Wednesday, June 19, 2013

jom recycle! -how to make plastic bag

to many plastic you used everyday?
don't throw it away yet!
you can use it back!

i throw a lot of rubbish everyday and i think it was such a waste to throw them.
so, i decided to keep some of them to make a bag!

it's not hard actually if you have sewing machine at home. 
all you need is,
- any plastic but make sure it is a high quality plastic. i mean yang tebal la.. contonhya bekas plastic milo, susu, bekas mask also can. but in my case i used whiskay punya plastic since i have many of them. 

gambar terbalik, siou

 first, clean the plastic before keeping it.
especially, kalau tu plastic adalah bekas wet food.
macam saya, makanan kucing so, if you just keep it without cleaning it first, it's gonna produce unwanted smell.

usually plastic ada extra plastic lagi d bawah kan, 
(macam whiskas punya plastic ni, di bawah dia ada lagi plastic, so di bawah jadi tebal compare to the upper side dia la..)
 so you might wanted to get rid of the plastic to make it easier for sewing process.

decide how big you want you bag to be. 
mengikut jumlah plastic yang berjaya anda kumpul la..
after decide, kasi sambung-sambung saja tu plastic la.. guna sewing mechine.
guna tangan pun boleh juga tapi susah sikit la sebab tebal kan ni plastic.. 

kakiku besar

arr, sambung mengikut saiz yang ko mau.. macam d gambar ni, saya sambung the plastic by part supaya senang mau jahit.
boleh juga tambah plastic transparent untuk kasi cantik la. 
kalau tiada pun, jangan risau,still look nice juga.

chloe macam biasa menyibuk! will blog about how i found chloe later. :)
 and then, sambung saja tu plastic yang by part tadi kasi jadi bag.
sorry, i was doing all of this alone, so i didn't manage to take picture during the sewing process.

and jeng-jeng!

siap akhirnya!!
yeah,ada beg baru pigi kerja nanti besok!!!
for the corner, boleh la jahit reben kain d tepi untuk kasi kemas lagi. 
untuk yang tangkai tu, ambil tu reben, tocang-tocang sampai tebal.
saya amateur, so saya buat nampak cincai.
but if you do it yourself, memang puas hati!

for this bag, tidak semestinya mau plastic yang sama color.
boleh juga buat warna-warni..
kasi gambung plastic milo+susu+ lain-lain lagi lah.
still look cute!


best kan dapat beg free.
tapi kalau dapat beg buatan sendiri lagi best!
free juga ni. save money and save the earth!!

l i l i e j o h n! 


  1. Wa... why don't you just buy the big food packet for your cat? :D

    And what happen to Chloe's back? You found it kan. Maybe you dunno.

    Punya cantik tu beg. Oh my. I didn't expect that hehe.

    And happy Wednesday!

    1. aiyooo..i havent cek my blog since like forever lmbt reply.. i dont buy the big packet because my cat eat so little and its only last for 3 days after opening the packet so i have to hrow the leftover. but now i change their food to royal canin dry food ody.
      i will blog about chloe later..must read k..haha

  2. astagaaa....kasi buat sy! hahahahahahhahaha

    sy tidak sabar mau baca your next entry bout chloe!!!


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