Sunday, August 21, 2011

RIP, my friend PYAKK..

i was in my room when my father suddenly gave me an egg.
"take care of this egg. the mother left it because all the other egg has hatch."
i just know this fact too. usually when 90% of her egg hatched, the chicken just leave the rest unhatched.
so, the egg that my father gave me before he and my mother going to my mother's hometown was the 10%.
my father said that the egg will hatched itself in two days if i gave some heat.

unfortunately, my granny who just came into the house and didn't see where my father(bapa saya pun sembarang letak jak atas lantai) put the egg stepped on the egg and didn't even notice it until i suddenly hear the chirping " kiak-kiak-kiak!!!!"
my granny practically hatched the egg with her foot! OMO!
oh my gosh! it's the chick! 

it was so tiny and it has no quill. summary: UGLY black uncolored chick! 
i gave it some rice but the chick didn't take it. so i gave some biscuit+water and i was lucky the chick ate it!
even thou it was an ugly chick i planned to take good care of it until it become chicken.
so, i named it 'PYAKK'.
the next morning as i woke up i went to PYAKK first to feed her him her.. i was so surprise when i saw her quill! it's growing and PYAKK look so cute.

and PYAKK look fat. hehe..
i practically spend most of my holiday (one month) alone.
my parent was in my mother's hometown for one month and they came back only weekends.
both of my sisters went to their college and hostel but they also came back only weekends.
they leave me alone because i have to take care of my brother(who refuse to live in his school's hostel >,<) and make sure he didn't skip classes.
my granny was only spending a few day at home and she has to came back to my aunt's house at KK. to babysit.
my brother? he wasn't always at home. more likely he's only at home when he want to eat and sleep.
so starting on monday until friday i always alone....................................................... alone...... A.L.O.N.E!
well, at least my father leave me with an egg. PYAKK.
to be honest i never felt alone since PYAKK exist in my life.. it 's because PYAKK always make sound. KYAK! KYAK! KYAK! i can't even sleep at night because of her sound.. hurmmmmmmm.

four days after PYAKK hatch, i began to learn that PYAKK can't walk like other chick.
she only sit and crawling.
maybe because no one teach her to walk but my brother said it might happen because my granny step on PYAKK before.
knowing that PYAKK can't walk, i prepare one nice basket for PYAKK.

beautiful handmade basket for PYAKK.
the basket was made by my mother actually. and she didn't know i used it for PYAKK. not until weekend. HAHA

my day became more noisy since PYAKK exist. whenever PYAKK feels hungry, she will chirp loudly. 
the same thing happen when i ignore her. 

"don't look at the lappy all day! take me please!!!!"

when PYAKK saw me playing with my lappy she will chirp! at first i thought she was hungry but when i give her some food she won't eat it. i put PYAKK back on her basket but she began to chirp. but when i put her on my lappy's keyboard, she fell asleep.

"lilie, look only at me"

PYAKK love to be on my lappy so much. maybe because it was warm on there. she fall asleep quickly. 
"okla PYAKK,.. as long as you don't pee on it" hehe

PYAKK was also very noisy at night. 

she's so noisy until my brother ask me to shut her mouth. haha

but she will automatically shut her mouth when you touch her head. 
to make her sleep, just touch her head until she's asleep. 
how do you know she's asleep?
when you take your finger from her head, she'll just stay silent. :)
PYAKK only eat bread. yeah, she's one demanding chick. huuu
i once tried to feed her with rice but she won't eat it.

PYAKK also love it when i put her on my palm. 


my brother once told me that one day PYAKK will die before she become real chicken.
i know about that but i just want PYAKK to live longer. maybe for four month? hmm

on weekend, all my family came back, so i kinda ignore her a bit because i was so excited everyone was here,sometimes i forgot to feed PYAKK on time and i also always leave her alone. :(
when my sister saw me apologizing to PYAKK she teas me.

"living alone make you go crazy huh??"

HAHA... but i don't care, i keep talking to PYAKK.
on sunday 26 june 2011, after i woke up as usual i went to PYAKK first.
she look like sleeping but when i touch her, she's not moving and she's so cold.

i was shock and i was like


crying.. my mom hurried came to see what happened.

"oooo hoooooooo"

my mom was sad at first but when she saw me crying over PYAK, i can see her laughing.
i know it's funny to cry over a chick that only been with me for two weeks..
my sister said,

"aik, since when did you became a chicken lover? i thought you are a chicken's meat lover?"

teasing me. but, seriously, i didn't feel it funny at all at that time.
i feel lose, like i'm losing part of myself. hukhukhuk.. :( <--EMO la pula..

crying over PYAKK with my messy hair early in the morning.
since then, the basket that PYAKK used to live was called "BAKUL PYAKK"..  i am sure the BAKUL also feels so lonely without PYAKK on it... i originally want to buried the basket with PYAKK but i'm pretty sure mother won't allowed me.. huhu
bakul PYAKK.
PYAKK was buried in our backyard. my uncle UNTAN help me buried her.

rest in peace for PYAKK..
To PYAKK, thank you for accompany me this past two weeks. JASAMU DIKENANG...

this is actually the first time i ever cried for chick. i don't like chicken before i only love it's meat but i guess i began to fall in love with chicken and falling more in love with chicken's meat!!!!!!!!
KFC the best! ngehehehe


too much X and O..


  1. as usual...i owez admire ur posts...especially this one...u did draw all d drawings urself right? it looks so artful, luvly n meaningful..i dont look precisely on its details but i know u did draw it all wit ur heart...n i luv ur efforts...u nvr fail even once to impress me with ur posts...keep it up sher! cant wait to see ur next posts...^_^...L...

  2. thanks for the complimet L... but seriously, it's so hard to paint using paint microsoft. i took one hour to finish all this and my hand feels so painful.. haha..
    but it gave satisfactions.. hehe

  3. nice post seri.. so sweet of u takin care of pyak.. :)

  4. owh i really love this remind me of my chicken pet 'Gimboloi' long time ago....hoho

  5. marcella: heeeeehehe..kambang kunun ni....
    er: cantiknya nama ayam ko, gimbaloi... hehe..

  6. wahh lilie.... :) ur entry touch my heart.. It remind me of my late Snoopy ;( he left us 2 weeks ago due illness. we unable to cure him even the vet...I cried the whole nite... :( Luckily my puppy now getting better...

    mmg susah mau terima pemergian benda yg kita sayang....kann..

  7. 1st, i love your drawings..cute!

    2nd, this is a very heart-warming story..i'm touched! huuhuu....poor Pyakk..but at least it came to your life and made a sweet story as a part of your memory..right? pet is pet, be it chick, kitten, puppy, duck, iguana, or even snake..they're our loyal companion..losing them is a heartache for the owners..huhu..

  8. DEV: yaloo.. when we started to love something it's really hard to lose them bah.. harap2 puppy ko sihat selalu.. :)

    AEMY: cincai jak tu drawing tu.. hehe
    agree!! pet are our loyal companion. sometimes pet are more loyal then human itself! huhu

  9. lucu jga ging hehhehe..but like hehehe


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