Friday, October 28, 2011

clinic cafe.

ok, post pendek. 
last time LILIE and the gang went to penang..again. 
yes, i've been to penang a few time actually but to be honest this is the first time i went to CLINIC CAFE.
it was in Gurney Plaza at Penang. 
since we all are paramedic-to-be so we are very excited to be there. 
enjoy the photo and happy belated Deepavali. keke
the entrance of the cafe.
this is how the cafe look like. i like the theme color. RED and WHITE. he he


we sit on this side. he he

this is the surgery room's lamp. 

macam buat experiment. he he 

various kind of chemical liquid.keke


makan bersama kidney dish and gallipot. kekeke


at Batu Ferringhi Penang. :)

can you see the sign up there. it says Muzium Toy Terbesar Di DUNIA??? tia tau la betul ka tidak tapi lepas baca ni,kami semua dalam kereta, "cepat pusing,cepat pusing. largest toy muzium in the world. wajib masuk!!" RIBUT..haha

the toys store.

if you went to penang, BUKIT BENDERA is a MUST to go. you can see how Penang look like from the BUKIT. kami sampai sana lambat. malam suda. penang at night is beautiful but then it's raining!!!!  i think better you go before the sunset la... hehehe..

banyak gambar di Penang tapi saya malas mo upload. you can see more on my friend's blog, oyeniyrid arr bukan oyenization. he he

l i l i e s. j o h n


  1. I went to Bukit Bendera but that was like 5years ago. Nanti mahu pigi Penang lah lagi..

  2. 2 oyen in da house ah.. haha ha ha.. envy tingu tu makanan.. dalam hati pula cakap,oh,buli makan ka tu?? bekas orang bedah pesakit.. ha ha ha.. :-p

  3. wah, at first this year end mau p penang but nda ckup masa.. p KL,Melacca and genting instead.. I would love to go to penang..makanan mcm sedap tp lain2 sy terbayang pula instead of the food.. haha

  4. I'm using Sony Ericsson X10 mini pro! Hahaha

    Omigosh the cafe looks so hospitalize! I wanna go take picture too!

  5. samantha: hihi.. go penang go! he he

    aki:that's why la sy x order mknn yg dlm kidney dish.. scary kan.. ha ha.. tp sadap jg tu mknn dlm kidney dish.. sy p test durang punya makanan.. ha ha

  6. dora: malacca and genting pun syok jgk bah.. hoho.. nanti len kali try la p penang pula.. he he

    daniel: i think this clinic cafe is only branch.. the main cafe are in KL if i'm not mistaken la.. he he

    mixhendreson:ya. pigi2..hehehe

  7. omg the clinic cafe looks a bit scary. but the food looks great! :D

  8. Wow ada juga ka cafe mcm ni... menakutkan juga tempat makananan dia tu hahaa.

    Nasib baik nda ada minuman darah kan. Wakakaa jk.

    Happy Saturday Lilie!

  9. wah... tu clinic cafe memang pakai semua gelas, pinggan mangkuk yang macam di sepital ka?

    i thought, nama nya clinic cafe so, barang makan maybe reduce in sugar ka, reduce in garam ka... makanan sihat la lebih kurang... he he he.. but still, nice juga la..

    Blessed weekend lilie!! God bless.

  10. Wahh, my dad's from Penang and slalu jgak pgi sna. But I nver heard of that clinic place. Msti pgi nxt time. Woot! Woot! :)

  11. Wahh, my dad's from Penang and slalu jgak pgi sna. But I nver heard of that clinic place. Msti pgi nxt time. Woot! Woot! :)

  12. Hye... you sure have a nice day being there aight? The cafe is so cool and I wish I could be there on my next vacation~ Your post had inspired me^^ hehhe.. BTW, I'm following your blog lovely. Have a nice day :))

  13. dong, sy suka o tu clinic cafe!! hehe


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