Tuesday, October 11, 2011

beautifully imperfect.

my father is the most stubborn guy I've ever seen. 
he always want us to behave according to his will.
once we disobey he can be a monster! 
okay monster is too much. 
once we disobey he can be THE HULK! 

when i was 5 the most scarier person for me is my father. 
my father has the big RATTAN that he hung on the wall to remind us not to do something bad.
once we make mistake he would take the rattan and hit us.
uh, that was painful.

but as i grow up, my father didn't use rattan to us any longer.
i remember i quarrel with him when i was 15. 
see, i am as stubborn as he is.
ke mana tumpahnya kuah kan? hehe..
both side are so stubborn and it continued like that for a month.
can you imagine, i didn't talk to my father for a month!
i don't remember how we finally ended the world war,
but i remember my mother was the most worried person about the fight.
she said, it's hard to persuade both of us to talk first since both of us are equally stubborn.
keras kepala+keras kepala= macam ni lah. 

when i was 17, i got another fight with my father.
he was so angry with me until he broke my brother's game-toy.
my father has a very bad tempered. 
but i got lucky since my father never hit me after i enter high school.
he never hit a person when he was angry actually but everything beside him always became the victim of his tempered.
coincidentally, that day my little brother's game-toy was beside him and you know the rest of the story.
but the good thing is the next morning my father brought a new game-toy for my brother.:)
(thanks to me for that okay. he he)

i always quarrel with my family member.
my sisters,my brother,my mother and my father.
to be honest we never say apologize to each other after the fight.
like,today we fight but the next morning we are laughing together again.
there's no need to say sorry.
and that's what family is. 

this video remind me of my father.
my father has the loudest snore in our family.
loud enough to make you feel so annoyed sometimes. 
now, i live miles away from my father and it makes me realize that even with his imperfections i still don't want to miss a moment with him. 

l i l i e  s. j o h n 


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  2. hua! sy tidak mau nangis..tp sy nangis jg..thank you for the tag ah..ko lupa tag si kharyatikot sma si surayah ni..yg akan berkhawin nanti..kahahahahhaha...(ayat sy tu mcm yg len tidak akan kahwin pla kan) kihihi

  3. Me and my dad are very close at a certain extent that when I look at the sun and whining how hot it is today, I remembered my dad back home struggling at work.

  4. Cam sama ja ni... My dad oso very pemarah punya type of person.. Sya nda jarang lawan, cara sya lawan, sya diam2 then pi tempat lain, nda melayan dia marah... Kasi biar ja dia, sampaikan sya jarang peduli apa yang terjadi dgn my dad. Ignoring him so much coz takut kena marah. Doi.. But now, he is old so, no more lah begitu just kadang2 sya pi tegur dia juga kalau some things yang nda berapa ngam.. (anak suda yg pi menegur ni..hehehe)..

    Anyway, macam mana pun durang, we still love them very much kan?

    Blessed Tuesday Lilies John!!!

  5. I understands how you feel. same thing goes to my dad...

    Now looking back... i really love my dad so much. I miss him too... wait I share a vid with you... gerenti cry...


  6. My Dad still beat me up at my 17.. Ha ha ha.. but yet,up until now,even I'm an hot tempered person,sa nda pernah pukul sepa2.. kecuali kawan2 samseng tai kucing tem skolah dulu.. Ha ha ha.. And I Miss my Dad too!! ^_^.v..

  7. This happens when we're still small, when we're like flexible bamboo shoots, now we're big and strong, these disciplining tactics won't work anymore, we're already grown hardened bamboos..

  8. keykho: hehe, the one yg sy tag ko di fb tuada ayat bible bah,.. that;s why la sy x tag durang.. he he

    simply: yalor.. poor my old dad.. suda la tua terpaksa kerja penat lg. huhu

    rose: he he.. mimag most of the father very strict to his child bah,, for our own goodness but sometimes kita x paham.. hehe. blessed tuesday rose.. :)

    daniel chiam: thanks for sharing.. sy suda tgok tu vid actually and it's was a very sad video... hukhuk tp last2 iklan insurans pula tu.. ha ha

    aki: i oso! i never said i miss him but i think he knows it.. and i am sure that he miss me too! he he

    cold winter: hehe.. so true.. membentuk bamboo biarlu dari rebungnya.. :)

  9. Mama saya yang paling garang.Sikit2 kena rotan.Saya pernah tidak bercakap sama mama saya 1year..ha-ha tu time masuk university sdh la sebab dia mahu saya study ini saya tidak mahu,saya mahu study itu dia tidak mahu.mahu kena ckp dia juga.

    But now mama saya tidak sudah garang lah.

    Your dad remind me with one of my brother.Hot tempered betul kalau mengamuk saja semualah barang mahu dikasi pecah. Actually kami tidak takut dia,tapi kami takut barang habis dia kasi picah..

  10. red cherry: ha ha.. ya betul! habis harta benda di rumah musnah... kalau suis2 di rumah tu teda la tu..habis kana tumbuk oleh bapa sy..
    tapi skrg x suda la.. suda tua kan.. my father mcm pandai malu suda sama kami anak2 dia.. smua suda besar kan.. he he

  11. hehe..its quite funny when reading ur story..but i guess in this story the most happiest is ur brother..hehehe...

    quarrel can be a good thing..it make you closer together without realize but its dangerous when its turns to hate..so jangan lawan ckp ayah..hehehe


  12. there are always reasons why daddy wants to punish us and puts so many rules..when i was like 15 or 16 i always thought my dad ruined my life. but now i understand why he did that. :)
    yeah true, family's like that. fight today, laugh tomorrow ^^

  13. hahaha..bukan ko pun pandai jd hulk ka tu lilie :p

  14. Saya pun melawan bapa. Sebab bapa saya pun melawan saya. Tapi sekarang saya sudah menyesal, ni lah nih, tinggal jauh sudah dari bapa kan.

    Sedihnya sia baca ini. Sia paham perasaan ko.

  15. azlan: btl..kdg2 gs jg tu gaduh2 tu.. hehe

    aemy:if we never fight then it's not a family.. is it right? ke ke ke

    yen: hulk sy x pandai..super sapiens sy pandai la.. ha ha

    gunaqz: hehe... ya lor.. sy rindu jg ma bapa sy ni wlupun kami slalu gaduh2... he he

  16. If your father turns green, that means he mist have passed on some hulk genes to you, right? Maybe in the future, you might turn people when you go angry. Haahahaaaha.

    Biasa la family gitu. Hmm, but be thankful though, some people don't have fathers of their own and they really wished they had one :)

    Hahaa then your father and I have one thing in common which is we snore very loud. LOL. Betul!

    Happy Friday Miss Lilie!

  17. arms: sy jd super sapiens jak.. merah2.. cantik sikit.. why arr? most of the guys snore so loud.. ho ho... jarang jumpa girl yg snore kuat.. ada la but just a few.. ke ke..
    happy holiday arms! ":)


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