Friday, July 12, 2013

i hope you die first.

"i hope you will die first"

said the husband to his wife one day.
the wife was a little bit shock hearing the words coming out from her husband's mouth.
that day was actually their 50th years marriage anniversary.

"what's wrong honey? why did you say that out of sudden?"

and then the husband hold his wife hands and said.

"if i die first, you'll be alone in this world and i knew it's going to hurt you. 
i wanted to stay by your side until your last breath. 
we're getting old and i am too old to protect you now. 
that's the only way i can protect you. 
so, i hope you will die first and let me finish the rest of the life cherishing our moment together"

the wife then smile. 
for she always knew she have found her true soul-mate 50 years ago. 


i wanted to live the rest of my life with a man like the uncle from the story above.
i believe all girls want too.
good-luck to those who still looking for their soul-mate and congrats to those who have found theirs. 

sekian entry pendek dari saya.

tok janggut jangan pikir mau mati ja k. 
ingatlah orang yang tersayang. ;-p

l i l i e s. j o h n


  1. there were a boy and his girlfriend forced to play a survival game. The game is called battle royal. They need to kill or be killed. To escape from the game, there must be only one survivor. There were so many participant but at the end of the story, only the boy and the girlfriend have survived. How does the story should end?

    A. The boy kills his girlfriend
    B. The boy suicides to save his girlfriend
    C. They suicide together

    1. that a very interesting story for my post above but as for me, one things that i am sure about these stories are it's completely different.
      first, the story above are about husband and wife who've been living together for many years. but in your story, i think they really should find a way to get out of the survival game rather than killing themself or the opposite. peace yo.

    2. Thanks for the reply.
      Actually, both situations are the same for me. It apply the same concept of life.
      "i hope u die first" is not really a nice word. "i think they really should find a way"...
      My story actually is not real.
      It just a riddle.

      Peace from Future Diary!

    3. thanks for the comment btw. n thanks for reading

    4. thanks for the comment btw. n thanks for reading


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