Friday, July 5, 2013

what happened to CHLOE?

damn it's night duty again!
this is my second night at ward. thanks God tomorrow saya cuti sampai sabtu! yeay!!!
i supposed to update my blog last night but since i receive a call from someone who stresses me.
i didn't even have a mood to open my laptop!
i cried and then i slept.
GTH with the duty! hahaha
yeah, it's my best way to relieve stress.
cry and then sleep.
it's a family matters. i can't really elaborate what happened here but i got new lesson from it.
" it's really hard to say NO to someone you call family "

gosh!, why am i bluffing about my stressful night?
waste my time.

ok,back to chloe.
as in my earlier post chloe's missing!
I've been searching all over the building and even put a poster on every wall of my apartment.
well, some resident are concern and text me while i am struggling at gunung kinabalu saying they've seen a cat like Chloe.
i called my housemate to get chloe but she's said she can't find chloe.
so, after 2 weeks i still can't fine chloe so i gave up.
i even sent alejandro to kampung because having Alejandro without chloe around just gonna make me feel more sad. 
but then on the third weeks of Chloe's MIA. i suddenly saw her on the street running and meowing at me.
i almost can't recognize her since she became skinnier (sudahlah memang skinny sedia.. :-( ) and dirty!
she look scared when i approached her.
i took her home, bathed her and feed her.
and then i realize some of her back skin has been peeled of and wounded.
maybe someone has pour a hot water to her back before.

this is after i clean the wound and put some antibiotic cream on it.
of course her behavior change.
chloe's become insecure and passive for like 1 weeks after i found her.
tidur ja kerja dia. makan pun sikit ja. hukhuk
but then it only last for a week and then now she's back to her old behavior. 
nakal dan pengacau!

now alejandro also back with me since he created so many problem at kampung.
my father said he became a gangster kampung fighting with other cat.
kacau bini kucing jantan.
dasar gatal punya Jandro! 

 i am happy that chloe's return home safe.
still i it's a good experience for chloe. 
at least next time kalau dia hilang lagi i know she'll survive out there..
mau bawa chloe sama jandro jalan-jalan kawasan rumah la lain kali supaya chloe's tidak sesat lagi. 

a week after i found chloe, i receive a phone call from another resident saying that she have a cute kitten to give me if i still haven't found my cat.
i think if i still haven't found Chloe i might keep the kitten.
thank you to the kind unknown caller for her concern, but i've found my skinny chloe's now!! 

l i l i e s. j o h n.


  1. aikkk dia p bergaduh lagi???

  2. aww thank God Chloe is SAFE!!!

    kalo sy, keandi hilang. sy menangis2 kali tau. betapa demand dan macam rajanya keandi menghabiskan duitku yg teda2 ni. kalo btul dia hilang sy pn akan jd gila jg.. eeee tu la takut mau kasi lepas kalo hilang tauu... hehehe...

    sama la kita shery. tp sy bukan nangis la. sy marah2 tanpa sebab dlu baru tidur kalo tpau stress hehehhe..


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