Sunday, July 10, 2011

coconut, cow and blanket

once upon a time there lived these two brothers (i don't remember their name, so i just called them Eldest and Younger). they were very poor and their father just die.

but before their father die, their father left them with his property and ask them to divide the property properly.

their father's property;
one coconut tree, one cow and one blanket. 

the Eldest was very intelligent while the Youngest was very innocent.

so, the Eldest said,
"as for the coconut tree,i'll let you take the lower part of the tree  because it was very strong which is represent you and it has root going right through the ground and i will take care of the upper part of the mango"

the Youngest thought that 
"brother is so kind that his giving me the big and strong trunk and the root of the tree"

and then the Eldest said
"since you are younger than me, i'll let you have the head and the front of the cow since it's easier to take care of, while the rest of the cow i'll take care of it"

so the Youngest thought.
"owh my brother is so nice that he give me only the head to take care of. and yet he has many things to do"

the Eldest said again,
"as for the blanket, you can have it on daylight so that you can always see the blanket who have given us many memory with our late father, and i will have it on night"

and so the innocent brother thought that his brother is so nice that he even give up the blanket to him on daylight.

so, they both agree to divide their late father property just like that.

so, everyday day the youngest water the coconut tree and take care of it's root while the Eldest collect all it's fruit for himself.
the Youngest also feed the cow since he is responsible for the head of the cow but the one who take the milk of the cow was the Eldest. 
the youngest also keep the blanket with him on daytime without using it and on night the Eldest get to use it since they divide it that way.

as times goes by, the Youngest finally realize how foolish he is for accepting his brother's idea.

so, the next day the Youngest borrow the axe from his neighbour and went to cut the tree but his brother objecting it. but the Youngest said
"i need a wood for fire my food. moreover, the lower part of the coconut tree is mine so that means i can do anything out of my part" 
but the Eldest said
"don't be like that my dear brother, i will share with you the coconut fruit"
so, the Youngest agree and didn't cut the tree.

the next day Youngest stopped feeding the cow and the cow stopped milking. 
when his brother ask Youngest why he stopped feeding the cow,
he said he want to take the head of the cow so that he have something to eat so he doesn't need to feed the cow anymore. but then the Eldest once again convince Youngest to not kill the cow and that he will share the milk with him. 
Youngest agree with the condition and did not kill the cow.

as for the blanket Youngest wash the blanket right before the day become dark everyday so that the Eldest cannot use it on night. 

at last the Eldest had enough and ask his brother to forgive him and later they both share all the work together and all the coconut fruit,cow's milk and even the blanket together.  :)

i've heard this story when i was in kindergarten. it was told in one of the child program (APTA) that i joined at that time. which means i've been keeping this story for almost 16 years now , so if you find the story above a bit weird than what you've heard, please don't mind it.. hehe 


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