Saturday, July 26, 2014

the gym is on fire!

as usual this morning i went to gym and join the YOLATES class.
judging from the name i think you guys can guess it's actually the combination of YOGA+PILATES.

it's actually just like yoga.
the fitness teacher(EDWIN-my favourite teacher) teach us about breathing and how to do the proper tripod headstand.
he only teach basic but what i like the most is the motivation he actually gave us.
even thou most of the time he speak chinese (since all of the student are chinese).
*well, he just found out today that i am not, ada muka cina ya. hehe

"most people can't do yoga pose is not because of they don't know how to do it. 
but because they have no confidence."

-----quote of the day from mr.EDWIN------

and then just as he started to teach us some interesting pose, suddenly we saw a group of people running from upstair. (the zumba class was held at the same time upstair)

quick reviewed about the gym
the yolates class(or are also used for yoga,pilates,power stretch,abs workout etc class) and female changing room are in the second floor.
while the other class, usually will be used for zumba, body combat, body pump class and also the male changing room are on the third floor. 
while the exit are one the first floor.

we from the yolates class are all like 

'what happened on the third floor? why are they running?'

then suddenly one of the women come to our class and shout something.
which i can't understand because she's shouting in chinese.
but all of them are rushing out of the class and started to get their stuff and running.
then i ask what happened to the people around because i can't understand a thing!!

"what happened? what happened??"

but they answered me in Chinese with a panic tone.
considering something bad might have happened, i rush to get my stuff and run to the first floor with the rest of the gym members too.
and then one of the chinese aunty who speak english finally explained it to me.

"the male changing room is on fire. there are heavy black smoke coming from the changing room!'

oh my God!
is it so bad?
judging from the smoke coming out from the male changing room's window, it look bad but not in a scary way la. 

that's the male changing room. can u see the smoke? it doesn't look so bad in picture.

everybody is rushing out. some of us even forgot their car key inside. oh nooo..
we were told that the fireman is on their way.
and then as we are talking to each other(thank God i found the aunty who can talk in english at this time) rewinding how panic we were, it become funny la pula. panic berabis kan.

on my way home, i was laughing alone once again thinking how blur i was at that time.
nobody speak english or malay to me to explain what happened.
now i really think i should learn some chinese words else than
'wo fu meng pai ni xiang se me'
that's the only chinese language i know.
that all about the gym story for today.

oh ya.
i went to the bodycombat class yesterday and it was so fun+tiring+burning calorie class!
maybe i'll post about this later! :)

bragging for fun!
my sister KUYUG just got back from Labuan today and she bought a lot of chocolate, as ordered.
jeng jeng!
the jack daniels liquor chocolate actually she got it for free sebab terlampau banyak chocolate purchased.

l i l i e j o h n

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