy who fall in love with the famous girl in school.
*so famous that every guy in the school are chasing her.
they both are actually like each other for a very long time.
but they never really confess up until they went to university.

i am a little bit sad watching the last part of the movie. 
i mean, their love story was just so wonderful that it gave me a huge heart break when they didn't end up together!!
yeah. it's a sad ending kind of movie.
but no worries cause it won't make you cry.
it's a simple movie with a lot of funny stupid things that it will make you laugh all the time even at the saddest part.

i still can't believe the movie just come to an end without the hero trying to stop the heroin from getting marry to another guy!
*kalau movie hindi confirm gitu tu ending dia kan.. haha
but i bet in reality no one dare to stop a marriage ceremony!
in reality we always try to be real.
and real mean we need to accept what we are meant to be.
we can fight of course, but make sure you are fighting for the right person and on the right time!
bukan masa wedding ceremony baru mau terhegeh-hegeh mau fight.

it's sad but he's right. :)

being in love doesn't always mean you guys need to be together.
sometimes, it's simply mean you need to be happy for them.

and being happy doesn't always mean you need to be in the picture.

the hero in this movie always want to be the first guy to hold the heroin's hands.
but he doesn't even get to hold it until the end of the movie.
and i am still pissed! 

l i l i e j o h n.


  1. interesting! this is my call to update my movie collection. hehe. thx for sharing! ^^

    1. ya aemy! sy pun sedang boikot housemate sy utk tengok ni movie. cute ba. hihi

  2. It seem like a nice story so I have to watch it :)

  3. I told myself again and again that sometime,it doesn't mean if I fall to a person I will end up walking the aisle with him. I met few men and it never work out well. And I blame God for that. I have to accept the more I am trying hard for it, the more heart broken I was. And now, I accept the fact that sometime the person you met are just meant to be your friend or good friend or closed friend or maybe enemy.

  4. Most of my ex now become not so friendly friend. Some of them i just truly hate that i have to block them from my fb acc. But after years they text me and surprisingly i can still reply their text in a friend manner. Wow! Haha.. Its hard to just to accept the fact that we are not meant to be together but times heal kan..:-)


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