Friday, September 16, 2011

F.A.R.T eiiiyuuuuuu...

girls also fart.
i know it's a sensitive issue for girls.

men out there,have you ever heard your girl farting infront of you??
for girls, it's embarrassing to fart publicly especially infront of guys. 
girls will try their best not to fart infront of guys.
yes, i know. i'm a girl too! tidak mo jatuh saham bah.. 
instead for men, they can fart like wherever they want.
one of the advantages being a man. 

don't ever-ever try to fart in this kind of suit! 
i don't really mind farting infornt of my girls. they don't seem to care about that too.. 
masing-masing faham bah.
sama-sama kentut kan..
walaupun keluar juga la tu ayat
"eiiiiiiiiyuuuuuuuuuuuu, si anu kentut" 
 but infront of guys (tambah lagi kalau the guy is super duper hot)? owh tidakkkkkkkkk!!!!!  
NIGHTMARE!! ha ha.. 

some fart can't be hide.
i believe every girls has farted secretly in public right?
maybe even infront of your husband/boyfie. time dorang tidur la kan.. 
secretly releasing the boom atom. booom!! haha
 i do fart secretly in public too..sometimes it unexpected bah..
tiba-tiba jak mo keluar kan..KEKE
and only God know much i hope that it won't stink and thanks God! 
most of the time it won't produce any smell. selamat saham beta.. 
some tips? makan sayur banyak-banyak! 
but it won't work all the time la.. sometimes it still stinky.. 
so, better do the 'farting thing' in ladies la.. kalau sempat.. ha ha

they said this position was a good position to release all the gas inside. he he
there's a time when my brother and me were in the car. 
my brother was driving and i was sitting beside him.
i get bored and i suddenly i want to teas him. 

"ei, saya rasa macam mo kentut owh"
"bas*g! noopod sumandak om koontut ie (nama jak perempuan tapi kentut juga) "

hey, common guys, we are HUMAN too.. we are not robot. we need to fart.. we really do!! 
for our own sake!

here's some fact about farting.

1.a healthy person farts 16 times a day!! on the average. 
walaupun tidak sampai 16 kali but thanks God i'm healthy!!! 

2.people fart most in their sleep.
ha ha.. remind me of my father and my friend. they fart in their sleep and it was a loud fart!!!! ha ha ha.. 

3.everyone farts!!
guys, don't be fooled by girls who tell you they never fart!! female fart as much as males!!!! 

4. animals fart too..
animals pun kentut. apa lagi human kan.. he he... 

5. farts that contain a large amount of methane & hydrogen can be flammable. 
makin banyak hydrogen makin stinky tu kentut. he he

megan fox also fart. can you imagine that?

kalau GF kamu kentut depan kamu, cepat-cepat cakap "thanks God for giving me such a healthy lady!"

l i l i e s. j o h n


  1. hahaha.. positive.. ahh,ko pikir,Barrack Obama pun kentut.. :-p

  2. suka tu ayat terakhir "kalau GF kamu kentut depan kamu, cepat-cepat cakap "thanks God for giving me such a healthy lady!"

    kalau la bf sy cakap mcm tu.....hahahha...lawak ko...:)

  3. you'd want to read this:'s ok to fart la..for healthy purpose. :p
    yeah eat more veggies and fruits to avoid stinks..hehe..

  4. aki: tu la kan... pm malaysia pun kentut bah!! ha ha

    beatrice: nah kan... suru bf ko ckp begitu klu ko terkentut dpn dia len kali.. ha ha

    aemy: thanks for the link.. bt2 batuk msa kentut.. ha ha.. berguna juga tu tips owh kan.. ha ha

  5. normal la ba kan..ada ka urang nda pn pernah fart jg in public..hahahahhaha...susa jg mau kontrol tu tau...ahahah

  6. keep it real, right? fart is one of the commonest things in the world.

    klu terkentut dlm lif lg bikin malu. kasi tebal muka ja la. hahaha.


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