Thursday, August 27, 2015

braces clinic kota kinabalu

never in my life have i ever think of having braces.
i love my smile.
eventho, i do aware that my teeth are not in line especially my lower teeth. 
they are everywhere! 
and my front teeth is a little bit protruding dan tidak teratur gigi.
but since it doesn't effect my smile, so i don't really think that i should get a braces.
this was taken a day before the procedur.
ya ya.. i know i know, i have a beautiful smile. you dont have to keep telling me that.
but to be honest that was the camera trick., even with camera trick you can still see the protruding there kan.

and during the BHF recently, my MUAH a.k.a my friend do mention about my jongangness too. 
T.T how sad.
opppsss. haha

i remember when i first met si bugir pun, he did mention about my protruding.
dan memang saya sedar juga tapi mcm orang cakap 

"if you love yourself then why bother about what other people think?'

until one day, before the competition begin, ada orang whatsapp saya

"bah, buat betul-betul masa bertanding"

"bah, i'll do my best, tapi kalau saya menang ko sponsor saya braces. hehehe"

"bah yala. kalau mau braces buat betul-betul"

actually tidak lah saya menaruh harapan tinggi betul because all of the contestant are very commited.
then dipendekkan cerita maka saya menang lah!
saya sendiri tidak rasa saya perlu sangat buat braces la actually, tapi since ada orang mau sponsor then why not??????????
this is also as my 26th birthday gift kenen bilang si bugir. so, jangan tolak rezeki!

ala-ala gigi taylor swift giteww. ahhaha

 so, then begin my journey of searching for the orthodontic clinic in Kota Kinabalu area.
ada baaaaaanyakk clinic ahh..
you can refer here.
for me all dentist are good so, i need to find the cheapest one.
walaupun sponsored, but the last thing i wanna do it to waste other's money (nanti lain kali tidak kena sponsor lagi oo. lol)
and i also believe that a good dentist will offer a good and affordable price.
so, i call every dental clinic in KK just to ask their rates and regulation.
i also read some local review about dental clinic in KK.
and rata-rata harga is 5k and above la.
 i found Klinik Dr.Faiz, Putatan area via FB.
you can just type 'sabah braces' on the fb search box then it will appear on screen.
they offer a really good price.
some clinic offer 8k for the modern braces but dr.faiz only offer 6k!
so, i did some research about dr.Faiz clinic.
and i am so so soooo sorry right now.
since i am running out of time, i'll post about Dr.Faiz clinic on my next post.
mau balik kampung bah. hehehe
clinic dr.faiz.

 thats all for now.

new update on the clinic
braces clinic part 2
l i l i e j o h n


  1. Planning to get dental braces in the Philippines but before anything else, can you give exact details of the process. Thanks.

  2. tnya..kalau xmampu mau byr services suda.then mo buka.ada effect ka sama gg ?


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