Friday, November 4, 2011


i have big crush before with my classmate L. 
he is not handsome nor cute, not also tall.
but i like him because of his jokes.
L make me laugh a lot and i love being around him. 
he is also a good listener to begin with and a good adviser.
i can comfortably tell him about my problem and everything.
as i started to like L, i learned that L already have someone else/GF.
so sad.
but after few month i heard that L broke up with his girl so i try so hard to win him.
well, obviously L only see me as a good friend.
but i never gave up.
at the same time L's roommate, P confess to me and i accept it, why?
because of a stupid reason.
so , i can ask P (my boyfriend at that time) everything about L.
what he do, where he went and all.
at first P did not suspect me.
guess my acting skills is amazing at that time.
but soon P began to suspect me and i have to end the relationship cruelly before any unwanted thing happen.
after that, i got the courage to confess to L about my feelings and he accepted me.
so happy!

but my happiness didn't last for too long.
two weeks after that he began to ignore me.
not replying the text and not answering the call.
 clearly, he's avoiding me!! 
i don't know why.
i tried to text him so many time but he never reply me.
in class, the situation gets really awkward between us.
we do not talk or sit together.
i keep rejecting other guys that came into my life after that. 
i don't know why, maybe deep inside my heart i still hope that L will contact me one day.
but soon, i realize that it was impossible.
i am not the patience kind of girl. 
5 months of waiting? 
ok, screw ya.

three years after that i suddenly receive a text from L.
it was quite shocking actually.
but then i replied him as a friend.
from one text to another. 
but i don't really interested to have a long conversation with him.
only replying if i feel like it's appropriate to do so
i mean whatever happened between us, he is still my ex-classmate and used to be a good friend of mine.
he keep sending me texts since then asking how's my day or if i've eaten.
 like every single minute. even if i don't reply him. he keeps texting me. 
and then i get tired of this unstoppable text.
so, i reply one of his message asking him what is actually he want from me. 
 L said he want to know if i still love him.
i don't answer him instead i ask him what is actually happened three years ago.
L told me he found out about the relationship between me and P.
so, he feel bad for his roommate about our relationship.
i guess thats what we called karma. 
i leave his roommate without a strong reason and he did the same to me. :)
He admitted his mistake and ask if i can give him a second chance.

"everyone deserve a second chance. can you just give our relationship a second chance?"

i was quite for a while trying to find a good words to reply him,

" yes, i believe everyone deserve a second chance. but our relationship never had a chance at the first place. so, how can i give it a second chance?"

i never blame him for leaving me.
70% of it was actually my fault.
the other 20% is fate.
and 10% of it was wrong timing.
and it's about time to move on.

life is karma. 
how people treat you is your karma, how you react is theirs.
we sow what we reap,we reap what we sow. 
what goes around comes around.

yes, everyone deserve a second chance, except HITLER.

remember guys,
woman's feeling toward man also has an expired date.
once you pass the date, don't ever try to eat it.
because if you insist then be prepared for a heartache. 

if someone you love hurts you, cry a river,build a bridge and get over it!
because every breath you take proves that you can live without him/her.

the story was adapted from somewhere deep down memory lane. :p


l i l i e j o h n


  1. Lilie,may I know where did you copy this.. I need to know the writer.. please.. ^_^.v..

  2. Ok.. I got a feeling.. will Karma turn to me now? I've done kinda thing.. wuwuwu.. ;p

  3. aki: ayaaa copy past dari post sy yg lama bah ni.. january punya post.. huhu..

    mix: life is simple but it's not easy.

    germaine: hehe.. don't worry karma makes us stronger.. hehe

  4. ha ha ha.. no,I have some feeling baca ko punya post ni.. He he he..

  5. yeah, life must move on !! haha ( merepek sua sy hehe)

  6. @aki, ehhhh..mesti tekena batang hidung ko kan ni post.. ahahha

    @er:betul2.. hehe

  7. ohh i love this story....boleh buat book da ni. ^^ it's inspiring, finally it's like a win-win situation..actually it's no one's fault. yeah it's fate..everything happens for a reason :)
    move on!! ^^

  8. oww.. ok..this one is so cool. Enjoy reading it. Seriously...KARMA exist ;) I experienced it before but in different scenario. =.=''


  10. Hi, A man who can make you laugh better than one who makes you cry.
    You have fun, and keep a song in your heart.
    Have a nice day.

  11. Lilie... sad story.

    Whatever it is, for me, whatever decision we made in the past only makes us wiser, be it kesilapan ka or the right thing to do.

    That's how I try to evade flashbacks on sad stuff :P


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