Monday, October 12, 2015

Stress vs Doodle

so, recently i fall in love with doodling.
i accidentally bought a book in Kaison last month during my Braces review at Putatan. 
i enter the shop because si Bugir ask me to buy something for him and i end up buying the drawing book.

it's very thick for a normal drawing book. and the pastel is just so nice that i didn't think twice to put it in my basket and i also found the colorful pen which is also end up in my basket. hehe
that's the book. and just recently i bought the Faber Castel coloring pencil. 

so, it's really help reducing my stress actually.
so,  these are some of my doodling.

my first doodling

and then this one

i am so bad at coloring! especially water color. that's why i decided to buy the Faber Castell coloring pencil. i regret coloring this one. huhu.
but even with the coloring pencil i am still bad at it. that's why i only coloured half of it. hoho

this one is tribute to my dear cats, LOUIE and SOPHIE. I miss them badly. T.T

and this one during my boring lecture yesterday. hoho

this is the new one. i haven't finish it. stress sekejap tadi but then lukis ini saja pun hilang sudah stress. so nanti saya stress balik baru sambung, hihi
and yes yes yes.
it relieved stress so much.
bagus lagi doodling kalau stress daripada meluah sama orang.
at least no one will try to find your mistake.
because honestly, the only person who understand your stress is yourself.

STRESS? go find a paper and start doodling.
it's easy and it doesn't have to be perfect.
you can start by drawing different size of circle.
then start coloring them.
trust me. 
it's super easy!!!!!
so,if you really can't draw there's a lot of adult coloring book out there you can get.
the famous one is the SECRET GARDEN ADULT COLOURING BOOK by Johanna Basford.

that's all for now.

l i l i e j o h n


  1. Waahh santik!! But I cant draw. Whenever I stress, I'll start cleaning the bathroom. Hahaha!

    1. HAHAH..Lucu juga tu. sy tmbh stress kalau cuci tndas.

  2. Wah...cantik oh..campin ko melukis oh mandak.. Lucu jg si Just punya stress relieved...hahaha...

  3. i bought exactly same drawing book di kaison. tp utk lukis patern baju kunuk mau menjahit. yup betol tu kalau stress meluah sama org sometime people tend to misjudged kita juga. in my case kalau stress sy suka menjahit hahaha. tp makin stress pula ada kalau jahitan belum siap suda anak begayut di kaki birak -_-"


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