Tuesday, March 13, 2012

when the old folk talking

have you ever heard grandmas talking or gossiping?

well, i always heard them especially now, since i am having my long holiday sleeping and eating only.. <---pemalas.

my granny live in Kota Kinabalu with my aunty AKA daughter dia. 
but once in a while my granny will come visit us and her mighty friends here in our village.

and you know when the came the house was having a blast. her friend from all over the village visit our home everyday.. you know bestfriends, they stick together right?. keke..

however the best part is the gossiping time. everytime the old folks gather, they are always gossiping. 
they gossip about everything happened in the village from the old-old time until the latest news, revealing the story behind every event.. i mean girls also gossip but the old folks gossip is much more extreme... 

"ko tau anak si anu tu, suda cerai!!!! baru saja 1 bulan kawin pun...."

"you know, si anu tu, panas baran@hot tempered pukul bini!!! "

"last friday saya pigi sungai tangkap ikan saya nampak si anu(perempuan) sama si anu (lelaki) jalan sama-sama.. baha... "

and some compliment,

"saya suda jumpa in-law si anu tu.. bagus juga.. mesra betul muka dia... "

there's this one time my father heard them talking while walking pass them..

"ui, kamu tau si anu-1 yang kasi sinadaat@bomoh si anu-2 tu samapi si anu-2 masuk hospital..."

and then my father get angry.

"songkoboroso nodi(talking nonsense)!,siapa yang kasitau kamu pasal tu? saya yang sindaat si anu-2 bilang si anu-1 sama kamu?!!!"

my father kind of anti-gossiping, he even mad at me if i talk some theory. my father only likes facts. keke

however, my father has a point. where did they (old folk including my granny) get their gossip's material???
is it true?? i don't know. what i do know is that i do enjoy listening to them even some of them are really hard to swallow.

but i hate it when they are also gossip about sukod wagu@the young generation nowadays. 
they always compare us to them... when they were young they are much more hardworking and much more healtier.. how they woke up at 4 in the morning!! 
so, everytime my granny around i have to wake up as early as 6 am because some of her friends comes to our house at 6 am!!! so, at 6 am i have to stand up and pretend like i have already awake 1 hour ago, cleaning there and here..seeping here and there.. because if they come and i'm still sleeping i'm afraid tomorrow morning i'll get famous.. jatuh saham i.. 

and from my observation for 4 month having my holiday listening to them, i think the old folks are just boring. since their children doesn't let them work anymore. so, they learn their new hobby- TALKING. and then they improvise their skill in GOSSIPING... they never search for the truth they just want to talk and gossip. 
some of them are truth and the rest we never really know.. 

but then, i was thinking, when we get old what can we do else then spending some time with family and friend and gossiping??? for girls la kan..kan -kan... at least when the old folks like this gossip, some girls like me have the initiative to wake up early in the morning kan.. hehe

and remember gossiping is one of the old folks ways of networking.. chow..



  1. totally! sa pun bgitu jg..sy punya old folks la XD nanti tua2 turn kita sdh nde XD eheh

  2. ya lor.. hehe.. hargailah mereka

  3. aduh..org tua mmg hebat kalo sdh berkumpul.sy terus chow kalo nampak dorg.nnt tdgr mcm2 yg enda disuka or diri sendiri menjadi topic.what to do la kan

  4. I used to get intimidated by their conversation. But now, once in a while, I berani menyampuk and join them hehe.

  5. Kalau menyampuk sikit, terus kana marah. Silap haribulan,kana sindir-sindir lagi. Haha.

  6. I Love how my grandpa using his oldtime.. Dia bawa sa pigi keningau, and kami pigi aramaitii sama kawan2 dia.. yeah ha.. which my nenek pun lebih kurang ja cam nenek ko.. gossip ja kerja, so when the gossiping time come, sa cari beer, and minum, and dia akan membebel sama sa.. oh heaven.. sa lagi suka dia membebel sa, daripada sibuk mengumpat.. ha ha ha.. :D

  7. ahaa... mmg org tua kuat bgosip.. bosan ba diorang tu..hahaha

  8. hehe..besa la tu...typical old folks..tp bukan smua mcm tu.. tu la sy malas mau bw male friends sy jln2 p kampung sy...nnt mcm2 kena ckp2 kan..haizz...

  9. The old folks at my kampung always gossip... sometimes I don't like to hear them and just went to do something else. Hahaa. There was this one time that I liked a girl and I have no idea who told who, the whole kampung kinda knows I like the girl. I used to walk back home and people called the girls name but she wasn't there... they were calling me. Hahahaa.

    Happy Thursday bisuk, Lilie!

  10. haha..in my opinion, they must got nothing else@interesting to do..that's y they gossiping kan..hehe.

    p/s: habit tu normal bah bg perempuan, regardless of age..:P


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