Friday, May 31, 2013

conquering the Mountain Kinabalu.

where? : Mount Kinabalu
when? : 26th May 2013 until 27th may 2013

i am so happy that i finally went to the summit of Mountain Kinabalu!!!
it's a very good experience even though i almost gave up going to the low's peak of the mountain.
my advice, if you want to conquer the Kinabalu mountain, go jogging please.
and yes, i didn't go to jog and i still manage to climb until the peak but then i become burden to my partner.
i walk real slow and i stop most of the time. huhu.
*could be because of my low hemoglobin too. alasan yang baik. hehe

we started our journey around 10 am from the Timpohon Gate.
at first, i was really in full spirit.
"it's show time shery!!" kenen.
but 8 km is really a long journey when you have to fight the gravity.
and i really hate gravity!
2 km of walking i can't go on anymore.
5 step and then i stop for rest.
the higher you go the lesser oxygen you get so you get tired easily.
the result is, i only manage to get there at 4.30 pm.
others get there by 1 pm owh.
that's why you should go jogging at least a month before the expedition.
cantik kan macam secret garden. hee

on the way to Laban Rata, you'll meet with the climber who already went to the summit and you gonna see their bright smile.
they also keep telling you these words,
"keep going! you almost there!"
"good luck! just a few more step"
"you are not that far already!"

but then after i saw the signboard i was like,
"2 more kilometer to go is consider almost there ka??........"

i know they are just trying to cheer me but then,
On the way down
So, on the way down i didn't tell the other climber that they are almost there because they still have 3 km to go (which is really far for me) but i do smile to them, just wanted them to know that all of their anxiety and energy climbing up there are worth it!!
i know i look chubby here.
because arriving at Laban Rata really make you forget all your anxiety!
the view are just really amazing!
sorry i didn't manage to take many picture since the weather was so cold that i can't even think straight.
i wish i could have more picture. huhu
and don't just stay at Laban Rata.
Go to the peak!!!
alang-alang meneluk pekasam!
kalau yang tidak sempat mau pigi jogging macam saya tu,
don't worry, what's important is your spirit!
semangat mau sampai puncak!
pasti sampai walaupun tidak sempat tengok matahari terbit macam saya. :-(
hey, at least sampai puncak bah. hehe
tapi yang orang kampung sabah tu (macam saya), kalau kerja kamu indoor ja, please go exercise.
walaupun orang kampung sabah ni manusia biasa juga, tapi ada juga orang yang berpemikiran sempit yang kalau kita paling last sampai puncak, they'll say ;

"eii, orang kampung bah, takkan la ini pun tidak larat mau naik, bikin malu sabah ja.." 

tengah ko betul-betul semput mau mati sudah kepenatan boleh lagi ada orang cakap,

"manja juga kau ni"

sabar ja la..
kalau tidak mau kana cakap begitu, sila lah berjogging.

to those yang ada plan mau menawan Gunung Kinabalu, don't think twice, GO!
and Good luck!

here are some pictures at the peak.
supaya terbakar sikit semangat mau pigi. hihi

kepada yang sudi tunggu saya tu, thank you so much for taking care of me during the expedition.
and i wanted to apologize for being so weak compare to the other.
trust me, i didn't fake it.
i didn't plan to be the last person to arrive at the Laban Rata or Low's peak.
i did tried my best. all out sudah tu.
kalau boleh terbang, saya mau juga terbang.
you never know how much i wanted to watch the sunrise too.
and i do feel guilty for causing you unable to enjoy the sunrise view at the low's peak with your friends.
so i decide not to come back next year since i am just gonna be a burden to you and others.
hopefully next year, you'll get to watch the sunrise at the low's peak without anyone bothering you.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. wah... tguk la thn dpn kalau jadi :P

    1. ksi jadi dora!! siok wlupun penat..jan lupa bawa obat2an..

  2. Wahh.. I envy you. Last year I didn't make it till the peak due to flu. But definitely going back there soon.

    1. hehe..i also almost gave up xmo p peak sbb mmg flu suda n mcm ada gastrik lg tp sy try ja jalan sampai mana mampu n amazingly i manage to get to the peak at 7 am x sempat tingu sunrise la..tinga sun saja.. hahah.. ya, next yeat bw ubat gatrik n flu.. pasti boleh. hehe..

  3. i wanna go!!! tp lepas kawin dapat kaituuuu huaaaa ishhhh ishhhh!! tahniah shery anda telah berjaya naik gunung! hehe

    1. go go!! pigi sblm bt anak la sy rekemen..haha.. thank you kiko!! :-)


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