Friday, September 23, 2011

yes, i am nerd and i am proud of it!!


once upon a time (2 years ago kali tu), my course-mate told me that one of her friend was in the same high school with me.
and she also told me that the friend saw my picture in her lappy and she said the friend was like,

" eiiii.. this girl pandai suda bergaya owh. she's so nerd back in high school, with her glasses and her hairstyle. geng-geng dia semua nerd tu.. "

and i was like.. "huh?? well, yeah maybe.. who is that the girl again?"

the negative me,
1.who's that girl? did i know her? which class is she? owh i remember this girl. she's the girl next-next class. i don't even remember her class. and by the way. she's no difference. also with her glasses and her hairstyle back then?? ponytail juga pun tu.. plus, is there actually a student who go to school with fashion? because from what i saw, the school uniform look all the and white.. and the hair must be tied! lain lah kalau di indon, rambutnya boleh di hurai-hurai donk.. free hair gitu..

2.geng-geng saya semua nerd back then but they are all now in a good career bah.. yours??

the positive one,

1."thank goodness!! people remember me back then.
i have this myopia since form three but didn't wear glasses until form 4 because i hate glasses actually (berat bah). i started wearing glasses when i am in form four but limited only when the teacher started her lesson. so, except if you are my classmate, you will never know that i am actually wearing glasses at that time..
and surprisingly this girl was never in the same class with me and still! she remember me wearing glasses!! is she actually my secret fan back then? ha ha.. kidding. the last word was a joke! keke..

2. saya pandai bergaya!!!! from schematic girl to "pandai begaya"! tidak sia-sia saya tengok majalah fashion. at least there's someone notice how "bergaya" i am. i am actually afraid people said i am a fashion disaster!! sumandak bah.. mestilah mo begaya sikit-sikit kan.. kekeke.. thank you for the 'compliment' girl who ever you are.. hehe

3. "apa? ko skema dulu?? pakai spek?" "ya, and i am proud of it!"
nerd is cool what!!  he he
this spectacle was inspired from nerd people! cool isn't it?

nerd style!
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nerd=striped cardigan +high waisted short + white pulled up +hat with the brims folede up + round collered shirts + loafers + oversized or black rimmed glasses.

rock the nerd babeh!

if there's someone call you nerd back then, don't get angry!! think positive.. nerd isn't always the bad thing.. nerd is cool when you make it cool babeh!!

nah, ambil ko spek paling besar!!

l i l i e s. j o h n


  1. hi-5 darl!! ah screw that person...i think she's still having an ancient brain. it's 21st century okay, being nerd/geek/noob is no longer our of circle...this century, nerd is sexy! ahaha! i'm a nerd too & let's be proud ^^

  2. duh~ i didn't even have a fringe or bangs whenever going to school last time since the teachers will surely complain about it. plus, my teenage era + school years wasn't so-modern like nowadays. everyone was keeping low profile and too busy enjoying hanging out, sports etc with friends :D

    i don't think i'm a nerd although i do wear spectacles. ahaha. still that mischievous girl ;P

    guess that girl must have been watching you eh? lol.

  3. aemy:hi-5!! so true aemy!! we are sexy!! let's be proud!! he he

    tiara: i also don't think i'm a nerd back then just because i am wearing glasses but i don't really care if people call me that.. like aemy say, NERD IS SEXY!!! hehe

  4. Thats normal I think. Dulu sy lagi la.. rmbut suma sisir blkg.. pony tail.. pkai minyak tebal2.. tp sekarang ok da.. upgrade da.. pa case mo bgaya2 time sekolah dulu.. hehe ;p

  5. I started to wear spec when i was in primary 4, sudah tu last time spec tiada style, i still remember how 'pretty' i was with those specs~ Lol.. i think thats normal bah kan, tgk betty la fea~ cantik jga at the end..

  6. germaine: samala kita... pakai minyak tebal2.. ha ha.. skrg upgrade la kenen.. ha ha

    walk the talk: haha.. betty la fea jgk la jd contoh kan.. ha ha

  7. Haha. Jangan la bah dikasi banding masa sekolah dengan masa sudah habis sekolah. Apa punya pemikiran begini ni. Kan? Adoi. ^^

  8. beautiful is in the eye of the beholder - Cute maa pakai spek. ^_^

  9. fadzmie: tu lah kan.. he he...

    anisyarrina: betul-betul-betul! (bunyi upin ipin)


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