Wednesday, August 21, 2013

losing 2 kg in a week!

i just choose the title that i think will attract most people to read my blog. haha.
i actually just wanted to tell you guys how i was doing last week! hehe

but it's actually true!
i lose my weight from 55kg to 52kg in not exactly in 1 week la, 1 and half week i guess.

i decided to go for an exercise looong ago but i guess the determination isn't strong enough until recently i can't wear my jeans due to my belly fat!
sekarang baru ada keinsafan dan kesungguhan berdiet kenen.
basic thing you need when you start dieting is your DETERMINATION! 
so i go to exercise every morning.
not a heavy exercise actually. 
just a so-so punya exercise. hihi
at first i decided to devote myself for yoga since i don't have to go outside for exercise and yoga has become a trend lately i guess (many of my friend on FB keep uploading the yoga pose. hehe)
but then i read that yoga didn't burn much calorie as jogging.
so, i decided to go jogging in the morning and do the yoga after that.
i notice that my yoga pose improve fast if i do it after jog! wow!
starting last week i also count every single calorie that i take even the vegetable.
i didn't let myself starve but i eat a lot of vegetables. 
and i also eat raw tomato even moreee! 
awww, i love raw tomato since college time. the bigger the tomato the better!
i could say most of my time last week i spend it with exercising and cooking!
i cook my own meal to make sure less calorie kenen.
i eat mostly vegetable and rice last week. 
(ni mulut orang kampung ni tidak tahan kalau tidak makan nasi. hehe)
but i couldn't help to eat the rendang chicken masa beraya at my uncle's open house. hehe
it's so hard for me to keep my diet without eating a meat since i am a chicken lover. 
but it was worth it!
yesterday as i weight myself, tadaaaaa... i lose 2 kg! i am so happy that i feel like i want to run to the nearest KFC restaurant!
but then i remember that tomorrow i have an appointment with friends to go eat steamboat! 
what steamboat!!!!?????
surely i'll eat like crazy tomorrow so, i have to eat lesser today. 
huuuu, i aim to lose 8kg within October but i am not sure if i can do it since the trial are just so unbearable, so if i lose 5 kg also fine la.

itu ja la, sy mau share how i lose my weight kenen..
short happy entry kan..
oh yah, i better share the happy texts i got this morning.

i'm sorry i couldn't go visit you by September.

owh, nevermind la. ko extend di unimas?

tidaklah. i got a job already here in kuching start bulan 9. so mungkin tidak dapat balik sabah lah ni until christmas. :)

waaah, really? congrate! so, bila mau belanja kepsi?hehe

saya tumpang gembira untuk bestfriend saya ni.
terharu juga la because he struggle so much during U time and now, segala kesusahan berbaloi for him!
akhirnya jadi juga ko engineer arr geng! 

now, focus on diet, i also can do it!
chayok lilie!

berat saya berkurang tapi buruyut sama juga.
last night kawan saya yang kuat bergym cakap bellyfat is the most difficult to remove! 
k fine. kurus tapi masih ada buruyut besar. 
tidak jadi la p pantai pakai bikin ni kalau gini. hehe

l i l i e


  1. I have always tried my best to reduce weight but to no avail, detemination is the key and also eating healthy.. Thanks for the tips and motivation..

    1. welcome! yeah determination decide where how high u can go! kemon sma2 kita daiot! hehe

  2. yeah!! good job.. congratulation.. keep it up yeah!! heheheeh!!
    give inspiration n motivation for me too... me should be more n more determine when doing this.. lets fighting!!

    1. ya, lets fight for ourself and for healthy living style! :-)

  3. Tahniah! Hehe. sy pn naik gila2 ni berat badan lepas blood transfusion. skg dlm usaha la menurunkan berat badan. hehe. fighting~

    1. iyala.. kwn sy after donate some blood kan, trus gemuk ni..napa tu arr? hehe..figting together!!

  4. haha...try to practice 'afterburn effect' exercise to get rid of the 'lemak degil'...
    without doing cardio!!
    here is link:
    but first thing first, DETERMINATION is it?...wakakaka...then u are free to walk with only bikini at any beach...gambate!hahahb...

    1. yeahh bikini!!! nanti sy cek tu link la.. yes, determination is the main factor for diet. hehe

  5. sy berabis mau kasi naik badan..ini2 juga..

    1. ui sioknya ko! tp.dulu pn masa sy umur 20-22 kan ssh btl.mau kasi naik bdn owh..ada satu masa tu badan ko naik.. sy pn bru tahun ni btk2 naik sampai 5kg owh..tpksala kasi turun balik..hehe


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