Thursday, September 29, 2011

my sketch collection!

hai guys!! last time i read some posts from aemy and aki
they talk about an activity during boring lesson. 
AEMY with her ZOMBIE kampung pisang and AKI with his beach view. 
i remember i had a sketch book that i always bring to my class before. 
i did enjoy sketching since i'm in primary school. 
probably because i read too many MANGA's book back then. sketching help me to prevent myself from sleeping during class most if the time. 
that's why i always bring my sketch book to class.
i know i'm not really good in sketching but i really love to show you guys this little collection of mine. :)

i actually dreamt of becoming a fashion designer once. it's good thing that i decided to just forget that. ha ha
i love hood!
again with the fashion designer thing!
fashion designer thing



18sx owh.. lupa mo censor td. aiyaa.. 
the girls aside

mother and child
sexy lips

not my parent. my Bestfriend's parent actually. he ask me to sketch his parent but  when i show him this he was like "who the hell is that? " ha ha.. mission fail!!

faces 1

my friend, Osheeta Nivea William! hmm, actually i tried to sketch her but  it's too difficult to sketch people's face!! 

woman love curl

big smile!

tried to sketch someone's faces again. i don't remember who's this.. i can't recall even after i saw this.. ha ha

the waiting bride!

again, the failure! somebody please teach me how sketch people's face!

man's faces is the hardest things to sketch for me! i've tried so hard but gosh! why does it still look like a girl's face! my friend said it look like drug-queen!



di celah-celah nota sempat juga lukis..
so many isn't it?? yeah lor, saya pun terkazut, when i checked my skecth book just now i was like 
"woah, so many owh, apa yang saya belajar di kelas selama ni? no wonder la pointer rendah!" 

bah, that's all la.. 
good night everyone!! 

hugs and kisses,
l i l i e s. j o h n


  1. Oi,try sketch my faces.. Ha ha ha.. hebat ba pula ko ni melukis kan?? gila la.. terbaik.. ^_^.v.. Sa suka semua..

  2. the sexy lips is you kan.. haha.. nice! semua cantik oo..

  3. Wow... I get to know more and more about you everyday XD

  4. really can sketch..hehe..i try before but got no is sumthing that cant be learn..its a gift..hehehe..thumbs up!!!


  5. aki: sketch muka ko?? adoi...susah owh.. nanti sy cuba try test la.. he he

    dora: bukan sy tu,tp sy harap sy ada bibir mcm tu.. kasi kalah megan fox! ha ha

    daniel chiam: he he...

    stridor:is it?? art is something that we can't learn? alaa, baru mo ambil vocal class! he he

  6. Waaaa... So NICE lah all your sketches... jeles this. sya nda penah simpan hasil nukilan sya masa sya attend kuliah dulu ooo.. i think i did some sketches coz mau tahan mata ngantuk ni.... but all and all, i love your baju2 punya design... nice bah.... u should still work out on it... :-)

    P.s: Follow u and add u to my blog list. next time mau jalan2 lagi pi sini.... syiok pla baca cerita kau.. :-D

  7. Eeerrrr.. baru perasan.. I am Your 100th FOLLOWER.... Yai!!! :-)

  8. wow.. I AM SO IMPRESSED! pandainya ko melukis... napa la sa teda bakat begini.. bgus jg ni kalu ko letak dlm portfolio.. ataupun kasi bingkai. if only I can draw kan best..

  9. rose: just for fun bah tu baju design tu.. btl2 mengantuk suda dlm kelas kan... he he.. saya sayang mo buang sketches2 sy ni.. hehe..

    thank you my 100th FOLLOWER for adding me in your bloglist! :)

    wency: huhu... mo letak dalam bingai tapi banyak contengan bah tepi2 dia ni..terselit-selit dalam nota bah ni sketches dia ni.. ha ha ha..

  10. gawd you're so creative, lilie!! much much much better than my zombie kampung belacan..hahahaa :P cantik owhh...can you sketch my face? hehehe

  11. aemy: i would like to! but i don't know how.. most of the people that i tried to sketch became zombie sketching!!!! ha ha.. but i'll try la if i can.. ha ha.. kalau jadi zombie jgn marah arr.. he he

  12. hi thnkx 4 dropping by d blog sy..:)
    ur sketches are interesting...:)

  13. wow you really know how to draw. Envy you. I don't have the talent,I wish i have them even 50% pun jadi lah..

  14. mizz:biasa-biasa saja.. :) thanks u for visiting bck!

    red: hehe.. this is the only talent that i have.. itu pun inda berapa santik.. hoho

  15. minta sikit ko punya talent ni...haha sy mo oo


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