Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the psychic man on my first day of july.

it's july and it's the fasting month!
selalunya kalau bulan puasa ni mesti saya join kawan-kawan muslim saya puasa.

now that i recall, 
zaman asrama kan hidup ber-geng.
so in my group, there are 5 of us and only one muslim.
her name is Nurul Hijrah. 
during the fasting month, dinner time is at 5.30pm wajib makan di dewan for those yang tidak puasa. 
and for those yang puasa they are allowed to tapau makanan at 6pm dan makan masa berbuka di asrama.
but since Nurul is the only one yang puasa among us dan kami pun kesian kan she have to sahur sama berbuka saturang so, kami satu geng ikut dia puasa.
at that time our hostel allowed non-musim student to join fasting.
bagi senarai nama sama warden saja.
so, every fasting month for 4 years tinggal hostel, kami satu geng memang puasa for our muslim friend nurul. nampak tak semangat kesetiakawanan di situ? lol
it happen when i am in matrics too.
the different is, di matriks kami tidak bersahur sebab malas bangun pagi. 

but since i am now working and living with non-muslim housemate,so  no one really remind me of fasting.
kalau puasa pun tidak siok kalau saturang kan.. mau ramai-ramai juga. hihi.
but i do love reminiscing the memory of fasting eveytime when the fasting season is on.
no ini bukan gambar kami 5 org. tapi in pun geng-geng asrama juga. hihi

ok, enough with the memory.
 i went to the swimming pool this evening.
kenen-kenen mau practise renangan yang lama tidak kena pakai.
and then when i arrived there, there's not much people on the swimming pool. 
usually ramai jak. 
baru saya ingat, puasa pula.
masa tu jam6.30, masa berbuka, hoho.
there's only me and the foreigner guy.
dipendekkan cerita, he approach me asking if i want him to teach me swimming.
and then i said,
and he show me some of his skills la ni kenen. 
turn out i am 'a little bit' better swimmer than him. ekkekeke..
so then he told me that he actually baru belajar berenang 3 months ago.
he was surprise that i know how to swim since he never really saw me there before.
*sebab saya memang jarang p mandi swimming pool. 
and then he ask me where i learn to swim and i explain to him..
saya belajar berenang di kampung.
almaklumlah budak kampung. 
belajar sendiri-sendiri saja.
basically i've been swimming for the rest of my life.
dari kecil suda seberang-seberang tu sungai saaana kampung.
cuma swimming yang kampung-kampung.
yang butterfly-butterfly style tu memang tidak tau la.. 
and then we have a long chat actually.
he's from Jordan , ex-army and married to a local girl.
now he's a martial art teacher in UTC ka apa?
i don't remember where exactly.
and the most interesting thing about him is that he is a PSYCHIC!
jeng jeng jeng.
so i ask him to see my fortune.
he said he cannot see the future or the past but he can tell me about what is going on with my surrounding.
and then he ask me if he can see my palm.
after staring at my palm for 3 or 2 second he said that i am a pure hearted person.

"i can see that you have a pure heart. but you need to trust yourself. most of the time you get confuse between what you need to do and what you want to do. and you need to be carefull because there are 2 of your close friend who is jealous of you. they are nice to you but deep in their heart they are jealous with you"

and i was like woww..
now i wondering who could that be.
but he said, jealous can be a good things sometimes.
and then i ask him about my boyfriend. 
he started to look at my face.
after a few second he said that i have a good boyfriend.

" you have a good boyfriend.
but there are two problem with your boyfriend. 
first, he listen to his mother so much"

and then i was like

"is that even a problem?"

and he said,

"yes, it can be a problem. but it depends on how you guys handle it"

"ooooooooo.. ok"

"the second one is, when he have a problem with his job, it will effect his relationship with you. meaning to say, he have a hard time handling his job and relationship all together. so in order to be with him, you need to be a good listener and you need to have patience."

i don't know if i should trust him or not but about my boyfriend i think it's acceptable la kali.
 i just don't think any of my friend would be jealous with me. 
there's nothing to be jealous pun..

betul atau tidak,it doesn't really matter for me actually.
he seems to be a nice person. 
on the first day of july getting some advices from the 'true or not' psychic guy might be a good way to start my july kan. who knows?.
i hope my July would be as happening as my june!
jyeahhh.. hehe

now i need to ask my boyfriend about this psychic thingy. hahahha

l i l i e j o h n


  1. patut tanya dia tentang nasib sa jua!!adakah sa akan kawin dengan orang lain wakakakaka..o..i dun think the jelousy one is me even i close to u..y?coz my boobs are bigger than u..wakakakaka kbaiii...

  2. Siok o kan bulan puasa, with all the food at the bazaar and all. But yang paling siok, when I was in UMS, ada 2 Muslim kawan kami. So, got puasa sometimes and for me, I often eat small during lunch and then makan besar in the evening time buka. We will cook in the room (shh jan bgtau sepa2 lol) with our electonic cooker. Macam-macam kami masak. Periuk nasi pun ada. Nanti sia cari tu gambar-gambar lama sia wakaka.

    Oya, napa kawan ko Goroyen comparing boobz tu. LOL.

    1. yaaaa...aduh byk memory jg masa puasa even kita yg bukan muslim kan.. bah kasi post bikin kenangan.

      please ignore my friend's comment.. hahahha


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